What are stock options really worth

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A lot of job seekers, particularly forex grid trading college crowd, are going to get wooed by startups during break or once they graduate. Many will offer you the chance to make millions with them in the form of what are stock options really worth options. Stock options in lieu of a paycheck are a scam, pure and simple. Many startups are strapped for cash. In order to placate their hiring need without sacrificing extra money, the startup will offer a candidate much lower pay if any.

On the surface this sounds like an acceptable, albeit it uncomfortable, trade off. You work for less pay but will receive a sizeable bonus once the company IPOs. The problem is that they had no real mentors to teach them more professional ways of thinking and working. They spent their years learning terribly dysfunctional habits that have no place in a startup, let alone a real workplace.

That terrible experience was not worth the huge stock options they purportedly earned which are now worthless. Venture capitalists do not trade peace of mind for stock options. The reason is that they know 3 out of 4 startups will fail. Still ready to gamble years of your life away for substandard pay on a bet 3 out of 4 of you will lose? Seriously, go to Vegas, hit the craps tables, and bet the passline. The odds are much better. Last year I interviewed at a tech startup and spoke at length with their CTO.

He was ecstatic about his company and insisted everyone was in it for the long haul. He immediately pitched me that his employees show their devotion by taking cuts in salary. I asked him exactly how much people were expected to sacrifice, and he told me that his personal salary was cut over 50k below market value.

The average time for a company to IPO today is 10 forex fibonacci time zones. This man had been working for the startup for two years total. Is it really worth it? This CTO was heavily invested in the idea of cashing out in a few years. He had with him only men. Outnumbered, scared, and facing certain death, he ordered his men to burn the boats!

They would either succeed or die. With thoughts of retreat and safety scorched from their minds, the men came to terms with death. Think about that for a second. Is that not the startup story? A small band of men and women facing certain failure must learn to forge on anyways to victory. Successful startups do not think about IPOs. Successful startups think only about their mission and burn the boats! Stocks, an IPO, a buyout, those things are your boats. Successful startups, the ones who will conquer the world, have burnt their boats figuratively speaking.

IPOs and stock options are the least of their worries or concern. Yes, companies need to be defensive about how their stocks and dilutions are utilized, but that should not be the focus of the company. At the end of the what are stock options really worth, stock options are simply a business for a job well done.

When you join a startup, it needs to be for the mission you plan to accomplish with your company. I mean company in the military sense of the word, a tight unit commanded by a captain fighting together, dying together, and focused on a singular mission. Not because of stock options or IPOs or big paydays, but because you believe in the mission. If you truly believe in the mission of a startup, take whatever pay cuts needed to help it survive. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Startup stock options If you go back to the situation of the $5 per share options in the stock worth $ If the CEO has an explanation that really makes. Really, really believe it How much are startup options worth? So instead of getting $20K worth of stock I seem to be getting stock in common options that is. Blog helping you understand how to determine what your stock options are really worth. Employee stock options can be worth tens or hundreds of thousands of.

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