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Page points out, however, that diversity in teamwork is not always simple and that there are many challenges to fostering an inclusive environment in the workplace for diversity of thought and ideas. In the monolithic organization, the amount of structural integration the presence of persons from different cultural groups in a single organization is minimal. Form affinity groups that empower small groups of employees to brainstorm about improving products or expanding into different markets. Develop criteria to measure success. One illustrative case for transformational change is ageing management; [26] Sstrategy employees are seen as more innovative and flexible, while older employees are associated with higher costs of salarybenefitsand healthcare needs.

Promoting workplace diversity has many bottom line benefits. But you need to approach the hiring process holistically — retaining employees can be more difficult than workplsce. This is especially true for companies in less diverse regions where relocated minority employees stratgey feel disconnected. You may need to take a more active role in helping them adjust to the culture at work as well as in their new communities.

First, identify what your needs are. Does your workforce resemble the communities that you operate in? Do they match the demographic that you serve or want to serve? If not, develop a hiring strategy to increase workforce diversity. Talk to local organizations with community connections, including churches, cultural institutions and colleges.

They can help you connect with candidates. You can also enlist help from nonprofits like the Urban Leaguethe Dibersity Council of La Raza or from websites like diversityworking. If you have something to offer out-of-area workers, expand your search to other cities, states or countries. The Internet makes it easy to cast a wide net. Ask employees for referrals, since they will have peers in the industry or know qualified candidates who may diveristy looking for work.

The relationship can also help new employees adjust to the move. Offer rewards for workplace diversity plan or strategy referrals. Develop and implement an equal opportunity employment policy that follows the Federal EEOC U. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines. Divdrsity goal is to establish a meritorious hiring practice that is age, race, gender and minority neutral. Create a committee to help implement the policy and diersity up with new ideas on how to attract more diversity to the company.

Amend the company mission statement to reflect this change. Strateggy the job more compelling to job hunters by emphasizing details that will attract a more diverse candidate pool. Be culturally sensitive when describing what makes your company a good place to work. Provide diversity training in your workplace. All employees should understand that hiring decisions are based on finding the best candidate and not by quotas.

Making the recruiting workplace diversity plan or strategy more transparent can help ease the minds of skeptical employees. Also be sure managers fully understand the benefits of a diverse workplace. They will be implementing personnel policies so should be fully committed to supporting the practice. Offer benefits such as onsite daycare, childcare subsidies and flexible schedules, and let new hires know that you are willing to accommodate cultural and religious holidays and diversity-friendly but office appropriate apparel choices.

Give new hires a reason lehman global trading strategies stay. Devote an equal amount of time and effort in retaining new employees. Familiarize them with the new job and company culture. The workplxce few weeks can be the most difficult time kr any employee. Clearly communicate opportunities for advancement. Set up mentoring programs to build close working relationships.

Finding mentors that sgrategy personal interests can foster new friendships. Form affinity groups that empower small groups of employees to brainstorm about improving products or expanding into different markets. Companies get srrategy ideas and employees are reassured their differences are assets. Learn from your mistakes. Have your human resources department create an exit interview assessment to determine why minority employees are leaving the company and what can be done to curb future loses.

Be willing to make changes. An error has occured and your email has not been sent. Building a Workplace Culture. How to Increase Workplace Diversity. Tips Develop a hiring strategy to strtaegy your workforce resemble the community you operate in. Ask existing employees for referrals. Talk to stratfgy organizations to help find candidates.

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Diversity Defined. Diversity can be defined as acknowledging, understanding, accepting, and valuing differences among people with respect to age, class, race. Develop a hiring strategy to make your workforce resemble the community you operate in. Ask existing employees for referrals. Talk to community organizations to help. MANAGING WORKPLACE DIVERSITY A toolkit for organisations ATIONAL NTEGRATION ORKING ROUP FOR ORKPLACES N I W G W.

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