Is forex really worth it

The main reasons why a majority of Forex traders fail are as follows. You beleive all the hype. Not to mention, the factor of profitability. I've been a trader for over 20 years and have traded everything from stocks, to futures, to currencies forex so I feel qualified to say Subscribe to this Thread…. Years of experience and sound trading strategies are required if you want to make consistent return out ls Forex trading.

Forum Rules Learn How to Trade Forex. Your Best Source for Forex Education on the Web. Forex Forum and Forex Discussion Board. Page 1 of 2. Results reallh to 10 of Thread: Is Forex trading really worth it? Subscribe to this Thread…. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Switch to Threaded Mode. Join Date Feb Is Forex trading really worth it?. I'm not exactly new around here, since I've opened this account last year; but this is the first time I'm posting.

I started learning about forex trading more or less 1 yr ago, but I simply thought it wasn't worth the effort and just let it go. Now I've picked up interest on this again, and started studying seriously not just forex, but about securities in general. Now I have this doubt lingering on my mind once again. It may sound stupid, or another "newbie question", but I just can't find the answer. Is trading really worth the effort invested?

I've been reading everywhere, and seen that most people blow out their accounts due to lack of education ; and the others usually break even or make really modest profits. Or I can use leverage. But most places, including the school of Pipsology, won't recommend it since it is too risky. So what's the point? How can you make a "living" making dollars per year?! Yes, a living, since is forex really worth it trade forex, I need to invest a great deal of time fortunately, I still have a lot of free time to spare in studying and trading by itself.

By doing this, I'm losing the opportunity of studying other subjects and even missing out on finding a "real job". Isn't it better to devote my time on a job and a degree, and try to rise up on the reallly market? Thank you for your patience reading through all of this. I really need to listen to the opinions of real traders. Here's my opinion, and it's catered only directly to you not others given the information you have supplied to all of us The answer is already in your post.

Read it aloud, as if you were a completely different person with an objective view on your situation. If you "keep coming back to it" and just can't resist it, I'd say there's a deeper drive there than wanting to trade People are drawn toward trading because of what it offers- money, freedom, etc. They focus solely on the ends, thus end up crashing and burning.

Your focus is on how much money us can make in a year, and justifying whether or not that return is "worth it". Join Date May Originally Posted by FOREXunlimited. Originally Posted by gitpip Join Date Apr Is it worth it: Yes. Should you continue trading: Yes. Should you continue with your studying: Yes. Should you continue looking for a job: Yes.

Can you manage to do all of this things in same time: It is itt to You. I have invested a lot of time, money and i am still finding my feet after 2 and a half years. You have to believe in yourself and find what works for you. I have found a system or reallly I say a method that works for me about a month ago. My main problem i had, I enter at the wrong time reallt exit at the wrong time.

No matter what I did I was kt on the wrong end, this improved drastically when I found my method and I believe this is the secret to any successful trader. The one main factor to my education was the training i received and still receiving that changed my outlook completely. The training is totally free with life long membership and the information is mind blowing.

However this alone did not change my trading, I have a system in place that helps with the trading part. You are welcome to communicate. Your main problem will be the psychological process you just have to go through to get there, it could take months it could take years. But is it worth it? I have a very small account at the moment, I have had bigger ones, like most of us have, I've probably known most there is to trading for a while now, but it's only just recently it's fallen into place, I have a strategy that suits me and it's easy to use.

The thing that used to get me was is forex really worth it I could make loads of money in a short space of time and would expect to make it consistently, and that would drive me on to over trade and lose it all in a shorter space of time. I can accept now that if the market goes quiet over the next few months as it often does in the summer NH I don't need to trade, I can be happy with accepting what I've made and just wait, what if it was only 6 trades a year that last 3 or 4 days each?

Originally Posted by Sphyrydon. I agree with you. I keep coming back because I don't wish to spend most of life in a dull, full time job, while dreaming for a retirement a normal life. Trading attracts me mostly because of the freedom it provides. I know there isn't a "get rich quick" method. I just want constant cara deposit lion binary option in order to make enough money not only to live, but to build up a constant surplus so I can move on with my plans and plan my ix.

That's reeally I focus on how much money I can make a year. We are all familiar with the jargon "Time is money". I'm not sure how professional traders make it, since no one is willing to tell their profits and give away their trading method in the process. This is worhh main doubt. Join Date Oct Location Mile after Magnificent Mile. It looks like you haven't figure it out "What you want to be when you grow up? Trading is all about " figure things out" on your own. If you cannot figure it out what you wanted to do or not sure if this is worth it then stick to your full time job.

If you don't have a job, go find one. Eventually, you will make more than what you can imagine but not until you " figure it out " what you really Candlesticks, Chart Patterns, and Price Action. Other Top Newbie Questions and Problems. Share your story here. Daily Forex Economic Commentary. Free Forex Trading Systems. Risk Management and Trading Is forex really worth it.

Show me the money! Expert Advisors and Automated Trading. Trading Platforms and Software. Readers' Choice: Trade of the Week. Other Markets forsx Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency. Binary Options and Futures. Is forex trading worth the time? By SidB in forum Newbie Island. Last Post:AM. Would it be worth it for me to learn forex trading? By bustofish in forum Newbie Island. I think i actually found a really dorth forex trading room though!

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