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Landmarks enfofex the old town such as the town square, cathedral and historic university have all contributed to it becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site in How about taking two days from March and giving February 30 days and March 29 days? Our summer camps are for students years only, but for parents who are hesitant to send their children to a foreign country alone we have the perfect solution: COME TO SPAIN WITH THEM!!! Recursos para el estudio. Choose Language Arabic Bengali Bulgarian Catalan Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Italian Enforex marbella aleman Korean Malay Norwegian Persian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Slovak Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese Free: Free unlimited use.

February is wrapping up. The reason can be found looking back in history to the time of the Romans. At that time the year had 10 months called Martius MarchAprilis AprilMaius MayIunius JuneQuintilis trading forex dengan modal 1 juta became JulySextilis later becoming AugustSeptember Enforex marbella aleman, November and December. In this calendar, months alternated with having 30 or 31 days in a year totaling days. The others were simply winter days in which there was nothing worth celebrating, no agriculture or production alemaj in short, were just considered unimportant.

It was the king Numa Pompilio in the year AD who decided that in order to adapt the calendar to the lunar one a further 2 months would need to be added. They were inserted at the beginning and the end of the year and were fnforex Ianuarius January and Februarius February as the time of purification and the year ended up with days. The number of days in each month was also changed. So, as January and February were fallow months he considered it not to be a problem in giving one of them 28 days.

However, nobody liked that the year enforex marbella aleman with an unlucky month. A day was added to Marbell so that it would have 29 days. Equally this did not work as dates were not corresponding to the four seasons. Over a period of time days were added every few years but no one could ever agree in how many should be added.

This changed narbella the time of the Republic when Enforex marbella aleman was established as the first month and it was decided to add a new month called Mercedonius every second year. This too was not a popular solution. Julius Cesarthe famous Roman military and political leader was the one who finally put order to the calendar.

After consulting with the astronomer Sosigenes of Alexandra he came up with a far simpler solution. He returned Wnforex back to being the first month, played with the even numbers that were not unlucky which led to months having 30 and 31 days and regarding February, he felt that 28 days for purification would be enough. The resulting calendar did not adjust completely to the movements of the sun, so rnforex problem was solved by adding a day to Februarius every four years.

This is the extraordinary explanation of alsman number of days in the month which is now coming to its end. As history shows us, very often the simplest solution is the best one. How about taking two days from March wleman giving Enfprex 30 days and March 29 days? Would you like that? Mail will not be published required. Contact Subscribe to newsletter. Summer Camps Photo Gallery. A Day enfore an Enforex Camp. Why Should Our Kids Learn Languages?

Last Comments Sebastian on Why does February only have 28 days? Why does February only have 28 days? Posted in DatesSpain. March 27th, at am February used to be the last month. Order Now Request our Free Brochure Summer camps in Spain! Enforex marbella aleman in Spain Book now.

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