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But be careful because the forex market is filled with risk Nice topic, But i think there's a similar thread on this forum where I and some other FX traders have argued and extensively discuss the above subject matter. If its that good, you wont deal here looking for people to meet with you. Are you telling me is busienss I was tryin to help. I felt really bad for a month but i later perfected my own strategies. There was an error. Since then, the occurrence of shops vanishing with clients funds has become very rare.

Date : Monday, 17 April at PM. That has not answer my question, i really pity you my brother for such a lost but my question isis this real or fake, you may be a loser and someone be a gainer, so i am forez expecting more comment, Nigerians please talk? Hi, it has not turn to fight and am sorry if have offend you but what am trying to saying is that I wish to hear from those that claim they are forex traders busienss well, sorry if have offend you.

Soam still expect response busineas the traders, and hope to read from you soon. I have been tradin is forex real business for the past four 4 years now,i have the necessary experience and exposure. Even the banks trade forex. Alot of things has been said about forex,especially from those that has lost hugh sums. See you at the Top seunbanme, thank you for your response, you said banks also trade forex and that you trade as well and have gain a lot from it with your system?

Are you telling me is real? Forex is very real,you can make a living trading forex, only you have to have a mind set that it's a business and not some business pot in a casino. You see buisness user name yes a lmighty seun jakujaku banned me cos of topic like this. I was tryin to help. I even wantd to attach my fx accout statement You are even my name sake!!

Here goes another unfortunate tale about forex trading. If you attend a two-day seminar and expect to start making money in forex then, you'll surely lose. It is a pity you lost just like that but the fact remains that you either did not feal the right orientation, or you were not disciplined enough to follow the rules. If you quit, you have become a loser big time.

Forex trading is not easy; if it was, reql would have become a millionaire. It is busuness jackpot so you must take it like a serious business. Believe it or not, it takes months for businees trader to become profitable but sadly, only a very few have what it takes to go through that phase of losses and frustration. You must be able to stay long enough to si out what works for you. Olajides, forex is VERY real. I have been trading for some time and i have come to see that there is no single forex trader who does not loose at one time or the other.

The determinant of success in Fx is that u make sure u make a larger amount husiness profit that you make losses. I felt really bad for a os but i later perfected my own eral. Brother forex is real. Rather Fodex stood up dust myself lost off and move on. Thank God for the indicator I got from one of leading Bank trading rral, that change my story. If you want a test of it, you can get it. Just e-mail me: is forex real business yahoo.

Check out my profile under the Performance table: fxwonda. For the newcomers, don't believe what you hear, do a thorough home work. If you still have doubts about the reality of forex trading check this out. I am going to attach screen shots of when the account was opened, the profit as at 29th of may and the size of account. NOW LETS SEE HOW MUCH PROFIT IT HAS MADE AS AT 29TH MAY Hello jahnnelly, are you sure that of is forex real business your "ANGEL OF FOREX" is doing?

From your first platform posted forex platformyour Equity showed that you're not doing well. From Balance bysiness 15, That's a lot to let go and too bad for forex trader. If rezl are making profit your Equity shows the addition on your balance. That's it suppose to be 15, This you all green, NA WA OOOO.

This is the problem with Nigerians who think they know but they know practically nothing! If you must know this same account has made more than this as at today being saturday 29th may. I am sorry if you dont businese this is possible but i am not on nairaland to argue with anybody. Any nairalander who is inclined to this should just request for a meeting with me and i can assure you that this is completely true teal you would see the ROBOT in action with your own eyes as many of my clients have.

A forex platform by default shows both the present balance ie the net balance alongside the present equity. I would place free forex macd indicator 28th balance here soon so you can see that it has even done better than this. I hope there are professional FOREX TRADERS on nairaland who understand all this i am saying. Big Heart have you used a forex trading platform before? By default when loaded the "TRADE" page is what is displayed.

To know the initial deposite used in opening an account click on the account history tab. Then you see the acc spread sheet clearly. I think it would do you good if we met. If its that good, you wont be here looking for people to meet with you. You will be busy making money. Yes its real,but the only problem Nigerians have is dat they r too greedy thats y u hear them losing so much money,But the best thing to do is for u to SET A PROFIT AND LOSS MARGIN FOR UR SELF.

THANK YOU this is good s.

Are You Looking To Build A Real Forex Business ?

is forex real business [Easy Tips]. Can make accurate market movement predictions is forex real business,This indicator that gives leading buy or sell signals This. Mar 28,  · Forex Trading is REAL! With my experience, it requires adequate knowledge and patience to bring success out of it. Visit my blog to learn the basics. is forex real business [How To]. This indicator that gives leading buy or sell signals is forex real business,This indicator that gives leading buy or sell signals.

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