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Establishes new SMSFs and provides end of year SMSF administration based on transaction level. There is actually nothing wrong with the fund lending money or making investments, as long as it is in accordance with the stated investment strategy. Afo new SMSFs and provides end of year SMSF administration for a flat dollar fee, based on the complexity of the fund. The ABR will review your application within 20 business days. I virtually had to tell him how to do it.

Fusion Investing and Analysis Fusing Value with Growth, and Fundamental with lashings of Behavioral Finance. Investing in Australia ASX and North America. Though you must have your accounts and tax return audited. Before you consider preparing your own tax you forex association sri lanka consider whether it is worth the time and aggravation to do so. Plus consider the consequences of mucking it up, as the ATO is apparently taking a harder line with SMSFs these days.

The news on the street is that preparing SMSF tax returns is difficult. That has not option trading smsf ato my experience, in fact compared to our discretionary trust or personal tax returns it is easy. Before we go on keep in tradinb that I am not an accountant and have never played one on TV or in the movies. Now go have a read through the Guide with a highlighter at hand. The only trick question is the Professional Body code for the auditor.

In this case Table 1 on page 5 of the guide lists the codes. Screenshot — Click to enlarge. So I run the profit and loss report and copy the numbers from there into the appropriate cells on my new wizz bang CGT and SMSF tax spreadsheet. Our super fund tax is straightforward. I first calculate the CGT, by copying the details from GnuCash into my CGT spreadsheet.

Copy totals for CGT Discount, Other i. The spreadsheet then applies the losses against the gains and calculates the Net CGT or any carried forward losses. Next copy all other income from GnuCash. Copy all the expenses from GnCash to the deductions. For us, this is auditors fee and admin wmsf. Section D Tax Calculation. Enter your offsets and credits.

If you have losses enter them here, if there are net capital losses they are copied from the CGT sheet. Section F Member Information. Enter the details for your funds members. The real effort in preparing your own tax is entering the data throughout the year into your accounting system. As you have to keep your records somewhere and as a trustee you should be professional managing your fund, entering your transactions throughout the option trading smsf ato should be straightforward.

Section H Assets and Liabilities. I run the GnuCash Balance Sheet report and copy the details. I enter tax liability in Y other liabilities. Section I Regulatory information. Hopefully you can tick No to all the questions. G and M tradijg trick questions to catch those automatically ticking No. Hopefully you can answer Yes. Section J Other information. If nothing else, I hope you find the spreadsheet of some use. Completing the tax return is the easy part. Maintaining your records throughout the year and understanding your responsibilities as a trustee of a SMSF is the important and difficult part.

Feel free to ask any questions or provide advice. Though remember this site is for entertainment purposes only and I neither provide advice nor am qualified to do so. I just tried using the CGT Event spreadsheet opton encountered a few problems:. The formula looks fine but nothing shows up in this cell. I had set the field text to the same colour, it is fixed now.

I have fixed this now. The two fields at the bottom of the CGT Events Tab can be changed to work for different tax rates and deductions. Christina thank you very much for the pointing out these problems. I have fixed them and uploaded the new spreadsheet. If you or anyone encounters more problems then please let me know. I have protected the tabs from changes, but there is no password. If you do spot and fix your own changes I and other users would appreciate your optino, so it can be fixed for all.

You are most welcome. I have yet to try out the other sheets. Will let you know if I find anything that needs fixing. It is a useful resource to have. I have never heard of anyone else doing their own SMSF tax returns before. I always thought you need software like BGL to do it. BTW, how do you handle your options investments? Do you use the shares spreadsheet as well? I also read that if put option gets assigned, the premium is be used to reduce cost base for the purchase of the shares so it is not a CGT event until shares are sold.

If put option is not assigned, then CGT event happens put option expires or is bought back. This is my first Qto with using options in my SMSF investment strategy so it was great to find someone like you who has been doing this for a while. I am looking forward to your future posts on how you do the accounting for your SMSF transactions. Fantastic performance last year, if a tad depressing for me!

The hefty renewal fee always put me off, especially when I figured out the compounded figure. I should write about that one day. At the moment all my options investing is in the US and outside of super. It also does all the US currency conversions. Date sold will be before date purchased. Rather than even think of sold and bought I simply think opened oprion closed. So think open atk closed for all positions whether shares or options.

Trxding put, the premium on puts is used to reduce to the cost basis, so no CGT event until you sell the shares. I use sto Auditor I found via the Melbourne SMSF group. You can google SMSF auditor and find one that fits your needs. As I use Gnucash my SMSF runnings costs are auditor, SMSF levy and small miscellaneous costs. Give the ATO a call asap and inform them of what has happened and ask for an extension.

Finding an auditor and getting the audit down within three weeks at this time of year is a very tall order indeed. Good luck, let me know how it all goes and feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for the encouragement Dean! Can you recommend any websites option trading smsf ato details or examples? Smst if you have time, create your option trading smsf ato spreadsheet and double check that with that output from one of those SMSF software packages.

Still thinking about doing my own statements and return option trading smsf ato future years. I figure the first year's statement will at least give me a template opttion work with if I do go it alone in future. Interestingly, my broker is IB, which doesn't provide holding statements as far as I can tellso the auditor has asked for a letter from IB or something similar to verify the authenticity of the activity statement I provided.

Have others with IB in Aus had this situation? I do my own paperwork, I have my own system, which I o;tion option trading smsf ato. There is a new software company that is developing an internet based platform that will be very affordable. They will provide portfolio, super and accounting functions and alot more. Once they are ready I will release their webiste address. They are fabulous prices. I look forward to finding out about the new online service, though I am happy with my auditor.

Hi Dean, I am a new player with SMSF and Gnucash, and I would like to ask you how you have set it up for the Aust. I can only find options for overseas setups. In general you need the following account groups; assets create an account for each asset eg bank accountopening balance account for transferring in, income accounts e.

They completed the audit in option trading smsf ato working Daysthere contact is info smsfaudits. Could you please help me with the allocation of the profit. Someone says profit should be allocated according to opening balance. Someone says profit should be option trading smsf ato according to contributions. Gladys, I am not an accountant or financial advisors, so the following are simply general comments which I can take no responsibility for.

Profit should then be split according to starting balance and contributions optio the year. I have not found hard and fast rules on ATO site for this. In your case I would consider the rollover option trading smsf ato as starting balances. Are Financial Statement of SMSF on cash basis or accruals basis? Hi Gladys, I recommend you pop down to Borders and get a book on managing your own SMSF. You may also consider one of the free trials to SMSF software out there.

Run all your transactions through it and produce your accounts and reports and see what they produce. I can only tell you what I do. I run on an accruals basis and yes you have to state what method you use in your notes. Once again I am not an accountant or financial advisor and this is not advice, Please seek qualified assistance. I am still doing the hard yards as my SMSF gets registered with ATO. Have not decided yet on how I will track all the transactions.

Softwares for sale in Market are too expensive and they ask for fees every year. Thanks a lot KB. Though it does take a little bit more mucking around that the specialist SMSF products. When the SMSF becomes a pension fund is the tax return exactly the same as when it is on accumulation phase. Since the earnings of the fund are tax tradong and all payments are tax free after age 60 years old why do we still need to put in a tax return?

Thanks and good luck finding an answer. If you do, it would be great if you could link it here for the next person looking. TIA — Dean Hi Ing Two reasons. There is a minimum balance that you must take out evidence that you have done this has to be shown. Thanks for the two good reasons SMSF needs to put in annual tax return. Since I last wrote I was thinking you need to put in annaual tax return to claim your imputation credits from shares.

My question relates to refund of franking credits. I have both an Accumulation Account and Pension Account. Shares are segregated to the Pension Account and all franking credits relate to those shares. No tax is payable. Does the refund go to the Pension Account and as I am under 60 is the payment to me taxable. I assumed you must be over 55 years old and on transition to retirment pension TTR.

All earning from your segregated pension fund as you stated no tax is payable, therefore the franking credits from your shares go into the pension account tax free. As you are under 60 your TTR pension or your pension if you are retired is taxable. Your spreadsheet is a fantastic idea, even if I have not tried it as yet! I use Quicken Personal Plus software, and find it adequate and the renewal not too expensive considering I get daily price downloads for my stocks.

Tradkng got a friend to set up an Excel spreadsheet to do all the currency calculations on USD transactions, sent it to my accountant, and to my amazement I found her with a printed out copy and punching the data into her program by hand! So Ao decided to have a go at filing my own tax. As trwding franking credits. You have a record of the cash dividend received in your IB account.

You probably either know or can easily find out that percent franking. With that information you can work out the franking credit. Please note I am not an accountant or qualified to give advice, this is not specific advice, just my opinion which you should check. Thanks a lot for the help. Can you tell me forex currency strength calculator the Tax department allows me to file my SMSF return when my Pty. Company is its trustee? Does it trafing if it is a simple, personal SMSF or if it is held within a company structure?

This is the only function of the company at the moment. This comment is general in nature and should not be taken as o;tion. I virtually had to tell him how to option trading smsf ato it. I have had a SMSF for 15 years and turned it into a SMS pension fund a couple of years ago when I retired. The fund was used for share trading.

However since the GFC I have just stayed with one stock and done nothing more than take out the minimum pension. I have just been asked to submit my info to the accountant and decided to find a cheaper route. I saw on the internet some time ago a consultant saying that you are not obliged to submit and audit under certain optkon. Do you know if it is true? The ATO says it is compulsory — but the ATO agent just reads the base rules. I welcome your comment and advice. Thanks I am new to SMSF and have to prepare our first year compliance as our administrator terminated our account unilaterally because I asked them some questions about the information on their website.

I have lodged my complaint to the ASIC. I understand that it is a requirement to revalue all SMSF assets at year-end i. Comment Name Email Website. Many people incorrectly think there is magic to stock gains and losses because they consider only price. If it does, the stock price will eventually follow. I tradiny most easily be classified as a little Lynch, as in Peter Lynch of Magellan fame. His 20 Golden Rules form the basis of my investing philosophy.

Mclowd has the potential to displace Ago and Class with a SMSF accounting platform that is free to both individual Trustees and practitioners. Tradinh Option trading smsf ato and Analysis. Fusing Value with Growth, and Fundamental with lashings of Behavioral Finance. Preparing your own Self Managed Super Fund SMSF Tax. August 21, Dean Morel. Pingback: Vote on this article at blogengage. I have done a screen capture of the above. I can email it to you if you like.

I also noticed the spreadsheet was only for shares. Do you also trade options in your SMSF? Hi Christina, thanks a lot for the feedback. Thanks for your comments Andrew. The problems are fixed now. Time to check out Gnucash?. Love the blog, by the way! You could also take one of the free trials of BGL Simple Fund or MySF, run your accounts through them and use the report output for your reports.

Thanks for the nice words about the site. Thanks for the update Mark. I think you made a good decision. Thanks Dean I see what you are saying. I would like to know how to allocate profit to members of SMSF. SMFS was set up in Dec Is there anything you suggest me to read regarding this. Thanks for your answer. I prefer to use rollover as opening balance as well.

Have picked up some good info from your site. Will have to come back and read more. Hi Ing Two reasons. Do anybody knows where you can do a course in annual taxation for SMSF? Thanks for your info. The website is my latest of many — not to be taken seriously. I am new to SMSF and have to prepare frading first year compliance as our administrator terminated our option trading smsf ato unilaterally because I asked them some option trading smsf ato about the information on their website.

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