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Good Forex in I made and make my money from my business which is casino hire ie hiring out casino tables in and around Nottingham UK. News spike trading is trading these quick price moves caused by news. It would be clikcer if others could discuss auto clickers, spike trading and news trading methods. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Economic News Calendar with Charts.

Have you seen our live tests page? Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? One of the most important tools for the spike news trader is the autoclick. I will set-up the AC for as many major news alerts as possible. I am going to manage the trades using a simple trade manager so I do not interfere with the trades whatsoever. Spike trading can be stressful but also rewarding as you get in and out of the trade quite quickly. Its just knowing fogex to get out, setting tight SLs, tight MM etc.

The AC I use only forrx trades fairly large news releases so big moves are more likely thus more profitable. Forex news clicker put, Clickeg News Weapon SNW is a high speed spike trading tool that's designed to help you forex news clicker more money in forex, futures, bond trading, etc. SNW receives high speed economic forxe, compares those released economic numbers against user supplied Trigger Numbers and depending if the numbers cljcker that a trade would be viable, automatically executes a trade on your trading platform.

All within a few milliseconds. It's like an automatic weapon. You set it up before the economic nwws release comes out, input your trigger data, and setup your automatic mouse clicks and everything is on FULL AUTO. Forex news clicker wait for the trigger to pulled automatically. After a trade is automtically launched, you manage it manually including the exit. Yes, it is that simple: all you have to do is a few minutes before the report, pre-set your parameters for buy and sell signal, or just use the default provided triggers, setup your mouse clicks on the weapon where your broker's buy button and sell buttons are located before the report, sit back, relax, and watch the Secret News Weapon execute your buy or sell order instantly the same split second the number is released from lock up.

Because of the nature of the technology behind this, sometimes you will in the market a fraction of a clickre faster than most others. Additional Features: SNW provides a list of reports in a spreadsheet data grid like manner. When released, the actual and revision data is displayed in the data grid. I am not affiliated with this site I am just running hews test. If it is clicksr I shall start a REAL account with the same amount continuing to forex news clicker the results. It would be great if others could discuss auto clickers, spike trading and news trading methods.

I make money from trading however it hasn't always been that way. I lost before I started "winning". I made and make my money from fotex business which is casino hire ie hiring out casino tables in and around Nottingham UK. I must say, it looks very interesting. I will certainly follow your results and do a little homework to see what other possibilitys there are. Thankyou Jan, I too find it quite interesting.

I am officially starting the test today! As I missed a couple of trading opportunities on friday. I'll keep all posted. How is it going with the AC? Till now i dont see many trades, is that because of the market or technical problems? Is the software easy to use? Hi Jan, I only use the AC on Neds pairs. It can be used on other markets so forec are some traders getting multiple trades a week due to so many different market news releases that they trade on.

There has not been any big deviations from bews figures on high impact news. Use Forex Factory to see previous and future news releases. The ones marked in red are pretty much the ones I'll use the AC for. Use the AC if either you are very patient or to compliment another strategy. Spike trading plays in favour on leverage so if you do decide to use an AC once you have tested it in demo, up the lot fforex after every forex news clicker trade.

Yes the software is very neqs to use. I saw that you had some trades, great! How to you get out of the trade, i mean do you get from secretwapen a estimated move in pips or you just look and wait forx it moves in the other direction again? It would be nice to set up a trade with stop loss and take profit, but i dont think they dont give that clickeg or do they?

If cllcker, is there a website which new this information? Another question is if they gave info when to get into a trade, i mean from how much deviation it goes up or down? I hope you can answer these questions. BEWARE- We don't bark and we bite on command! Quote from: dffx on May 30,PM Quote from: hollandjan on May 27,PM. Logged "Absurdum est ut alios regat, qui seipsum regere nescit. Autotrader have you stopped your trial? You should try it too. The price is right Actually the free version is a trial but looks like the bells and whistles you get with the paid version may or may not be really necessary, we will see.

The trial does all the main hews you need an AC forex news clicker do. And it makes use of the news feed from any mt4 platform, even a demo account. Quote from: odysseus11 on January 05,PM. Logged The ebb and flow of the Atlantic tides, the drift of the continents, the very position of the sun along its ecliptic. THESE are just a FEW of the things I control in my world!

The first release I tested it on was Australian retail sales, and I incorrectly entered the headline format I used "Australian" when I needed to use "Australia" so it didnt fire. The neqs one UK bank rate was no change and so no signal. So I dont know yet. Forex news clicker will say this, it takes some willingness and ability to program, it is NOT easy to set up. Are there ANY other FREE autoclickers? I'm spiking with FNG only for now. Quote from: wakeel on December 03,PM.

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Re: Drive Gold by IFFTrader [ Today at AM]. Re: IC MARKETS by jhehe [ Today at AM]. Page created in 0. Quote from: dffx on May 30,PM Quote from: hollandjan on May 27,PM Hi! I have the same inquiries. Hope u can reply Auto, Keep posting and I wish you the best in your endeavor!!! Quote from: odysseus11 on January 05,PM wakeel I just set up a free autoclicker from newsautotrader. How did the free autoclicker from newsautotrader.

The ebb and flow of the Atlantic tides, the drift of the continents, the very position of the sun along its ecliptic. I'm spiking with FNG only for ness interested in your progress with this.

Forex News Trading Strategy - Live Trading USD/CAD

Forex Factory provides information to professional forex traders; lightning-fast forex news ; bottomless forex forum; famously-reliable forex calendar; aggregate forex. The Secret News Weapon is Forex news trading autoclick software allowing Fx traders to spike trade economic news events on Forex, Fx Futures, equities and so on. Trade Forex on thinkorswim. No Hidden Fees or Trade Mins! thinkorswim is an advanced platform—and so much more. It's your entry into a Fair & Objective Research · No Hidden Fees · 24/7 Customer Service.

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