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Crafted with care and a host of privileges, the Navigator Forex Card in association with Axis Bank is the forex prepaid card login hdfc convenient and secure way to carry currency overseas. THB, AED, SAR, HKD, ZAR and DKK. Apply Now SMS TRAVEL to forex prepaid card login hdfc Login to view your Navigator Forex Card details Deutsche Bank Delights Open an account with us. You can have multiple currencies loaded on a single plastic card.

You need not carry multiple card plastics for each currency you spend in. Each currency loaded on your card is known as a Wallet i. USD Wallet, GBP Wallet, etc. Your Navigator Forex Card is accepted at over 28 million merchant outlets forex prepaid card login hdfc the world prepxid display the Visa signage. Your card can be used in department stores, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, airlines, petrol pumps, paying for customs duty and even when you travel from one place to another.

Navigator Forex Card can be used to withdraw cash in the local currency of the country you are in. No longer lgoin to purchase money in different currencies in India for your oversea trip. Your card is an EMV Chip Card Europay, Mastercard and Visa, prrpaid global standard for inter-operation of integrated circuit cards offering greater security when you transact. The microchip on the face of this card stores customer data in a secured manner, making it extremely difficult to copy.

This advanced technology is more effective in preventing your card from being copied to produce counterfeit cards. For better acceptability across merchants, the EMV Cards will also fofex a magnetic strip on the reverse of the card to ensure swipe transactions. However, we recommend that you use your EMV Chip Card only at merchant terminals with chip capability to avoid skimming frauds. With the Navigator Forex Card, you will never have to worry about fluctuating exchange rates or unexpected fees hdrc you lock in your exchange rate when you load the card.

With the Navigator Forex Card you can leave your worries about loogin usage of your card aside. The card comes with enhanced security forwx an Insurance Cover in case there is any liability on a lost card. Cad note FIR is mandatory for ATM assault and robbery claim. This is a priced service provided by VISA. Navigator Forex Cardholders can receive assistance from VISA Global Customer Prepiad Service hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that these services are charged as follows:.

Click here for Visa toll free numbers. Should you ever misplace your Navigator Forex Card, simply call hour Axis Bank Customer Care number and report the loss. Please refer to the schedule of charges for replacement logij fees for international and domestic delivery. You will get instant alerts via SMS on your registered mobile number for every transaction done. Dorex Bank and Hdc Bank shall not be liable for any delay, inability or loss of information in the transmission of alerts.

Simply log on to your Navigator Card login using your card number as user id and login password, login vard is available in your instant kit. You can view the following details online:. Please check the balance in your card at any Axis Bank ATM before embarking on your journey. A Personal Identification Number is enclosed in the sealed letter for using this Card at ATMs. You can use this card along with the PIN at any Axis Bank ATM to:. You will see balance only for 1st Wallet loaded on your card in equivalent USD at the Axis Vard ATM.

If you have loaded any other currency, the balance for that currency would not be shown at the ATM, you can use your online access to check the balance for all wallets. You can raise new ATM PIN request at Axis Call Center, new pin would be sent in hours olgin your registered email id. A protocol from Visa that lets you shop online securely with your Navigator Forex Card. Verified by Visa confirms your identity through simple check process when you fforex online purchases with the card.

It is a password to protect your online transaction just like you use your PIN at an ATM. Note: If address mentioned on application form is different from passport as well as the one updated with Deutsche Bank, you need to provide new address proof. For refund of the card, you need to provide filled up refund form. Now make your holiday a delicious one with dining privileges, available exclusively on your Navigator Forex Card. Simply use your ccard at any of the participating restaurants to enjoy your discount.

Click here to fored a list of participating restaurants. An Emergency Assistance Service in case of an emergency, help is just a call away with a Trip Assist service on your Navigator Forex Pgepaid. Bring vard favorite US stores to your doorstep. Simply use the remaining balance on your card to shop online from any US store and get it delivered to your home in India through www. Avail of exclusive discounts on shipping and concierge services with your Axis Bank Multi-Currency Forex Fotex.

Click here to shop online. Avail of exciting offers across various categories such as dining, retail, travel and many pre;aid. Click here for the offers. For blocking of your card, you may contact any of our 24 x 7 International toll free pepaid or the India paid number. You can load a Forex prepaid card login hdfc Forex Card with funds at the time of purchase of the card.

After loading, you can use the card for cash withdrawal or for shopping at merchant outlets internationally. With each transaction, the remaining value on the card would be decreased. You can continue to use your card as long as there is balance available on the card account. Currently, the following currencies are available for loading on Navigator Forex Card: USD, EUR, GBP, SGD, AUD, CAD, SEK, JPY, CHF, AED, SAR, THB, NZD, HKD, ZAR and DKK.

There is no minimum amount cap for loading of the card, you can load as per your requirement. Maximum amount that can be loaded depends upon applicable FEMA Foreign Exchange Management Act regulation. You don't need an account relationship with Deutsche Bank to purchase a Navigator Forex Card. You can provide self account check from your other bank account for loading onto the card. But, you will need to complete the KYC requirement before purchase of the card. If you have Deutsche Bank account, you can purchase the card over the hxfc after providing relevant travel documents.

No, you can peepaid hold Navigator Forex Card from Deutsche Bank if you have already taken Axis Bank Multicurrency or Travel Card. You are charged with the ongoing foreign exchange rate logjn that day offered by Deutsche Bank. Similarly, for refunds, the prevailing foreign exchange rate is applied. Yes, if you want to block the card temporarily, you can do so yourself by logging your online card access. You forex prepaid card login hdfc need to follow the same process to re-activate the forfx.

Yes, a Navigator Forex Card can be loaded with multiple currencies. You may also choose to carry a card in only one currency and use it worldwide, irrespective of the currency of the destination country. However, a cross currency rate will be applicable in cases where the card is used in currencies different from the currency of the card. The card gets blocked for use at ATMs, if the card prepwid been used with the wrong ATM PIN more than 3 times.

This is for your own security and to prevent any fraudulent use on the card. If you have forgotten the ATM PIN, you can request for regeneration of the PIN with Axis 24 hour Phone Banking team. You will receive new ATM PIN at your registered email rpepaid within 24 hours. You can use your Navigator Forex Card at any Visa ATM Internationally. Generally, the options available at the ATM for cash withdrawal are Checking, Credit and Savings.

The Savings option does not link to hdvc VISA network and hence the transaction would not be successful. Please click here to know more. For schedule of charges click here. You are advised to commence the usage of the card only after a couple of hours. You are also advised to ensure that you receive the PIN and sign on the signature panel at the back of the card.

It is also advisable to change the PIN and check the balance on the card at any Axis Bank ATM before your departure from the country. Please note, you will see balance only for 1st Wallet loaded on your card in equivalent USD ofrex the Axis Bank ATM. It is advisable to check the balance dard the card at any Axis Bank ATM before your departure from the country. You can also check your balance on website using the login id and password provided for your online card access. There is a daily prepiad of USD or equivalent for purchases at a merchant establishment and a daily limit of USD or equivalent prepid cash withdrawal from ATM.

If the transaction is done in base currency currency with which the card was loadedthere is no exchange rate applicable. Currency conversion is done automatically in an international online environment by VISA. In case you have a dispute on any specific transaction, you are requested to provide the details of the transaction to the email id - deutsche.

You may leave a signed copy of the reload form and authorization with your family. Your family member can approach Deutsche Bank Branch with the reload form. On submission of the documents and receipt of the payment, the card would be reloaded. The card can be encashed only cad your return to India. Furthermore, the last transaction done on the card should be more than 10 days prior to the date of encashment. For refund of the residual or unutilized balances you can approach any of the branch of the Bank irrespective of where the card was issued.

You need to complete the refund form and submit a copy of your passport along with the form. Customer Service Loggin will immediately block the lost card and prevent udfc from further use and arrange to send you a replacement card within 2 working days. It is important to note that a lost card report will be taken only after verification of your Mother's maiden name, Date of Birth, Passport no etc.

You can access the card online module for keeping a track of your balances and the transactions done on your card. Prepaic user id is your 16 digit card number. The password is enclosed in the welcome kit in a sealed envelope for security reasons. Click here to login to your card online. In case of loss of card, ATM PIN or online access password, you are requested to write ikon group forex the helpdesk at deutsche.

In certain countries, the acquiring banks may choose to activate the forex prepaid card login hdfc of Dynamic Currency Conversion on their ATMs and POS machine network. We urge you to note that as the Navigator Forex Card is purchased and loaded with the purpose of using the card in the respective foreign currency, the customer must ydfc selecting any option that prompts for a change in usage currency to avoid any adverse exchange rate. Vorex Dynamic Currency Conversion feature may appear with differing terminology depending on the overseas bank.

Usage of the card needs to be in accordance with the Exchange Control Regulation of Reserve Bank of India and the applicable laws in force from time to time and the Crad Exchange Management Act, Also, note that the card is not to be used for margin payments being made for online forex trading transactions.

This Navigator Forex Card is the property of Axis Bank and the complete ownership of the same lies with it. Click here for detailed terms. Track your Loan Application Status. Verified By Visa VBV. Interest Preoaid for Fixed and Recurring Deposit. Platinum Business Debit Card. NRO Gold Debit Card. Global Customer Assistance Service. Miscellaneous Customer Service Inquiries: USD prepair per enquiry. Emergency Card Replacement upto USD : USD Emergency Cash Assistance: USD fore USD ; Additional handling charges: USD 25 on disbursement.

Card Rpepaid and change of PIN. For free registration, click here. If you are carx registered, to login click here. At the time of Purchase. At the time of reload. Not required only for same trip, else mandatory. Enjoy several exciting offers on your Navigator Forex Card. Trip Assist can :. Block your Navigator Forex Card. Block your credit or debit card issued by any bank in India.

Block your SIM card. Get you forex prepaid card login hdfc on your lost forex prepaid card login hdfc. Get the help of a foreign language interpreter wherever you are. Axis Bank 24 x 7 Phone Banking. USA - UK - Singapore - Canada - Australia - UAE - Saudi Arabia - Qatar - 00 prepaie Bahrain - 11 How does the Navigator Forex Card work? What currencies can be loaded on Navigator Prepaic Card? What are the prepad and maximum amounts I can load on prepaaid Navigator Forex Card?

Do I need to have an Deutsche Bank Account to purchase Navigator Forex Card? Can I have more than two cards? No, you can have one Navigator Forex Card at any given point of time. Can I apply for Navigator Forex Card if I already hold Gorex Bank Travel Card? What hxfc the foreign exchange rates charged at turkey forex sinyal time of purchase?

Is a temporary block facility available on the card? If I am traveling to two different countries in one trip, can I get two different currencies loaded on the same card? Can I use the card in India, Nepal or Bhutan? Can I retain the foreign exchange on my Navigator Forex Card after returning to India? What if I forget the ATM PIN of my Navigator Forex Card? How do I withdraw cash from an ATM using the Navigator Forex Card?

What is the current 'Schedule of Charges'? When can I start using the card? Is there a daily transaction limit for ATM withdrawal or purchase at a merchant establishment? What is Global Customer Assistance Service GCAS provided to customers? What are the exchange rates applicable when I use my Card for transactions Cash withdrawal carrd ATMs and point of sale transactions at Merchant Outlets? Whom should I contact, in case I have any dispute on a transaction?

Please tell me more about Insurance Cover. Is remote reloading possible on the card? How can I get a refund of unspent balances? What do I do if my card is lost or stolen? Is there any other way in which I can keep a track of my balance and the latest transactions? What is Dynamic Currency Conversion? You can use the card to pay your hotel bills at the time of check-out. However, please avoid using your card for checking-in pre-authorization at hotels.

If you choose to use your card at the time of check in, the funds on your card will be blocked till such time that the bills is finally settled. To prevent blocking of funds please make sure that all the test swipes are cancelled. If you have already settled your bill through other mode, please request the hotel to send a scanned copy of the Authorization Cancellation letter on the letterhead of the hotels settlement bank or on the hotels letterhead to us via email.

Further, the hotel should loyin that you have settled this bill through some other mode and they don't need the authorization taken any more. If you have already checked out from the hotel and unable to provide the letter, you may provide forex prepaid card login hdfc with the copy of the final paid bill which contains the check-in and check-out dates and mode of payment. If the hotel claims that the transaction was declined at their end then you should request the hotel to send us scanned copy of the letter through email stating that you have settled this bill through some other mode and they will not be raising any claims against your card from us.

Are there any regulatory restrictions on usage of my card?

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Earn miles for loading and every time you spend on your Miles & More Axis Bank World Traveller Card. The best forex card in the market. Everything you expect in a forex card with 23 currencies in one card. Borderless Prepaid Travel Cards are reloadable and valid for a period of 5 years and others for 3 years. Within this period you can use the Prepaid Forex Card as many.

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