Evolution gold (gc) trading system

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Our system uses a combination of 'trend following' and 'momentum' to identify tradable impulses, which means we are reacting to price action as opposed to predicting a direction. As a member you will receive specific buy long and sell short trading signals for GLD and SLV based on our time-proven proprietary algorithms for any market condition bullish or bearish. Our number one goal is to maintain profitability with solid absolute returns. We want to be primarily buying long during uptrending cycles of the market, and selling short during bearish cycles.

It is key not to lose substantial ground to the market under any circumstance. The objective of our system is to prosper from trending markets bullish or bearish and protect capital during market crashes. We do not measure our performance based on relative terms as compared to the performance of the GLD and SLV indexes. Our methodology is designed to generate absolute returns that increases an investor's net worth. If one was to measure the performance of our system in relative terms, our track record shows we have consistently outperformed the buy-and-hold strategy of investing on all time horizons.

Our system is simple - we provide evolution gold (gc) trading system two signals - Buy or Sell for each ETF click here for a trade alert sample. As a member you will receive:. We invite you to review the Track RecordPerformance Chartsand Trading Statistics of the system. Performance Table Year GLD "Our Returns" GLD "Buy-and-Hold" SLV "Our Returns" SLV "Buy-and-Hold". We only had one negative year for SLV in As shown in the table below forour methodology continues to outperform the market.

Year GLD "Our Returns" GLD "Buy-and-Hold" SLV "Our Returns" SLV "Buy-and-Hold". A record number of new members are joining our services, which is a win-win situation for all!

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Gold Space (GC) Rigo Golden is a short term trading strategy and it is the product of more than 20 years of combined experience in developing trading systems ;. About Trading Systems : System Trading System (DAX), %C-DT. Gold (GC), %zarabotokvinternet.ru Trading System , EuroTrader, Evans Diversified, Evolution Gold (GC), Evolution. Welcome to Gold Silver System ! zarabotokvinternet.ru is a pure mechanical impulse system for trading the gold and silver , and Trading Statistics of the system.

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