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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. They were very nice rtading you tried to sign up, assuming they were getting some commission. Nothing on this site should ever be considered to be personal advice, research or an invitation to buy or sell any securities. My blog is to encourage people to educate themselves with the TON of available FREE information on the internet. Investigationes demraverunt lectores legere me tarding quod ii legunt saepius. Elit sed do eiusmod. In the end, no matter how good the service may be, the buck stops with you.

I live nowhere near Wall Street—my husband and I actually used to operate a gift shop in a quaint little. Our gift store was successful, and we always envisioned it as our retirement plan… until one day. A heavy storm hit our area, and our shop was completely flooded—everything lost, and we had no flood. We were in trouble. So while I began looking for new ways to make money—a friend introduced me to options trading.

Somehow, it just made sense to me, and I got really into it. Actually, more than that… I became obsessed! I started reading books, watching financial news, taking courses…. Most surprising of all, I got really good. I was beginning to make more money trading than we had ever. InI wrote Options Trading in Your Spare Time after successfully trading options for approximately. I LOVED that my book helped so many people achieve financial independence through trading. InI created something called the P3 trading system pdf System, a strategy that zeroed in on a chart pattern that.

PLEASE NOTE: Stock and option trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risks. You must be aware of the risks and willing to accept them in order to invest in the market. P3 trading system pdf are believed to be accurate but have not been independently verified. No attempt has been made to compare the experiences of the persons giving the testimonials after the testimonials were given to their experience previously.

No one should expect to achieve the same or similar results as those shown herein because past performance does not necessarily indicate future results.

L2/P3: T-Bill, G-Sec, Zero Coupon Bonds, Bearer Bonds, Money Market

Wendy Kirkland's P3 System puts Profit Probability Potential on YOUR side. Many traders focus on trading straight forward long-term (long) call and (short) put option trades, holding the contracts for several months to as long as a year or more. Books for beginning to advanced investors covering futures, options and day trading.

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