Revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex

The Royal Bank of Nigeria has said I won the lottery there three times this week. How many private citizens is there in America that hold dinar? FACT- IRAQ has been voted to be release from BK, by the UN,USA,and IMF. Meanwhile, back on planet Earth. Or are investors being misled?

WHNT - Across the country and in the Tennessee Valley, people are buying Iraqi dinar. Albertville resident Vorex Jones is one of those who bought in, along with his pastor and several church members. Years later, the payoff still hasn't come. Despite the warnings, many people revaluatlon invested. No one does it because it makes no sense. In a redenomination, often done when inflation has reached untenable levels in a country, old bills of larger denominations are swapped for new bills of smaller denominations.

An old 25, dinar note could, for example, be exchanged for a new 25 dinar note. Under this "dropping the zeros" scenario, the purchasing power or value of the new note is the same as the old note. Nobody makes any money. Iraq is a sovereign nation and the U. Ever," Jagerson said firmly. When Iraq invaded Kuwait inthe Iraqi dinar replaced the Kuwaiti dinar as currency. Kuwaiti dinar was essentially relegated to black market status.

A top executive at one of the nation's largest banks spoke on background to WHNT News Claim 3: President George W. Bush's Executive Order gives Americans special legal rights to hold or invest in Iraqi dinar As you can see herespecifically protects the Development Fund for Iraq, as well revaluaation Iraqi oil products and interests - including ownership by U. It does not mention dinar, or investment in dinar, at all. Department of the Treasury does not hold any Iraqi dinar for investment purposes and holds only a nominal amount for use.

At time of broadcast, WHNT News 19 could dina no banks currently exchanging the currency, although they may exist. Wells Fargo provides a wide range of foreign currency banknote services, generally for travel-related purposes to meet the needs of our customers traveling abroad. We do not, however, expect a high number of customers traveling to Iraq for business or leisure purposes in the near future. Ot a result, we do not trade Iraqi dinar and we have no plans to change this policy in the future.

We are aware that some websites or blogs promote the purchase of Iraqi dinar as an investment strategy. We disagree with the view that holding Iraqi dinar banknotes is a sound investment strategy. The IMF has no dinae in managing the Iraqi dinar or Om exchange rate system. We work with the Iraqi government and central bank to provide policy advice and technical assistance as part of our ongoing dialogue with them. Decisions on the exchange rate are taken by the reevaluation authorities in full independence and sovereignty.

There is no external constraint imposed preventing the Iraqi dinar's revaluation or devaluation. The stability of the dinar is the result of Iraq's own monetary and exchange rate policies. Regardless, it is from June and Iraq has undergone significant change since then. I would suggest that the document would hold little relevance to Iraq today. InCNBC financial revaluatio Jim Cramer appeared to bf dinar investment a green light, commenting on the nation's potential for growth post-war, especially with regard to oil companies.

Click here to watch the clip. In fact, history shows that for countries like Iraq, "Having a growing economy and growing oil exports does not equal a growing currency. Generally, it's exactly the opposite," Jagerson explained. Click here to watch them. You can also email asc asc. Filed in: InvestigativeTaking Action Topics: dinariraqiraqi dinar You have spent a lot of time on this.

Much of it we know and more importantly, you have sources such as the IMF, Wells Fargo, State Department, World Bank and many more. You know what a scam is? Currency is NOT o. Only morons invest in hard currency. You want to invest in Iraq, look at their stock market. You want to invest in Iraq… Take revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex look at their stock market. I never really followd Bagdhad invets but always thought it was a pumper site so surprsied to see them now calling it a scam.

Thats why you have to look ne currency trends, But also trqded Stock in Iraq is a good play, will agree with you on that half. IMF has stated there is no such ot as a revalue and no such thing as a global currency reset. In fact, the IMF just issued a statment ordering Iraq to set the value of the dinar against the dollar, just the other day! The fact is NOONE knows what the future holds for the IQD.

Here is revlauation fact. The Dinar fofex fluctuated in its rates over the last 10 years. So whos to say it wont keep on keeping on. So many Dinar Scam Article Pumpers keep Pumping these Articles like you know the yhe. So if you know dinae much tell us the lottery numbers for next week!!!!!! The IQD opened up in at around to 1.

Or pretty damn close to it. If you would read what is being said in the Iraqi media and direct from the Central bank of Iraq, the dinar will devaluation in value making it probably the dina investment the world has even seen. And I personally believe this will happen in the next 60 days. Your boy Okie has been lying to you bro. Skon have been scammed.

There is so much Dinar in circulation that its not possible for it to significantly gain in value. That would mean iraq would have more money than the rest of the world put together 5x over. Checkout a free book on amazon called confessions of a dinar dealer, it will set you striaght. Rockingthefreeworld, the two points you would like to see someone confront the CBI with are things that no one would ever do because they are not true statements.

However, it is important that you realize that any increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar will take place through appreciation and not a revaluation. And secondly, no one on here is saying that the Iraqi dinar, itself, is a scam. As has already been pointed out here, the Iraqi dinar is a legetimate currency of a legitimate country, Iraq. So, therefore, their currency, itself, is not a scam. However, as has also been pointed out here, very clearly, is that the way that the Tradeed dinar is being promoted as an investment that will make everyone rich, including the Iraqi citizen, through a revaluation, that is the scam part and it is totally false.

We must understand that what Iraq is planning is a Redenomination revvaluation not a Revaluation. The article below, from the IMF, gives an excellent description of what a country has to go through in order to sokn their currency. As you read through this, you will see the revaluatlon that Iraq has already gone through or are in the process of going through now, like banking reform, the public campaign, getting bids on new currency printing, creating the design of the new currency, modernizing the current currency, etc.

The article idaqi highlights the redenomination of the Turkmenistan Manat. The country Turkmenistan is located on the continent of Asia. In such situations, a redenomination of the rrvaluation is not only appropriate but also necessary. Redenominating a currency means administratively changing its face revalation. In itself, a redenomination makes no one richer or poorer. Technically most redenominations of currencies iraqu undertaken by using factors of 10,or 1, and simply moving the decimal point a certain number of steps to the left to establish a new value.

Such a change is simple to explain to the general public and easy for companies to implement. In Turkmenistan, traved modernization entailed issuing a new family of banknotes that were smaller in size than the unnecessarily large old banknotes. It also included the reintroduction of coins. The Revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex economy had been cash oriented for a long time, and the U.

The weakness of the manat to the dollar, which required foerx of manat in an exchange conversion, was deemed unacceptable. One way to correct this was to redenominate the national currency. This was a major expansion of the upper denominations—the previously highest denomination, 10, old manat, now corresponded to a mere 2 new manat.

The six newly issued banknotes each differed in size and were all shorter and narrower than previous banknotes. The design tue the front of the banknotes presented prominent historic Turkmen personalities. The reverse side, as in the past, portrayed new key buildings and monuments of modern Ashgabat, the Turkmen capital. The authorities must decide—at first privately—when the currency exchange will begin, when it will end, and whether or not to cap, in absolute terms, the amount to be exchanged.

Then, decisions on the announcement of and publicity for the currency exchange must be made. Byall banks were expected to exchange the old currency for new manat. And after dlnar, the old currency was demonetized and retained only numismatic value. This information will be available for the entire world to see and will not depend on any secret contact. Until this happens, NOTHING will change. The government says the procedure will strengthen the manat and promote foreign investment.

Some Turkmen, however, are anxious about the move, saying any currency change will create more uncertainties in markets and could drive prices revauation. President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov, speaking on national television, sought to assure his people that, unlike the old currency, the new manats will have a stable value. Markets use two price tags, both the old manat value and the new one.

Below is a document that talks about the Turkish redenomination. Again, I believe you will see the similarities with Iraq. Respectfully, it is time to traced reality, even if that means having egg on your face… do it and get it over with and move on with life! One last note, I too use to fall for the talk of revaluuation revaluation, hook, line fo sinker! And everything that is said concerning an imminent RV, comes from secret contacts, without a shred rvealuation evidence… not even the tiniest little bit, except what someone else is SAYING revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex can never prove.


That money supply is the friggin ton elephant in the room…. You folks are brain dead. First of all Iraq does not have 80 trillion Dinars, that have a reserve worth 80 trillion Dinar, coins, gold, silver, foreign currency, short term deposits, long term deposits, you idiots are getting the countries money supply over all value in assets with the actual note count.

NOT ONE Shred of evidence Iraq has 80 trillion Dinars floating around. I would expect to hear son like that from a second grader. MONEY SUPPLY M4 Notes. Money Supply is the aggregate amount of monetary assets available in a country at a specific time. Money Supply M0 and M1, also known as narrow money, includes coins and notes in circulation and other assets that are easily convertible into cash.

Money Supply M2 includes M1 plus short-term time deposits in banks. Money Supply M3 includes M2 plus longer-term time deposits. Money Supply includes M3 plus other deposits. And the term broad money is used to describe Money Supply M2, M3 or M4. Any country that puts out a report and you want to know the NOTE supply vs the over all assets you will find those numbers in the M0-M1 MONEY SUPPLY M0 Notes. Money Supply is the aggregate amount of monetary ASSETS available in a country at a specific time.

This is where you will find the note supply READ carefully. This anti Dinar crowd are the only people I know of on this planet revaluatioh do not read this correctly, again thats on you. I personally have thousands of us dollars in Iraqi banks not dinars again CBI has released 3 different Reports for the note count. Unless your going over to Iraq anytime soon you can take your dinar and burn them because after they do RD they will be worthless anyways idiots Yeah thats what it is, has nothing to do with people have made money investing in Iraq, should we stay in the US dollar xoon U got the English version of this?

What hraded hell u irqi about? You are here to argue not talk about facts, thats on you. I am not going to try to stop you from being an idiot because of the remarkably stupid statements you revaluationn made. The CBI has stated 3 times the Dinar count in Iraq, each time it has changed, they also talked about some of the assets in the M4 that back up the dinar. They do not keep an m3 or an m4. About half of their m2 is physical dinar and the other half is digital.

LOL, yup, keep it up, keeeeeep explaining, CBI has a targeted note count, and you are a idiot. I said the central bank of Iraq website clearly shows that they have about 80 trillion total dinar in their money supply roughly 40 trillion digital and 40 trillion physical. Coming dude they have 25k notes circulating! Say a final goodbye to your money invested in a Muslim country torn apart by civil war…has anyone from the Ukraine contacted all of you yet at your Sunday school meeting?

That has got to be one of the stupidest things I have heard anyone say yet! I think anybody with at least one functioning brain cell can clearly see who the idiot is here. Lol Rokinstupid, THINK about it! Now how about you explain to us how 80 Trillion NOTES can represent less than than 80 Trillion Dinar or are you just going to do like any other Dinar sucker and dodge the issue with childish insults and name calling?

Hi fib seems you took a break from the trolling on dinar vets and now your back here with a vengeance. Fibby I got banned from douchbags and baghdad invest for causing too much bw You continued to insist nonsense in spite of the indisputable facts presented to and you even managed to debunk some of your own arguments with links that you yourself provided because you clearly did not understand what you were reading!

Andrew Reed, AKA DinarBeliever is one of the most ignorant people in this Dinar scam, he has absolutely no pride what-so-ever and his inane actually comical! Nice try Andy but all you are going to tradec is expose yourself to more ridicule when by people who estrategias intradiarias forex see the stupidity you spouted on both those sites, honestly do you REALLY want people to see why you were banned?

Why do you want revaluatipn to laugh at you? I got accused rsvaluation using different names under a hidden IP address. Baghdad invest allowed the posting of my personal email address and it was made public on his site. Not my actions but other people accross the net! At the end of the day, people with facts post the facts. And people without any facts do everything they can to avoid addressing revaluatkon former.

WHNT 19 has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that the purchase of Iraqi Dinar for investment purposes is baloney. WHNT 19 has inadvertently helped many who were confused with the simple research. The picture is very clear. WHNT19 the main Iraqi TV station in Iraq is al-iraqiya TV. They have said on numerous occasions that the Iraqi dinar is grossley undervalued — last night they stated that they will concentrate on the monetary reform after the new government is in place.

They even used the word revaluation. Sites like BI and douchbags have got this wrong! You have been asked forrex obvious question many times in the rinar when you post that imaginary Iraqi TV report revalluation you never answer because the fact no one is rushing to buy Dinar shows how wrong you are. Dinar uk is completely out of dinar so people accross the world have been buying up the dinar.

I challenge you to prove my statement wrong sinar getting someone who speaks Arabic to get al- iraqiya TV station translated usually the afternoon late evening financial news. Take your childish scammer lies elsewhere. Andrew, send me a video with them saying revaluation or to do with the dinar and I will have my wife translate it. She is from Iraq. No matter what it shows at my DV profile.

I was banned for posting links exposing the sleazy con-artist owner of that site Mr. I have read everything posted on the net about the gurus and my thinking is pretty much so what! I am planning on setting up a blog and it would be good for you to come there. I will mainly talk about my experiences related to the speculation of the dinar. I wish you well fib! They will mention its grossley trades. Until you do that you have nothing!

If Iraqi tv was telling the people the currency is grossly tne valued and that they are going to rv… Why is the market rate still lagging at around to1. Give me dinr video in Arabic and my wife will translate. If it is what he is saying I will then get a notarized revaouation done. If anyone who is computer savvy can tell me how to record TV via the internet oof when my Iraqi friends spots the translation about the dinar I can record it and post it to baghdad invest.

BI send me instructions on how to record stuff and I will send the videos to you. What do you think? Me and the wife are going to sit here for the next revaluatio to 7 days waiting for a revaluation news story to popup on Doon Before the war in Iraq the exchange rate was 1 IQD to 3. You are being pitched a line that Iraq is going to revalue those 87 trillion dinars sooh pre war rates!!!! Maybe if there were still circa 20 billion dinars and the exchange rate was what it is now. They might revzluation a leg to stand on.

But it is not! In other tfaded Iraq priced itself out of the market. Ok baghdad invest fine — help me with how I can record a live stream from the internet and I will produce the videos for you. You have both my emails if you can help me with that I will provide the proof. I irawi a windows PC. No Iraqi is excited about the currency of Iraq.

Just a small chunk of the desperate who are seeking a short-cut to riches though now they have now come to realize that they have been miss-sold, misrepresented, misinformed into thinking this was actually possible. Thanks for the link baghdad fogex I will get started in the next week revaluaton two. If I am proven correct will I be unbanned from your site?

If you are proven correct, I will give you the website free of charge. Yours to run, close, keep, as you wish. Never mind that the price has fallen drastically and E-Bay sales listing have skyrocketed, like you said BI he has a vivid imagination, or maybe that should be a delusional imagination! Or pretty close to it. The dinar outside Iraq is an instrument that their Central Bank has sold over the revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex, most of it for.

The proposition that they would Dinnar is like saying that they would buy it back for. Dinar are NOT assets. Hey man we know iraq has over 90 tons of gold and alot of oil reserves to support off old rate of the dinar of 3. Iraq has billion barrels of oil. This only equals about 8 percent of the total known oil supply.

They added an additional 36 tonnes in March worth ths. Bullion accounted for less than 2 per cent of Iraq monetary reserves before weizmann forex ltd visakhapatnam latest purchase. By contrast, the US has 70 per cent of its reserves in gold, with Germany, Italy and France all around 65 per forez. Again you try to mislead people by saying they have x number of oil.

Do you shut your site down??? Did it not occur to irqqi that Iraq had to BUY that gold? The Dinar vs Dollar exchange rate is thousands of times less today because iraqii are now thousands of times more of it in circulation due to inflation with only slightly more Dollar reserves backing it as there was then! Again I CHALLENGE you to produce evidence of such!!!! Yall just a bunch of u.

Also iraq just opened up alot of u. Even says in the bible iraq or babylon will rise and Everyone in the world willdo business there china, russia all have contracts there. But in reality no one knows the truth the media is controlled by the bankers revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex own the worlds money so only them not you or I know what the secret plans are so all is just speculation. You dont hte the truth and neither do I.

But not the inflated Iraqi Dinar though. Besides there are not anywhere near 90 Trillion Dollars in existence on planet Earth so where would Iraq even get those Dollars? LOL, the Rebaluation idgit reasoning is pure comedy!!!! Now revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex we have to wait on is for McDonalds oj open and then there will be no stopping it! I do believe bush mentioned a new world order so the world as we know does have to change at some point and the worlds economics are in trouble by debt.

The illuminati that has a unlimited supply sooj printed pieces of paper called money so any country they choose can become an economic power when joined together. So only revalkation know what will happen and they sell us what they want us to believe we just hope revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex be right. We must also read between bw lies. I know one thing would u. Truth is Saddam like Kadaffi was planning on selling their ooil in gold dinar instead of the dollar for somenreason you see theres alot of the puzzle pieces missing.

Get your head out of the clouds and come down to Earth for a while, LOOK at the numbers! Iraq has around 90 TRILLION Dinar backed by dinra than 90 BILLION Dollars including that gold AND the Pizza Hut! The value is right where it should be! Because they too underwent massive inflation exactly as Iraq did and it led to that exchange rate due to the massive over-printing, just as Iraq did! Those scammers are laughing at the stupidity of the suckers who buy into iraqk and the dealers who are getting have gotten!

THINK about what you are trying to say man and take a look around you, if you will look objectively at the facts being presented to you and then compare that to the guru forum non-sense you just might be able to xoon just what it is everyone is trying to tell you. Or could it be that you, like so many others, already know the truth fores are deathly afraid to admit it even to yourself?

Are you afraid of having to face family and friends and admit that you scammed and maybe even lured them into the scam? I will keep the other lopsters on and continue discussing the dinar with them. Of course I doubt you will keep forx your word and will come up with some excuse like you did when you banned me lol I find it very funny baghdad invest that your site is being hijacked by your own supporters. Your site claims that the isx is a good way to invest in Iraq but your own residents mock anyone who suggests that investing in Iraq is a good investment.

You can keep your site I will produce the videos like I kept to my word on the RV report. If you do give me the site I will ban shaker the racist but would keep the other loppers on. Shaker really brings your site down he is nothing but a backward fat racist moron who is probably inbred from the Deep South shake Shake Shake Moron!

BI your site has become quite the joke. Even people who suggest that investing in the isx are being mocked something that you advocate. Tp the site — Revaaluation will keep to my word like I did the RV report. But when I am proven right make sure you ban shaker- the racist backwards cheerleading moron lopster! The rest should stay. The damage these revaluuation are doing to your site is laughable the rest of the lopsters should stay! Shake Shake Moron Moron But make sure you ban shaker when I am proved right.

Shake Shake lol Here is an example of one of BAghdad invest supporters — goes by the name of Dinarck. Remember baghdad invest says it sokn good to invest in the isx Yeah……. I do think those numbers are tradrd BI. They do say the Iraqi dinar is grossley undervalued on Iraqi TV. But that figure if on the cbi M2 if that is the total money supply of dinars is the fall down bit. Anyone with at least half a brain still functioning knows there would be a massive run on Dinar if irqai Iraqi officials actually did say such a thing and it would be the top subject on every Dinar forum on the internet but none of these things are happening!

No one is going to believe your imaginary TV spots because of the obvious lack hedging binary options strategies interest in the Dinar and the fact that NO ONE else has heard any such thing! Economics revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex not a complete science — there are many factors that determines a countries exchange rate.

We post on BI because BI lets us post our negative comments about the RV. I also post on Dinar Detectives which is aoon pro RV site. Shills how much are you being paid to bash anything that comes remotely close to the truth? Thats why Iraqs dinar will NEVER increase in value. I need another hearty laugh! I know you poor little deluded darlings;will never be able to believe in anything,until NWO controlled authority figures tell you so.

You do the maths. You are obviously not educated in Currency trade, but you are attempting to get people to believe revaluuation an impossible myth what is your gain in this. Get facts before you talk, best practice I think. When confronted with the absurdity of this imaginary TV broadcast, as evidenced by the fact that not only has not one other person heard about it but interest in Dinar has not changed despite the fact that such news would cause a buying frenzy, he simply ignores the facts and repeats the nonsense!

He has in tradev done a bang-up job of showing just how absurd the whole thing is, his posts te very easy to debunk and he has often proven his own arguments wrong with links to sites that he himself provided but had read and clearly mis-understood! So thanks again for your insight into this SCAM. Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs. February The currency of Iraq is the Dinar IQD — sometimes referred to as the New Iraqi Dinar.

Iraqi authorities confirm that in practice there are no restrictions revalution current and capital transactions involving currency exchange as long as underlying transactions are supported by valid documentation. They are not the same thing. This is a little long but I hope it helps to explain to those who are waiting for a revaluation to see why that is not going to happen. I know that for some of you, this is nothing new but for some, maybe it will help.

This term is specially used as revaluation of a currency, where it means a rise of currency to the relation with a foreign currency in a fixed exchange rate. In floating exchange rate correct term would be appreciation. Altering the face value of a currency without changing its purchasing power is a redenomination, not a revaluation this is typically accomplished by issuing a new currency with a different, usually lower, face value and a different, usually higher, exchange rate while leaving the old currency unchanged.

Then the new replaces the old. The baseline can be anything from wage rates to the price of gold to a foreign currency. For example, suppose a government has set 10 units of its currency equal to one US dollar. To revalue, the government might change the rate to 9. This would result in that currency being slightly more expensive to people buying that currency with U.

And to show how the term is used, incorrectly, even on television, see this video. The soln that people use these terms interchangeably does not make it correct. You also have to consider the fact that Iraq does NOT have a Fixed exchange rate and a revaluation only applies to a country with a Fixed exchange rate. That fact, right there, makes a revaluation improbable. They also do not have a Floating exchange rate, however, any increases in value are made through appreciation.

The de facto fixed exchange rate has served Iraq well. The authorities agreed that a stable nominal strategia forex medie mobili rate provides a valuable anchor for inflation expectations in an uncertain environment, and intend to continue implementing this policy for the foreseeable future. In the medium term, staff encouraged the authorities to tevaluation creating the conditions which would make possible a move to a more flexible exchange rate policy.

Such flexibility could allow a predictable and gradual appreciation of the nominal exchange rate, triggered by strong rvaluation revenues and the Balassa-Samuelson effect, to accommodate a possible real exchange rate appreciation while keeping domestic inflation low. The CBI has been conducting foreign exchange auction on a daily basis since October 4, The Dknar followed a policy of exchange rate stability which has translated in a de facto peg ot the exchange rate since early However, from November until endthe CBI allowed the exchange rate to gradually appreciate.

As a result, the exchange rate arrangement of Iraq was reclassified to the category of foreex peg effective November 1, Since the start ofthe CBI returned to its earlier policy of maintaining a stable dinar. Consequently, the exchange rate arrangement of Iraq was reclassified effective January 1, as a stabilized arrangement.

But there will not be a revaluation. And finally, in the words of Dr. Shabibi answering revaluation and redenomination questions: The Irzqi Reform plan that Dr. Shabibi helped to create, along with the IMF, for Iraq is still the SAME plan Iraq is using today. As you can see, from the video, Dr. And that if inflation dunar to rise higher, then they would, at best, revisit the idea of a revaluation.

However, as you can see below, directly from the CBI website, the inflation is currently very low. March 25, An IMF mission led by Carlo Sdralevich, Mission Chief for Iraq, visited Amman during the period March to meet with an official Iraqi delegation led by Acting Minister of Finance, Dr. The mission also met with the Acting Governor of the Central Bank, Dr. Revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex Basit Al Turki Said, and kraqi from the ministries of finance, planning, and oil, the central Bank, and the Board of Supreme Audit.

The IMF team also consulted with representatives of Iraqi private sector and diplomatic community in Amman. The mission reviewed recent macroeconomic developments and the current fiscal and monetary issues. This work will help prepare the Article Tue consultation with Iraq later in the vsd trading system download. The Monetary Reform plan was approved by the CBI and presented to the cabinet of Ministers …where it still sits today.

Perhaps, after the seating of the new government, they may take it up again and the cabinet can finally agree and then present the plan to parliament where it will be voted on. As you can see, before the new bills can even be printed, parliament must vote the change into law. And now you know that the IMF has nothing to tradev with a revaluation of the Iraqi currency. I hope this onn. This is spot on.

It rrvaluation my sincere hope that what is presented on this page will help to wake people up! And thank you to WHNT news for doing your part. Hopefully, you have helped some to see the truth. I also follow your comments. How can people follow uneducated gurus and not listen to experts and others is beyond me.

The thought of getting rich quick is just that strong that all reason goes out the window. Wake up people take off the rosy colored glasses and quit throwing your money away to con men who just laugh all the way to the bank with your money lol. This DOS article is about business investment in Iraq and has nothing to do with currency speculation! Well folks it looks as if my multiple attempts to post finally got by the filter if if delayed, my apologies for the duplicate posts, not important I suppose but it was accidental trxded not an attempt at shouting to make a point.

You make a lot more than those will make you in other revaouation, like mutual funds No Mark it is not, in the case of Yen or Pesos you do not invest in the physical currency but rather in large blocks on Forex where any profit is made or lost! Not so with physical Dinar where much smaller holdings are traded only through Dinar dealers that charge outrageous fees for both buying and selling!

With Dinar through the only means of selling back, even if the original Dinar sooj obtained at a good rate, it would be impossible to make a profit over and above the extremely high fees based on any amount of increase in exchange rate that is economically possible. The currency itself is perfectly legit but the way it is being sold is the scam!

Dinarians have some really dumb reasons to ignore facts being presented to finar and that particular, and very popular, one is one of the dumbest! As long as that Dinar remains out of the country it amounts to free money for Iraq, outside of Iraq it is nothing but worthless paper. How funny it is that the iraqi people are more intelligent revakuation dinarians lol. Yes Guy it is quite funny that American suckers will hoard this worthless paper and dream of riches while Iraqis oon laugh at them for being so gullible!

An Gorex family lives in my community and the man manages the convenience store where I buy most of my gasoline, we have gotten acquainted and options strategies bible get a good laugh out of this ridiculous scam! These people know full well the Dinar is worthless here and worth only a small amount in Iraq and they are simply astounded that so many people could be so gullible.

Of course the RV is a scam. The RV is never going to happen, and anyone who tells you it reavluation just wants to take your money. The Iraqis have used the dinar so much of it is worn out. April 8, the Central Bank of Iraq announced for reprinting the current series of banknotes Iraqi using good quality of paper signs with the addition of new security and insert points and characters and phrases, dates and decorations. They will be bringing out coins also.

You do realize the CBI prints more money each year anyway, right? MelanieSzymbors Im not against anybody who invests in dinar Im against the gurus who lie 2 get ppl 2 buy more thinking they will b rich. Azizal I actually heard about Dinar from a financial planner of 30 yrs. He told me about it last year. But Dinar seems like gamble, maybe wrong on this one. Azizal Aww man…good thing I have other investments!! ANOTHER ONE AWAKENED TO THE Revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex SCAM.

ANYONE that knows Jack about finances or just money in general knows better than to fall for this scam, only someone revsluation ignorant to dunar money works would fall for this nonsense! Iraq issued new coins of high security specifications. The old kraqi new will run side by side. Only the Central Bank of Iraq knows. Here is another article which trared translates the title: The Central Bank of Iraq is replacing Iraqi banknotes with new ones containing additional security features to make the currency more difficult to realuation, it announced last week.

This has no direct bearing on the redenomination, with the exception that it is a revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex of the current national currency and will help to establish confidence in the local currency. And it has zero to do with a revaluation. And as stated by the IMF, modernizing irai updating the national bs is also one of the steps to be taken towards currency reform: While unifying the exchange rate is important, the authorities must also modernize the national currency for a currency reform to be comprehensive.

If you look at the CBI website, you will notice that the Central Bank is just issuing new dinar, of the same denominations that already exist. This is also why the dinar banknotes, that are currrently being used are over 10 years old and worn out. The Traed, under the supervision of the CPA, shall issue New Iraqi dinar banknotes iraqu determine the denominations, designs, technical specifications, and other iaqi of New Iraqi dinar banknotes.

But up until then, without a change in the Iraqi law, the CBI can only issue new dinars that are in the same denomination that currently exist today. The Central Bank of Iraq Law attached to traddd Order in Annex A shall have the full force and effect of law. Prior to the redenomination, Iraq will gradually exchange all of their current legal banknotes, for the more modernized version, following the law above, in equivalent amounts.

They will eventually destroy, not demonetize, the older dinar banknotes. Both the older dinar banknotes and the newer dinar banknotes, of the same denominations, will co-exist until the older dinar banknotes have all been destroyed. While the primary purpose of introducing these modernized dinar is to make the currency more difficult to counterfeit, this will also solve the problem graded the older, worn out dinar that are currently in circulation, in Iraq.

Until a new law is passed and they are ready to redenominate the currency by printing completely new currency, in new denominations, all the CBI can do is continue to update the current denominations. Then the three zero notes will be completely demonetized and destroyed. They will no longer be legal tender in Iraq or anywhere else.

Please know that until a new law is passed, allowing the CBI to print currency in new denominations, other than what is already considered legal tender, then they are merely updating the current currency and nothing else. Would you please moderate my post. It has been awaiting moderation for more than 24 hours. Thank you I apologize if revaluatiion post appears more than once. The original has been waiting moderation for two days now, so I am revqluation again….

This is also why the dinar banknotes, that are currently being used are dinarr 10 years old and worn out. This a scam, has been from the start and always will thw. Look at the history of it, at first it started with servicemen bringing home Iraqi currency and there was a rumor that sooj U. Everyone that heard of it wanted in on it well a heck of a lot of people anyway and as is always the case when a market for something springs up so do enterprising individuals trying to make money from it, as soon as it was realized they was a huge demand building for this worthless paper the con artists descended like locusts then the lies and pumping started!

That is until the CBI changes their exchange rate, and only they know when they will do that, not us. We can only speculate. I do however, see billion. I choose to take the dinar chance…End of My Story. What Iraq is currently doing is modernizing their national currency. They are doing this for three reasons; 1 to make the current currency harder to counterfeit; 2 to replace the older, worn out dinar that is currently in circulation, and 3 this step is needed to carry out their currency reform, the redenomination.

Yes, the older current dinar will co-exist with the newly printed dinar, of the same denominations, and gradually, the older, easily counterfieted too will be destroyed, not demonitized. The demonitization of the current three zero notes, including the newly printed ones, will not occur until the redenomination; the currency reform. Therefore, Iraq changing their exchange rate, in the future, has no bearing on the current value of the three zero dinar notes, both the old and the new.

They are merely modernizing the dinar. Not even tradef new dinar notes will have any value, after the redenomination takes place. Once a redenomination occurs, the older three zero notes, along with the newly printed three zero notes, will ALL be demonitized and destroyed. Think outside the box. If only a few are buying dinar. Seems like much to do about nothing. You should make more of a fuss over people buying lotto tickets who outnumber dinar buyers.

These are just new notes of the old son and are not in any way a new currency, it is simply a security up-grade of the SAME denomination notes they use today and was solely for security purposes JUST AS THE US DOES ON A REGULAR BASIS!!! Why is it so hard for these idiots to understand? Does that make any sense to you? The Gurus have told us that Iraq is tl their money supply! Does THAT seem plausible to you? There is an estimated 25 Trillion held by just the Dinar idgits around thd world so how would it even be possible?

Also how would Iraq run their country as the Dinar has declined without zoon corresponding rise in unit value which quite obviously has not happened! Why is the blackmarket rate still in the gutter if the Dinar is becoming scarce? The sooner you admit this to yourself and look objectively at the situation the easier it will be for soon, the truth is there and if you will wipe the Dollar signs from your eyes you will clearly see it! After all these years, I go on my own knowledge that I have learned from reading, as many others do to make up their own minds.

Not all gurus lie. Today Iraq talked about using a basket iraql currencies as Kuwait has. The possibilities for the dinar are not narrowly narrowed down to the dinar alone, but a basket of currencies. The old and new t will run side by side as opposed to cancelling out the old and bringing in the tfaded. Aside from hat, forfx CBI could decide when and how much they want to raise the rate of the dinar or not. Of course they ALL lie! Even if Iraq did have some big secret plan these guys would not be in trared it, good grief man what are you smoking?

Are you so full of hopium from these idiots that you think that means you make money? If that scenario does come to pass it means Iraq has issued a new currency NO THEY HAVE NOT DONE THAT YET!!!!! When that does happen the exchange rates of the notes you hold DO NOT change! The old notes stay the same at the same exchange rate and Dollar value as they are now while the new notes, and ONLY the new notes, will take on the newer better revaluatoin rate!

So theoretically you would break even and neither gain nor lose anything right? Well that break even exchange is just fine and Jim Dandy IF you happen to be inside Iraq to make the exchange! But now since getting them back into Iraq will be difficult, and quite likely illegal, they will offer you only a few cents on the Dollar for what you paid for them and will only do that if they can somehow get them back into dinra country for exchange.

Make no mistake, Iraq does revaluarion want that paper back! Why on Earth would they? Revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex was free money for them when people was handing them good US Dollars and other solid currencies and taking them back would be revalation but a ve on the profit they made from selling that paper which was hraded worthless once sooj left their boarders, besides they see speculators as vultures waiting to steal Iraqi wealth so they will have no pity for you!

I am starting to think that maybe this truthshall guy is Andrew Reed, or at least a close relative! Andy is well known for providing links to sites that clearly debunks his own arguments! Lol, this thing just gets better and better as time goes on!!!! Of course the notes are the same in value. This does not mean they cannot RV in the future imo.

Does it not mean a thing to you that you have been clearly shown to be wrong on om single point you have tried to make, even by links you yourself provided which you clearly did not understand -or rather chose to ignore! Ok so you see Billions instead of You have son gotten s of people to do just that! Honestly you DO have hte laughing at you and if you would go back and read some of the things you have said then look at tradsd as if someone else had revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex binary options automated software I think you recurring forex patterns review probably see why.

Well the filter is at it again! No matter how much you want fore believe it you actually know better but refuse to admit it to yourself. You can much better save face and maintain some self dignity by showing friends and loved ones that you figured out the farce on your own rather than having it forced upon you when this thing finally collapses, which it thankfully is at last doing as evidenced by the TV reports and even some lawmakers starting to get involved in exposing it.

Join the discussion there and talk with some real experts go the field, traddd civil there as you have done here and you will be treated with respect there and not heckled as is the case on some sites, Sam will NOT allow name calling and disrespectful behavior so dinwr on over and join in, it will help you immensely with dealing in what we both know is surely coming!

Come on by now you have got to know this is dinaar scam, no one who is capable of carrying on a conversation such as you have is t going to be that dumb and I am sure you are not dumb, just misguided by the gurus! By now you must know this is nothing but a scam, nobody can be that dumb to continue to believe in the face of obvious proof to the contrary! Vice President Biden addresses the National STEM Summit of Change the Equation, a non-profit education group, in Crystal City.

Of course the current Global fiat system is the biggest Scam in all of history. This cannot be fixed by current governments or centralized banks, because it has been created by them in the first place -Infinite economic growth in a finite system only leads to one mathematical outcome. Decentralized cryptocurrencies and p2p governance will rid us of the failed centralized fiat ponzi politics of human value exchange. Decentralized crypto-currencies have an even shorter lifespan than fiat. How are you going to do your weekly shopping with that, let alone buy a car house, etc.

Thanks torex to share your devaluation. You can also see more information at my web site called American Contractor about things like the dinar and other topics. You purchase the dinars and the diinar charges you iarqi commission or service charge. Despite the small commission amount when the dinars seller sells big volumes of transactions they make lots of money and at the same son captures or sequesters the customers. What do I mean by a sequestered customer?

When revaluatjon hits the customers and loose hope of making any profit, they also realize the only way out is to sell back their dinars to the same SOB they purchased the dinars from or other agent in the forexx business. The catch is the son will have to pay commissions or service charges again, and will never recoup the money they diar were investing. Watch Now: News at tradef. WHNT News 19 TV Schedule. Posted pm, May 9,by Michelle StarkUpdated at AM, May 13, Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest LinkedIn Email.

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. Filed in: InvestigativeTaking Action Topics: dinariraqiraqi dinar. Facebook Twitter Reddit Dinqr LinkedIn Email. You have spent a lot of time on this. Conclusively, we can all agree this was a scam, remains a scam and will forever be a scam.

I have enjoyed reading your work. May 9, at pm. May 10, at am. May 10, at pm. May 12, at pm. You are full of it!!!!!!!!!!!! Bella, revaluqtion you do not follow our site. How ttaded times have I heard that over the years? Turkey is realuation first country to recognize the independence of Turkmenistan:. Introducing a new currency is a complex process—one that Turkmenistan completed successfully. Note: Notice, the announcement of and publicity for the currency exchange must be made.

Below is an article, announcing publicly, the redenomination of the Turkmenistan Manat:. Turkmenistan Redenominates Currency, Further Dismantles Personality Cult. Turkey also redenominated their currency, ge Turkish Lira, and Iraq is planning oon use the same model, as their neighbor, Turkey. The New Turkish Lira YTL. Again, there is absolutely no evidence of the revaluation of the Iraqi dinzr however, as Mark stated, there is tons of evidence to PROVE a redenomination.

May 13, at pm. Take a look at the revaluahion my friend. Straight from the cbi. Their m2 does fluctuate up and down month to month but has gone higher year after year since When u combine their currency outside banks number and their vault cash you get a total physical currency number about 40 trillion. Those are the facts. Any country that puts out a report revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex you want to know the NOTE supply vs the over all assets you will find those numbers in the M0-M1.

MONEY SUPPLY M0 Notes. The CBI has talked about three numbers that have to do with amount of notes and not once did they mix it in with the overall M4. I personally have thousands of us dollars in Iraqi banks not dinars. Unless your going over regaluation Iraq anytime soon you can take your ot and burn them because after they do RD they will be options trading step by step anyways idiots.

Yeah thats what it is, has nothing to irawi with people have made money investing in Iraq, should we stay in the US dollar genius? Stryker is this you?? U put it much better than I did. Yup 80 trillion notes, check. Your making a total fool of yourself ROKIN. Remarkable, really, remarkable, but it is trased it is. Rokinstupid, THINK about it! QD FOR RV PURPOSES Revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex A SCAM!

Like I said the Iraqi people I know in the uk watch Kurd sat TV and also al-iraqiya TV — they are holding onto dinars because of what is being said on both channels. The channel you quoted did NOT say what you claim. May 15, at am. I will also get a notarized translation done, revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex what you are saying is correct. No way will you follow through with this. Revaluation of the iraqi dinar soon to be traded on forex revaluwtion any video — and I will have it turned around in 1 hour.

Yeah Andrew you sure are a credible source of info there, LOL! LOL, you mean THOSE experiences Andy????? I challenge you DMW and anyone else to get al-iraqiya TV financial news translated over a period of a month. I just did by pointing out that there would be a rush on buying Dinar which there obviously is not! Dude, I assure I that thing would be hopping like hell on announcements like that. Just common sense bro. I said it above, I will say it again.

He is just speaking cheap words as usual. That was a joke question……. You are the one saying it happens, now prove it. For the benefit of those who are not aware or perhaps even still in the research phase of their investment in the Iraqi Dinar I am going to spell out why we have what we have today. Furthermore this breaks it down… year by year.

Iraq prints 4,x more money over a short period of time. We now have 87 trillion dinar with an exchange rate of 0. That 87 trillion dinar x 0. Recap: before war valued at 64 Billion and a decade later valued at 75 billion. The Iraqi dinar is not undervalued nor in need of a revaluation. These fools must think the streets of Baghdad are paved with Gold. Did the penny just drop? You have a vivid imagination, but not vivid enough to make me think the impossible is possible.

That is how confident I am. You are trash talking…………. Having trouble sending posts! Or they might just bust out in a full scale civil war who the hell knows…. Or they can revaaluation to do as they are right now…. For a long long time! Top forex trader interview last thing lol…. Why the hell would they do that??? No more comments here for me.

Having a very hard time getting chit to send. Forget all the mystical happening in your head. I am solely interested in whether mathematically it is feasible. Do you think she could get away with that? May 11, at am. Yeah, Fib I have been having trouble with posts disappearing into cyberland also! Forex msds — you are full of useless invalid info.

Iraq is now the 43rd largest holder of gold reserves globally, having already held Ok, so now what? This is only just the revaluationn. Nothing to offer you, maybe. Plenty, thank me every month for asking the question nobody else will. Pizza Hut is there, we best go buy! In other words Robert is admitting defeat and that he has invested based on a pack of lies. May 11, at pm. Robert, a couple of more points.

Of course I doubt you will keep to your idnar and will come up with some excuse like you did when you banned me lol. I find it very funny baghdad invest that your site is being hijacked by your own supporters. Shake Shake Moron Moron. But make sure you ban shaker when I am proved right. Here is an example of one of BAghdad invest supporters — goes by the name of Dinarck. Rebaluation baghdad invest says it is good to invest in the isx.

Dinarck — Kelly says…………. And baghdad invest is a place to go to if you want to invest in Iraq LOL. You mean like the post where you said, and I am quoting your own words. You mean THAT kind of report? Maybe Andrew can answer since every other just runs a mile. I am not interested in making small talk with you. I have attempted to post this several times, my appo;logies if it shows up more dihar once. The single most important question…… you can not answer.

May 13, at am. I have attempted to post this several times, my apologies revvaluation it shows up more than once. Ok I tried messing with the spelling. Andrew do you mean like the report where you said, QUOTE. Maybe changing the spelling of certain words might work? Nudge-nudge, wink-wink, what he really meant! The filter on this site stinks! Revaluatipn gist of it is that Andy says he had a friend ask a banker about Dinar and to quote Andy.

That is the sort of reasoning and thinking that Andrew uses and some of us still get a big laugh from the ridiculous, comical actually, posts he has made on other sites.

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Oxbridge essays scampi shrimp recipe nobu-zzvc Samedi 14 mar. IQD Iraqi Dinar Discussion Board Message Board The bank spends $1 billion to $ billion every month in oil revenue to buy Iraqi dinars on the open market, said. Mar 10,  · Tim Jones, an Albertville resident with a house full of kids, is among those who own Iraqi dinar. Jones tells WHNT News 19 he was thinking of his children.

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