Forex is a business not job

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No my dear friend, it's both, for small traders who have only a small balance on their accounts, it's only a job like any other one, but for those who have a huge or forex chart pattern butterfly account balance, it's a business which can provide the trader a huge income of profits, so try to turn your trading nog a business instead of being a normal job my dear. Of course every trader must treat forex as a business not as a job because there is a big difference between a business and a any other regular job, trading buisness involve risks and profits can never jo guaranteed, in the other side a job doesn' has risks and its income is assured s as an employee you have the jo to get jog salary at every end of the month, that's why you need treat forex jpb and manage your trading business carefully to guarntee your income.

Originally Posted by simo It depends on the way you view it as a person, it is a job to some people because that is the only thing they do for living and it is also investment opportunity for people who would like to sit down at home and be involved in trading. I am a prat time traderI have my own job but I still see forex as an opportunity to invest my money.

Yeah friendthis is right that the forex trading is not a job and it is a business to the forex trading and soif you think that it is a job and act like job then you can not make money from forex jib it is not possible to be a tradersothink that the forex market as a business not job. Though forex is global business and many people trade herethere are also many people who do not know about it.

There are some people who think forex as a profession or job. But forex is not a job it is a business. Like other business here traders have to trade. They have to trade currencies. Forex is an online business. It is a business where you can invest your money and get big returns in a short time. I think it is like a job for those who have businfss they are doing except trading. But those who just do busihess as other source of income it is like a business where you invest your money for income.

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