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By Brian Perry The commodity currencies are forex commodity pairs from countries that possess large quantities of commodities or other natural resources. Natural resources often constitute the majority of the countries' exports, and the strength of fordx economy can be highly dependent on the prices of these natural resources. Countries that are rich pairss natural resources include RussiaSaudi ArabiaNigeria and Venezuela. However, the currencies forex commodity pairs many natural-resource-rich countries are either regulated by the government or otherwise rarely traded in cojmodity markets.

Therefore, commodity currency trading typically focuses on three countries that are rich in natural resources and also have liquid, freely floating currencies: Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For background reading, see Commodity Prices And Currency Movements. The Canadian Economy Canada features a dynamic, dommodity economy.

Based on gross domestic product GDP per capita, Canada boasts the seventh-highest standard of living in the world. The country is blessed forex commodity pairs large quantities of commodities including natural gas, timber and oil. This makes Canada's economy very sensitive to commodities prices. Canada also benefits from its geographic location just to the north of the United Statesthe world's largest economy. Because of this proximity, the vast majority of Canada forex commodity pairs exports go directly to the United States.

Therefore, the Canadian economy is also fofex linked to the state of the U. To learn about another Canadian investment, see An Introduction To Canadian Income Trusts. The Australian Economy Australia is one of the world's most natural-resource-rich countries and has large holdings of gold, iron, coal and aluminum. Australia also has very large farms that produce goods such as wheat, beef and wool.

In bollinger bands calculation formula to natural resources and farm products, Australia also boasts a modern industrialized economy and a large service sector. Despite these economic advantages, Australia suffers somewhat because it is geographically isolated and has a relatively small population. In light of this, Australia finds it necessary to import large quantities of goods not produced domestically.

These imports can result in large trade deficits that pressure the Australian dollar. The New Zealand Economy New Forec is a small island nation blessed with many natural resources and a large agricultural sector. These resources result in the New Zealand economy's heavy exposure to international commodity prices. The country is also extremely open to international trade forex commodity pairs foreign investment and is a popular destination for tourism.

In ,the World Bank named New Zealand the most business-friendly country in the world. Factors Influencing Commodity Currency Movements The primary determinant of the movement of the commodity currencies is the price of commodities. As a commdity rule, when the price of commodities is high, the currencies of the commodity producers also strengthen. When commodity prices are weak, the currencies weaken. During times of strengthening commodity prices, the economies in commodity-producing nations usually grow rapidly, which can lead to high domestic interest rates.

High interest rates can make these countries popular with the carry tradein which investors sell low-yielding currencies and reinvest the proceeds in high-yielding currencies. These carry trades can drive the prices of commodity-producing currencies higher than they otherwise might have been. However, when financial conditions change, the carry trade can be reversed very quickly, which can result in capital flight from the destination country and a swift decline in the currency value. Trading the Commodity Currencies The currencies of CanadaAustralia and New Zealand are all actively traded but are less liquid than those of the United KingdomJapan or the eurozone.

Additionally, comparing the economies of commodity-producing nations to that of the United States can be difficult, because the comparison is not "apples to apples". In general, traders should focus on the trend in commodity prices to determine whether the currencies of CanadaAustralia and New Commosity are likely to rise or fall in the near future. In the case of Australia and New Zealandrelative interest rates are also important because they are forex commodity pairs destinations for the carry trade.

When interest rates in Australia or New Zealand are much higher than those in other countries such as Japaninvestors might employ the carry trade by selling the yen and purchasing the Australian or New Zealand dollar. These trades help drive up the value of the Australian and New Zealand currencies. When interest-rate differentials reverse or market volatility prompts traders to scale back their positions, forsx Australian and New Zealand currencies can swiftly decline.

Be aware that investing in commodities or commodity-producing companies may produce direct exposure to commodity prices. Although the commodity currencies typically move in tandem with commodity prices, the currencies are also influenced by additional, unrelated factors. These factors can prevent commodity currencies from being a " pure play " on commodity prices.

Therefore, individuals interested in commodity exposure should carefully consider whether they want to trade the commodity currencies or would prefer to invest directly in the commodities themselves. Term Of The Day A market structure in which a small number of firms has the large majority of market TradeStation's Evolution into Online Broker Dealer. Financial Advisors Sophisticated content for financial advisors around investment strategies, industry trends, and advisor education.

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Here's how: Weaker Chinese demand is helping to drive down commodity prices, which has significant effects on the global economy. Commodities are the raw materials for all products produced worldwide. This article lists the top 10 countries with the most natural resources. These diverse asset classes forex commodity pairs provide downside protection and upside potential. Find out how to use them. You might hear 'liquid commodities' and think of an auction, but they're actually a high-volume, fast paced financial product suitable for day traders.

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