Forex championship 2015

Take the challenge View all news. The project allows you to increase your trading experience, test personal strategies and make real progress in Forex trading. In case you miss our quoted entry price level because of high volatility then you can ignore that particular. In the Forex trading, there is no limit of learning. This includes the stop-loss, target, trade amount, currency pair, price and time.

Tags MAYZUS MAYZUS Contest Forfx dear friend, I think this demo champiobship is totally a cheat! Its very easy to prove it. Just look championshlp the winner at the first day, then check it everyday until the last day. Every thing is OK until Friday! In Friday you will see some names in winner pages especially in first and second place that you did not 20155 them in other days!

Their account growth to some horrible profit likein a moment! Forex championship 2015 have many restriction in their contest, you can have 10 maximum position and total volume should not be more than 50 lots 5 lot per position. You start from 50, and for reaching in that profit even with full margin you should make more than pips in a week because every 50 lot in pips is 50, and you cant make forex championship 2015 than that because of rules.

At last some one its better to say some robot at friday come from heaven and champiobship see it for the fist time in winner list with ,!! Just if you think a second, you see that this person should hold a position in a week in which moves about more than pips in a week!!! Is there a position like this? I think its something unreal in these days market even in the case of Gold!! Just look at July winner and you can understand what I say. Becarful my friends, I observe them more than 3 weeks and it happened evey time.

Regards Your email address will not be published. Available to champioonship all clients. To participate: Fill in registration form and open a Forex Demo Championship Account. Each Participant can apply with only one demo account.

Zhu Xiaofang (朱晓芳) FX TF, Asian Championship 2015

Source: MAYZUS: Forex Demo Championship Competition period: weekly. Duration: 1 week – 5 calendar days, starting from Monday until Friday. Make + Pips Per Month - Verified Copy Our Coach. 5 Day Free Trial!. Make + Pips Per Month - Verified Copy Our Coach. 5 Day Free Trial!.

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