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InTradeKing brokees over the assets of GAIN Securities smoothly, having picked up some experience brokesr a previous purchase, of Zecco. We looked for platforms that allow you to create alerts for various criteria, and not just simple price movement. The best mobile apps now allow everything from stock, option and mutual fund trading to bill paying, bank transfers, charting and photo deposits. Fidelity takes top honors, but most of these firms shine in one category or another. Top 4 Binary Brokers.

Best options brokers 2014 are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. HuangSenior Associate Editor. Looking for the firm with the lowest commissions? Or the one that offers the most commission-free exchange-traded funds? Maybe research is your top priority. To find the online broker that is best in each of best options brokers 2014 areas and more, we surveyed 10 firms.

We had one simple condition: To be included, firms had to offer online trading of stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and bonds. That eliminated firms such as T. Rowe Price, among others, that offer bond trading only through a representative. Vanguard opted not to participate, as did Interactive Brokers. Fidelity earns the top slot, with the best mix of low fees, investment choices, tools, research and other criteria we use to measure the brokers ; Charles Schwab is a close second.

But the best broker for you may not be the one that tops the charts. Active traders, for example, may find that seventh-place tradeMonster or eighth-place TradeStation fits their needs best. Fees and commissions are so low that almost everyone wins in this category. Annual maintenance fees and levies for low balances are rare. But hyperactive traders may be drawn to the lesser-known firms in our survey. But the three firms nick you in other ways. Yes, you can buy and sell every asset class—stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds—at all of the firms we surveyed.

How many ETFs can you buy commission-free? Best options brokers 2014 you privy to initial public offerings? Can you buy stocks, such as Samsung, that trade on international exchanges? Schwab tops this category for a slew of reasons, including the 4, mutual funds that customers can buy for no up-front load or transaction fee. Fidelity, which has the second-biggest no-transaction-fee fund program in our survey, offers 3, funds.

TD Ameritrade follows with 2, no-fee funds. Schwab is also bulging at the seams with its lineup of commission-free exchange-traded funds. We also measured the depth of corporate and municipal bond offerings. Fidelity impresses with its massive muni-bond inventory. Are customers able to get any action with IPOs? Six of the brokers in our survey say no. How about buying stocks in foreign countries, such best options brokers 2014 Germany, Hong Kong or Thailand?

Again, Schwab wins, with access to 61 international exchanges. Some of those exchanges require broker assistance or a global account to trade, but there are no fees to open or maintain an account and no minimum-balance requirements. They offer plenty of access to secondary corporate and municipal bonds. But their rosters of no-transaction-fee mutual funds and ETFs are spare.

Tools such as online calculators, screeners and charts can help investors make wiser forex 80 rule. Merrill Edge trumps the competition in this category. It also offers screens for bonds and options. Its hefty calculator lineup helps customers with investing and personal finance issues, ranging from mortgage refinancing and college planning to IRA distributions. TradeMonster, for instance, offers multiple stock screeners and a bond calculator that allows you to determine how sensitive your fixed-income portfolio is to interest-rate moves.

TD Ameritrade lags its better-known brethren. The firm offers the basics: a screener for mutual funds, ETFs and bonds, and portfolio reports that help you analyze your holdings. Every firm offers some stock and fund research. But as the scores in this group show, some do a better job than others. Fidelity wins this contest easily. Schwab comes in second with research from nearly a dozen firms, as well as proprietary reports covering stocks, funds and the markets.

It offers research from eight firms, including Credit Suisse, Thomson Reuters and Market Edge. Again, best options brokers 2014 seems to make a difference. The active-trader clients of the last three firms might prefer reading technical indicators in a chart instead of a Credit Suisse research report to guide their stock picking. The surprising laggard here is TD Ameritrade.

Can you customize the view of your online accounts, watch lists and news feeds on your dashboard? Filter for the latest news about only your holdings? These are just a few of the features that set some firms apart in this category. In addition to customization, streaming quotes and easy-to-use order tickets, the firms also offer intricate charting capabilities.

But TD Ameritrade holds its own, with streaming quotes on the main dashboard, drag-and-drop customization and a virtual trading tool that allows customers to test investing strategies. Most of the big firms stand high in the rankings, too. Fidelity, Merrill Edge and Schwab score extra points for offering customers annualized performance data for their portfolios. The best mobile apps now allow everything from stock, option and mutual fund trading to bill paying, bank transfers, charting and photo deposits.

Its mobile app is set up for bond trading, a function none of the other apps offer. Clients want investment advice more than ever. And for the most part, these firms are giving best options brokers 2014. With an army of certified financial planners, 3, registered representatives and more than branches in the U. Schwab also got a boost from the range of its managed accounts.

Clients can choose among a portfolio of mostly ETFs managed by Windhaven Strategies, a dividend-growth-oriented stock portfolio from ThomasPartners, and a portfolio that holds a mix of assets from the Schwab Private Client team, among others. That range is enough to set Fidelity apart in this category from other firms, such as Merrill Edge and TD Ameritrade, which offer managed portfolios that hold only mutual funds and ETFs. To find out which firm earns the most-customer-friendly mantle, this year we turned to J.

Power, a market research firm, and its study of customer satisfaction among online brokerage firms. Scottrade won the top spot in the interaction category, which measured, among other things, user satisfaction with customer support by phone, in branches and on the Web. Scottrade has branches nationwide, which helps, and it also scored well in the live phone support section of the study, says Mike Foy, who directs J. What matters most to you? Deciding which firm is right for you may boil down to the kind of investor you are.

Best for mutual fund investors: SCHWAB. Need we say more? All are either no-load or load funds with the sales charge waived. Best for ETF investors: SCHWAB. The broker has two other platforms designed for more-active traders, Trade Architect and thinkorswim. Best for higher balances: MERRILL EDGE. Best for new investors: SCOTTRADE. Basics of Personal Finance. Magazine Reprints and Permissions. Photocopying and Electronic Distribution Permissions. Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine.

The Kiplinger Tax Letter. Kiplinger's Investing For Income. Kiplinger's Annual Retirement Planning Guide. Kiplinger's Boomer's Guide to Social Security. Best Online Brokers, Unlock 11 Secrets of Shopping at Lowe's. How Smart of a Home Seller Are You? This should fix itself when the next. Fidelity takes top honors, but most of these firms shine in one category or another.

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Looking for the best options brokers? Our editors reviewed the top brokerages for options trading in. The Winners of the TradeOpus Best Binary Options Broker Awards for have been selected. See who won Best Overall Broker, Integrity Award & New Broker. How To Choose a Broker? Finding the best broker is not always easy. There are over a brokers in with only a few being CySEC regulated.

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