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Acer has launched two new smartphones i. Acer Liquid Z comes with MediaTek MT quad-core processor clocked at 1. The device sports a 8 MP front and rear camera and captures better images. If you have purchased the device then here are few tips and tricks that can help you in exploring your device with ease. Insertion of the SIM card is the very first thing that you do when you purchase a new device. To insert a SIM card on optioons Acer Liquid Z, switch-off your device and remove the back panel.

Now remove the battery and insert the SIM card into the respective ports as per the marked direction. Further place the itrade forex and put back the cover and power on your device. You have successfully inserted SIM card on your device. Acer Liquid Z is a stock options tips and tricks SIM smartphone and supports dual Standby.

The SIM card supported by the device is Micro SIM card. Data sharing can be done using the tethering mode on your device. In the new window, click on Wi-Fi hotspot and toggle the off button to enable them on your device. Screenshot can be captured by pressing the volume down button along with the power button on your device. The screenshot is captured and saved to Gallery on your device. For quick access, you can open it from the notification panel.

Android Updates are helpful in fixing the minute bugs on the device. To check for updates on your Liquid Z, Open the Settings, tap on About phone in the System section. Stock options tips and tricks the new window click on System Updates. The device checks for updates if there are no updates then a message stating device is up to date is displayed on the screen. The device comes with a MB update out of the box and helps in optimizing the battery, camera, and quick mode.

External apps with apk can be installed by enabling the Unknown Sources amd on the device. To install an apk, open the settings, tap on security in the personal section. In the new window, click on the Unknown sources option and tap on the OK button in the pop-up to enable that on your device. Power saving modes helps in improving the battery life of the device in case of emergency.

To use this syock your device, Open the settings and tap on the battery in the device section. Now click on the menu button and tap on battery saver. In the new window, toggle the off button to enable the battery saver on your device. Acceleration, Light, and Proximity are the sensors available on the device and helps in automating the device.

No there is no LED notification lights available on the device but the device indicates a red light on its top left when the device is connected to the charger. Screen pinning feature is available on the devices with Android Lollipop on it. To use the screen pinning feature on your device, open the Settings, tap on Security in the personal section and click on screen pinning. In the new window, toggle the off button to enable that on your device.

Now open the recent menu and tap on the screen pinning icon to pin the app on your screen. To unpin the pinned screen, you need to press the back button and recent button firmly for about seconds. The device comes with Acer applications like Acer portal, abFiles, abMusic, abPhoto, Acer tutorial, kids center, liquid wizard and quick guide; few bloatwares and all the google related apps pre-installed. Yes, there is an option on the device using that you can move the stock options tips and tricks from internal to SD card on your device.

To use this feature, open the Settings, tap on Apps in the device section. In the new window, tap on the app that you want to move to SD card. Now click on Move to SD Card. The app is successfully moved from internal to SD card. LumiFlex is an option that enhances the clarity for gallery photos based on photo Scene and environmental brightness. To use this on your device, open the Settings and tap on LumiFlex. In the tricjs window, tap on the check box beside the LumiFlex button to enable that on your device.

Yes, there is an option where you can remove the bloatwares from your device by uninstalling them. Sstock remove bloatwares from your device, open the Settings click on Apps in the device sections and tap that you want to remove. In the app info window, click on uninstall button. The app is successfully removed from your device. Not all the apps can be removed from the device. The apps that cannot be uninstalled can be disabled on your device. The device comes with 16GB as ootions internal storage out ane which around The device comes with 2GB RAM out of which MB is used by system and MB is used by pre-installed apps and around 1.

After testing the device with various benchmarking tools here are their respective benchmarking scores. Antutu benchmark score: Vellamo Multicore score: Vellamo Metal score: Chrome Browser Score: Geekbench Single-core score: Geekbench Multi-core score: Quadrant Standard score: The device comes with Android 5. There is no news about the device getting the Marshmallow Update. You can also the check the list of devices getting Android Marshmallow Update.

The quick touch options are the smart gesture options available on the device and helps in easy use of the device. To enable this on your device, open the Settings and tap on stock options tips and tricks touch in the device. In the new window toggle the off button to enable them on your device. The options available on the device are Left page Swipe Right to open the left-most page on home screen; Ztock vOpen the call window from the off screen; Camera c betfair golf trading strategies, opens the camera app; Unlock Ito unlock the screen; Music Zto open the music application.

Float Note, Float calculator, and Float Calendar are the additional application available on notification panel on the device. To use these applications, open the notification panel and click on any of the applications that pptions want to use. The applications will appear on the screen. You can move the app anywhere on the screen. These applications can be specially used for multitasking on the screen.

These are the general questions a user search stock options tips and tricks when he purchases a new device. If you have any other queries pass them stpck the comment box atock will get back to you. Exclusive: Vivo V5s to launch in India at Rs 20, on April 27th. Latest News See All. Latest Reviews See All. Reliance Jio 4G Plans. Note tjps Worldwide Pricing. Fake Reviews on Amazon. Acer Liquid Z Quick Specs. View Full Specifications from PhoneRadar Database.

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