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He will rob your money and provide anything in return Stocks which make big gains on heavy volume point to institutional activity and are therefore worthy of our attention! The small account was a little in the red and the large acct. Envoyer par e-mail BlogThis! Free Forex Products We cancel your subscription and we delete your credit card information from our database.

File a case I did the free week and then was charged after that for the monthly service. I emailed him that first week and never got any kind of response. I asked for the free week back so I could still check them out. I also asked for my money back so I could still make the decision. I got no response. I then email Clickbank and they got Simo to respond back. Simo stated that he was there for me and he would help. So I sent my initial response about starting over from scratch.

Later that week Clickbank asked was I pleased with the response. I then responded back that they are blind. There was no response. So then they asked if I wanted my money back or could they close the ticket. I asked 2 more times to start over with SImo Forex and told him that there was no data coming from his EA.

That I followed everything. Simo responded with some extra settings that he knows wouldn't fix anything. Because of that I asked for my money back. Clickband then came back and said that I will have my subscription cancelled but I would not be getting my money back. They closed the ticket saying "Your Welcome". Clickbank is a SCAM and SIMO FOREX is a SCAM!!! Trust them if you want to. He will rob your money and provide anything in return WARNING DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY MONEY We just launched Simo FX Signals v2.

Why we launched the trade copier, because lot of person was unsatisfied with results of v1. I am agree with all the comment al of you, simoFX was bad signal and my credit card was automatic deduction, so I am request ClickBank to stop charging and cancel the subscriptions. Does anyone how to crackdown his website? Imeuble Simo life forex Etage 7 Immeuble The e-mails you get from him claiming hundreds of points profit had been made over x amount of days are completely false.

Exactly following his trades, stop losses and target points as I have done will mean you end up with heavy losses. I have been trading for a few years now so I am aware that you cannot end every trading session up but the losses I have suffered have been huge. I was looking for an automated system simo life forex I could trust, where I could go to work and come home to find some decent gains. No such luck with this system. I have given it a few months to see if the signals would generate returns but Simo life forex am now going to cancel my subcription.

I originally went by the reviews that came up when I typed 'Simo FX Signals review' into Google that were really positive. I now realise, however, that all the good reviews that came up from various websites are generic and that they are all making money from him every time someone follows a link from thier pages. It's no wonder that certain websites are offering a 'special gift' if you sign to Simo FX following a link from thier pages. He has been very quick to respond to questions regarding his "system" but as soon as I have requested a cancellation I haven't had any response in over a week.

I will be contacting clickbank to make simo life forex I am not charged for another month. Do not bother with Simo Fx signals, you will not make any money. After Simo FX Signals crashed and burned and lost thousands to a live account a refund was requested. Beware, Simo FX will not honor refund requests. Simo FX will change the refund status at Clickbank from Refund to Case Open. He has done this 3 times.

I finally called Clickbank to inform them of Simo FX fraud actions using Clickbank. Clickbank is now investigating to remove Simo FX as a Vendor. Below is the 3rd time Simo FX has tried to play a game with a product user and Clickbank. STAY AWAY FROM SIMO FX Signals. He will send promos cherry picking trades but never shows the overwhelming amount of losers.

That is why he will only send a few trades in a promo, but never show his overall losing account. This is an automated message from the ClickBank. Changed from Refund to Tech Support. We cancel your subscription and we delete your credit card information from our database. Because the product vendor is attempting to address your issue, your refund or cancellation will not be processed. If you prefer a refund or cancellation instead, please use the link below to change the ticket to a refund or cancellation and enter a comment explaining the situation.

View, respond, or change the status of this ticket by clicking on the link below:. Ticket Type: TECH SUPPORT. Reason Selected: I was not satisfied with the product. Product: Simo FX Signals. Product Type: Website Membership. Ticket updated to expire immediately. Changed from Tech Support to Refund. This customer has contacted us again regarding the refund they requested for this purchase. They stated they are not interested in receiving technical support for the product.

ClickBank issued an immediate refund on this ticket to prevent it from being changed again. You will receive a refund confirmation in the next 7 days, If you paid with your debit card or credit card, forex strategy trader forum payment is refunded to that card. Refunds may take up to 30 days to appear on your statement. If you paid with your bank account or PayPal balance, your payment is refunded to your PayPal balance.

Refunds are in the same currency and at the same conversion rate as the original payment. If for any reason you feel my signals are not right for you, or you make no money with it, just send me an email, and I will refund your payment, no money asked. I have requested a refund via email 3 times, with each email ignored. Canceling my service is not enough. Nothing short of a refund will be acceptable.

This product had many false claims. I received numerous promo ads from Simo for the service. I did find that my contact information was taken from MBFX Systems, a company where Simo was previously involved. In speaking with MBFX Systems, they informed me that Simo illegally exported their mailing list, left the company, and used their mailing list. Simo also took one of the MBFX indicators called the New Trend Indicator, changed its name, and re-marketed the indicator as his own creation calling it the FX Indicator Predictor.

Simo took 1 week to get the copier service properly working on his end. So on the start of the 2nd week, I took all of Simo's trade signals for use on a LIVE account. Here are the results:. After 2 weeks, I had to shut it down to stop the bleeding from having my account wiped out. With such horrendous trade signals, I requested a refund simo life forex line with his 60 day guarantee.

Before the request, he would respond to an email. But after the refund request 3 simo life forex, all requests were ignored. I assume that nearly all the new clients for the new service were also asking for refunds, and he went into hiding. SUMMARY: STAY AWAY FROM SIMO FX SIGNALS. Someone who rips off his previous work place for their mailing list, someone who rips off indicators and re-packages as their own, and someone who makes false performance claims and puts out signals with performance so bad that it would be hard to duplicate even if you intentionally tried to pick losing trades.

Then to top it off, simo life forex not acknowledge refund request under the 60 day guarantee. Which I liked in the service of Simo is he trade just little size in each order, This simo life forex safe trading even if he loss will not be a big loss. I put it on 2 accts. The small account was a little in the red and the large acct. Anyway I could see that what he was showing in all the success I was seeing the opposite in my accounts.

So I decided to pull the plug and request cancelation and refund per his guarantee. He was good to respond to questions until I asked for the refund, then there was no response. I waited 6 days to give him ample time to respond and then I called clickbank and they issued a refund. In less than 10 minutes after I requested the refund through clickbank I got this email in response from vendor via clickbank. Changed from Refund to Cancel. So I thought so much for the unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.

I was a bit upset but I called clickbank again and they said they would reissue the refund. They also said they would stop the vendor from reversing the refund to a cancelation. I would stay away from this vendor. I have to say he was cordial and responsive in our email relationship until I requested the refund. Simone Review Visit site Updated: Feb 6, Add your review Forex Signals Live Discussion Video 0 Court 13 Widgets More Live discussion Join live discussion of SimoFX. Simone on our forum Go to forums Video Your company video here?

Contact ad sales Court cases File a case Open 0 Resolved 0 Not guilty 0 Guilty 0 Add your review SORT BY: Posting Date Rating SHOW: 10 25 50 Yes No Let other traders know if this stock put options calculator is worth checking or should be avoided. Trey TOM GORDON B. Simo life forex FX We just launched Simo FX Signals v2.

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Simo Forex Signals. 74 likes. 24 Years Old Successful Forex Trader Breaks Silence To Share His Forex Signals, Simo Is A Real Person You Can Trust. simo à Aucun commentaire: En Forex, on exprime toujours le taux d'une devise par rapport à une autre. C'est ce qu'on appelle une cotation au certain. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

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