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Increases in German Producer Prices act as an early indicator of inflation, as higher producer prices may be passed to consumers in the form of higher retail prices. There are twelve separate minimum wage scales, varying by location, age, and skill level. In collaboration with Microsoft and HP, KCB has in the past several years carried out a number of major busts. Trade Policy and Negotiations. Small business entry into the stock market continues to lag, though the CMA plans to launch a new securities exchange for SMEs inwhich will have less onerous regulatory requirements. Contact [ edit ].

With Kenya currency, you can go a long way. With a favorable exchange rate for many international currencies, you'll find Kenya a fairly inexpensive destination, with a very flexible monetary system. One US dollar will get you a good cup of Kenyan coffee in a cafe or a can of nairoi with change back, when it is converted to Kenya currency.

The currency unit in Kenya is the Kenyan shilling KEScomprising cents c. Coins that are currently used for trade are available in denominations of 50c and 1Shs, 5Shs, 10Shs, 20Shs and 40 shillings. There is no limit to the amount of foreign currency you can bring in or out of Kenya. For further information visit the department of immigration. If you are preparing to travel to Kenya, use the currency converter below to find the most up-to-date exchange rate in Kenya shillings. The currency converter displays your results - the entered amount of money in Kenya currency or any other currency you select.

From the moment you land at the airport and arrive in the city, you will notice an abundant number of banks, foreign exchange bureaus Forex and automated teller machines ATMs. You can use their services to buy Kenya currency. The banks are caoital for business between 9. All major Kenya airports offer banking solutions during normal business hours, in addition to hour Forex capital forex bureau nairobi services. The major banks have branches, as well as ATMs, in most large towns and cities.

If you need to send or receive money overseas from Kenya, you can do it either online, by international money transfer or through a bank. Below is a list of some of the major banks available in Kenya. Each of these banks will convert your money to Kenya currency and offer other banking and financial services, including cashing travelers checks cheques. Credit cards are widely accepted in all major hotels and establishments, caapital the most recognized cards burau MasterCardVisa and American Capital forex bureau nairobi.

It is still important to remember to keep some cash in hand because smaller shops will only accept bureay. All of the following big banks have branches in ccapital Nairobi and Mombasa. Some have additional branches in other major cappital. All of these banks also offer banking and foreign exchange Forex services. About Us Contact Foeex Share this Site Site Map Privacy Policy. How far will your money go in Kenyan Shilling?

Discover ethnic and other foods found in Kenya. Kenya's nairrobi and national anthem - the symbols of nationhood. Book your flight for domestic or regional travel. Rent a car in Kenya. Book self-catering accomodation in Kenya. Book a tour or Safari. Book your fored accomodation. Kenya Blog Find out what's new. Key Facts About Kenya. Kenya Information by County. The How, What, Where, before your Travel.

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About Kenya currency and money. Convert your money to Kenyan currency using this converter and find out how far your money will take you in Kenyan shilling. We are a commercial bank in Kenya with 20 years experience in the Kenyan market. We provide banking services to corporate, SME and retail clients countrywide. The Trading Economics API provides direct access to our data from your favourite application or custom software.

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