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Here is her first guest report lte forex trading in india. Hence it is legally lead tours and forex pvt ltd crime to lead tours and forex pvt ltd in Forex trading and the charges ltc the crime are imprisonment in jail in this country. The offence is pvtt immense, the prediction of intensity can be deduced from this fact that it has been labeled to be non-bailable. However ovt is legal to trade forex with Indian Exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX-SX where they currently offer 4 pairs USDINR, JPYINR, GBPINR, EURINR in Derivatives Futures and Options Segment.

So if you are trading with Indian Brokers whom have membership with the above mentioned Indian Exchanges it is perfectly legal. And Also it is perfectly legal for Indian Retail traders to invest in overseas equity markets. But margin trading in overseas is suppose to be illegal as per RBI regulation guidelines. Forex Trading and Corporations The reports issued by the banks on this evidences also said that only corporations are allowed to anx but lhd conditionality for the corporations is to use only free dollars from their reserves.

Free dollars usage means that they are not allowed to convert the Indian currency to dollars and then use those converted dollars for trading. Moreover they are conditioned to stick to a leverage of less than ten times. The reason being it stop loss hunting forex trading high returns pvh them but at high charges-the imprisonment charges.

In this retrospective many of the individuals became trapped to this illegal dealing. Moreover most of the trading done trough these internet portals had a tourrs huge leverage. And then the accounts to which the money was being paid were of the same agent but they were opened in many different banks. Therefore the RBI issued a special instruction to the commercial banks of the country to be very careful in sorting out such accounts.

And all the transactions which have been declared non-permissible under FEMA are also not allowed. These transactions also include any transactions related to foreign currency, remittances marginal trading or exchanges. Filed Under: Forex Tagged With: Forex Trading in indiaForex Trading in india is illegalOverseas Forex Trading Fotex is a Lfd time trader and founder of Marketcalls, hugely interested in building timing models, algosdiscretionary trading concepts and Trading Sentimental analysis.

He now instructs users an over the world, from experienced traders ,professional traders to individual traders. Rajandran attended college in the Chennai where he earned a BE in Electronics and Communications. Etrade options link log on has a pvtt understanding of trading softwares like Amibroker, Ninjatrader, Esignal, Metastock, Motivewave, Market Analyst Optuma ,Metatrader,Tradingivew,Python and understands individual needs of traders and investors utilizing a wide range of methodologies.

Rajandran R says April 11, at pm. Nithesh says November 4, at pm. KUSH KUMAR says June 27, at am. Fours R says April 12, at pm I stopped forex trading tourd days. Back to square one. Trading with nifty these days until a solid confirmation from RBI about the legality of trading in FX markets. Alvin K Thomas says June 23, at pm Any one in India can trade in Forex provided by the authorized brokers in Indian stock exchanges.

But their is only 4 currency pairs and the volatility of these currencies are too low. An Indian can trade with an International Forex brokers only he stays outside India and the law in that country permits him to do so. Their are two types of Forex brokers one is Market Makers and the other one is ECN Brokers. A market maker gives you better spread and no commit ion but they have a dealing desk which will trade against you. But for an ECN broker they will charge commit ion and spread but they wont trade forex clearing meaning you.

Their are regulatory bodies in each lexd that regulates these brokers for example FINMA for Swiss brokers. So consult with these regulators and take a wise decision. Can we trade in forex currency, If so who is best broker in India for the same. Please help in this regard -- send your details to my id. I have checked in the internet it lesd showing trading in foreign currency is illegal as far as RBI FEMA rules. Please let me know…. Rajandran says July 8, at pm You cant trade in Margin Segments Overseas Markets.

You can trade margin segments only with Indian Exchanges. Leae Singh says July 23, at am. Rajandran says July 23, at am Toura comes under margin trading segment. Anything with comes under overseas margin trading segment it is illegal for Indians. However you can invest in stock markets but you cannot trade. More info about how to invest in overseas markets here.

Rahul Singh says July 23, at pm. Rajandran R says April 15, at pm. Rajandran R says January 12, at am. There are more than offices of these sort of ltr tradign onli in DELHI. Too much offices of such sort are there in bangalore mumbai etc. They want indians to remain poor and suffering always. Only ministers and politicians should have a filthy rich and lavish lifestyle.

It is a damned country to be born in ktd ordinary folks. Madhav says August 18, at am You are right. If goverment cares so much about Indian people losing money then why do they allow lotteries? But when I submit my withdrawal request to my FX Broker, my account has been disabled by them, and they verbally deny my withdrawal request.

Please suggest me what should I do??? Rajandran R says January 12, at am Uttam Paria. Kamal says June 22, at pm You are right sir, they are not registered or trade with any of the exchange. Are these brokers Genuine.? Shall i continue with it or shall i stop trading as people says it is illegal to trade in forex.? Are there any Genuine online Forex brokers.?

Rajandran R says October 3, at am They may be genuine online forex brokers. However it is illegal for Indian Retail traders to trade with those brokers. Rajandran R says January 12, at am Even Alpari ltv No. This will give you clear idea why Forex Trading on International Currencies are illegal as per RBI guidelines. Ajay says July 1, at pm only oversease intraday Trading is not allowed.

Presently there are many brokers like Alpari, Angel, CDEqui, NirmalBang are providing ODIN Terminal to Traders. Rajandran R fored October 9, at pm Not legal for Indian Residents. As per RBI policy its legal to trade currency only with Indian Exchanges NSE, BSE, MCX-SX. If not, is it completely illegal?? Ajit says July 13, at am I just had a chat session with someone from a UK based forex broker.

Rajandran R says January 12, at am Yes Ajit, Many people in india are trading in forex market but that doesnt means that it is a legal concept. When comes to scrutiny you are one to suffer. Aariff says July 28, at am Forex trading with INR pair is ans in india and other pairs are illegal. HDFC bank does INR pair only.

I earn online, invest with an online forex broker and so does it go on. They want indians to be lead tours and forex pvt ltd. Rajandran R says January 12, ltx am you forsx to read the bloomberg critical analysis done on illegal forex trading in india. Someone kickk indian foreign ministers asss. Mano says November 8, at pm I am in big trouble because of this forex trading. I had paid to iForex. Now Citibank is closing my account stating that it is illegal and against FEMA rules therefore Citibank is closing the account forever.

I never made any money from iForex due to less time and I started that just for learning purpose…. Donno what to do toues. Can anyone please help? Krishnakumar says November 23, at pm Hi Mano. I face the same issue now. Did you get any help from anyone? If yes, pls help forwx. Sushant says November 27, at pm. Rajandran R says April 27, at pm. Edger says September 24, at am Even the States ,I mean America have restrictions on forex trades, this I knew only recently, and it seems that.

If anyone does take that with the greedthen he is over to follow the hidden agenda of crossing the bonus level. So tougs end up losing, SO do take carewe can make money in our stocks frex mcx tors you are deciplined. Daniel says October 2, at am what the bloody hell is this democratic India or the BANANA REPUBLIC no i dont get it how can the rupee depreiciate when we buy so much of stuff from china and other countries that time is nt the rupee not depreciating.

And i am wondering why is nt Arvind kejirwal fighting toure this and i am thinking wat did he do with 1. DID GANDHIJI EVER COLLECT ANY FUNDS FOR HIS MOVEMENTs THE ANSWER IS NO. These people are trying to make money also I just dont know where this will conclude. San says August 26, at am Bro your question is half correct. U can ask why Arivind Kejriwal not questioning on this. Also he used to charge Rs Y adrian mikhalchishin strategy university any one who seek his autographs on those days many people including british officials are fond of getting his autographs along with these those days many rich people used to donate money for the lezd movement else how do u think that Gandhiji used to travel in Oturs from town to town village to village through out the country?

Movement doesnt mean that no money is required. For even movement money might be required. But what we need to look at is how that money is utlised. Gandhiji never misused the money so he became ideal person. But we have tocheck what Mr Arivind Kjriwal is doing. More fordx you have mentioned about china products right its people gours us who give damn to this country. Have you ever questioned any politician or govt employee for not doinf what he has to?

First we has to change then Country will change. If you want to eanr there are many ways need not to play with the currency. THIS GUY WHO WROTE THIS IS PUTTING PEOPLE OF Touts TRACK. MAYBE HE IS DOIN IT AND GETTING BIG MONEY AND DOES NT WANT OTHER S TO DO WELL TOO. TELL ME THEN HOW DO FOREX COMPANIES OPERATE AND DO THE SAME TRADING. These pairs are allowed on many many exchanges such as NSE, MCX. Mrinal says December 2, at pm This link is updated Act on Jan Manoj Krishnan says January 13, at pm See answer 4 to question 30 which prohibits money transfer outside india for trading in foreign currencies.

Rajandran R says December 28, at am The 20 minutes coverage on Bloomberg UTV study clearly mentions that Indian Individuals trading in Forex Markets are purely illegal. Mano says November 8, at pm Hi. Can you please guide me to any online declaration where it is given that Forex forec is legal in India? I am facing an issue here. Last year I opened a account with iForex Its advertisement on Yahoo page flashes all the forwx. I paid Rs to start the account.

I made payment through my Citibank account. Now after 1 toues Citibank calls me and says that forex trading is against FEMA rules and this is illegal and your account was detected to be doing this during audit therefore we are lrd your citibank account was running since last 5years. They also said I might never be allowed to open a account with them in future. Please help if you have any idea on it. Raja says January 8, at pm If any one can tell meif iforex.

Rajandran R says January 12, at am Many Geninue International Brokers are there. Rajandran R says November 4, at pm. Rahul Sharma says January 12, at am Hello. I have a question. I am having forex money transfer reviews trading accounts with different forex brokers. I joined those sites in Dec adn However I stopped forex trading almost 6 months ago. I bought dollars from local exchangers.

Now is it possible to close all those accounts? Rajandran R says January 12, at am Good to know that you are not trading in forex account. Its better to ensure that your accouts are closed and your Pbt proofs are removed tiurs them. Vishal says January 15, at am Hi. Prathapjayan says January 22, at lezd My friend having an foreign account.

I transfer my money to that foreign account. From that foreign account I Transfer money to trading tourrs. Here iam trading to that account. After making profit iam sending the profit money to that foreign account. From the foreign account in my friends name i am receiving the fund profit to my local bank. Is there any illegal in this thing. If a question arises. If you have forex account then your deposit and withdrawal method must be same with same name, address etc.

KEN says February 4, leda pm Hello, I started Forex in late and as i read this blog i got alert and decided to stop any more Forex trading…. Like me many have doubts and questions. Forex Trading is Illegal in India? And IF someone found doing this what is punishment. Inflow or FDI which you may know of Foreign Currency will result in strength of INR.

Rajandran R says February 5, at pm Thanks for your inputs KEN. Yes it is better to wait for clarity from RBI. More and more people are willing to trade 24x5 markets but the clarity and norms should comes from RBI to trade in international margin segments. Rajandran R fofex February 5, at pm Trading will be illegal if you are trading in any margin segment outside india. Only few brokers are allowing people to invest in foriegn stocks and that too limited to Stocks only but not in margin trading 4xp online forex trading. Anything other than that will be considered illegal unless RBI clarifies it.

Is there any problem regarding this? Rajandran R says February 6, at pm For Retail traders trading in Indian cross currencies like USDINR, EURINR, JPYINR, GBPINR are legally allowed to trade in NSE and MCX Exchanges or any other currency exchange operating from india. If you are trading with some forex broker or with some other international broker in margin segment even with the above mentioned pairs then it would be considered as illegal as Margin trading with Forex Brokers are not legally allowed as per FEMA act.

Mohamed says February 9, at pm dear Raj, Please tell me about iforex online trading. Ashvini says February 28, at pm Now that the funding is not allowed by RBI, lets not fund into margin account. But what about the bonus fogex which is offered by many brokers, even without investing a single cent we can work on forums and earn bonus money lead tours and forex pvt ltd can be used for trading.

So, such kind of trading with bonus money shouldnt be of any problems isnt it. Dhananjay says March 8, at pm I want to know about Online FOREX Trading foeex India. Where can an Indian do online Vorex Trading etc…. Can you help me in this regard? Praveen says March 13, at pm Thank You so much Mr. You are doing a very good job by spreading awareness. Jerome says March 16, at pm Hello Rajendran. Any illegal issues there.?

Rajandran R says March 18, at pm NRI Trading in forex market in forex pairs are legal if the Current Foreign Country where the trader resides allows legally. Jerome says March 23, at am Thank you Rajendran. Any list of countriesallows forex legally or have to check with the respective country govt. How legal it would be if two individuals exchange currencies say USD to INR on their own? Rajandran R says March 29, at pm dars. With such a huge leverage x, x, x times your loosing probability is very high.

Rajandran R says March 29, at pm Yes you had broken the rules. However as the amount involved is very small there wont be any impact i guess. Only those who comes under scrutiny check suffers a lot. Abraham says April 1, at pm dars. I just wish to inform people on this blog that Forex trading in India is only allowed with INR pairing and not any other pairing viz. I am saying this because I have worked in this particular field in India. Nobody knows where the money is being utilised.

If the RBI or the Indian bank comes to know that the money transffered is being used for CFD trading, these brokers will shrug off the responsibilty because they do not come under the Indian Law jurisdiction. Most of the people who are posting comments saying that it is legal or lucrative are employees of these dabba toours trying to lure in clients. I say this because I have seen such cases during my term with these companies.

At the end of the day, the penalty for trading is completely upon the individual an foorex the so called brokers. Even in our office when some angry client used to threaten of a police action, the managers would tell that they are only a call center for these companies. BEWARE of ANY LUCRATIVE FOREX TRADING. Deepak Sharma says March 30, at am. Just use online payment system for withdrawal and deposit then government cant know about your transaction. Rajandran R says April 1, at am Hi Rajiv.

RBI already imposed strict norms over paypal and other payment gateways in india to monitor such transactions. With in lead tours and forex pvt ltd day my balance get lezd. How can I do. Rajiv Takur says April 3, at am dont lesd rajandran……. RBI just want to mention that they dont have any kind of guarentee against them……and then you can also do forex trading through Lead tours and forex pvt ltd and then using currency exchanger….

Baseer says Tourw 20, at pm Hi i ptv to know can i invest with Etoro for Forex trading. Rajandran R says May 20, at pm. Nikhil says June 16, at pm Hey Rajiv, thanks for the comment. I was also thinking about the same, lots of lead tours and forex pvt ltd are trading in forex in india. DJ says August 5, at pm Hi Rajiv, are you aware of any good, reputable and transparent ECN FX broker, for LIVE trading, from India? Anf says April 3, at pm Hi.

Though it is illegal, there are many forex traders here and they are getting their withdrawals regularly to their bank account. These minimal transactions are very hard for the OTGP to tiurs out and track. Since the buying and selling market is now very much global lakhs of people in india are now buying and selling products globally simply sitting in their home. So how do RBI or SEBI can check and verify the nature of every payments. And also it was clearly mentions that lead tours and forex pvt ltd of intensity of the money involved will lead to imprisonment and also chances for non bailable.

Under FEMA act, any violations upon these act, first government shuld send a prior notice to brokers forex en espanol concerned person if the impace is low. But to my surprise IPL franchisee Rajasthan Royals stack holders have been given notice for the violation of FEMA act and they have penalised for tougs Lead tours and forex pvt ltd think how much crores Rajasthan Royals must leaf laundered.

But for that amount itself there had been no imprisonment only notice has been issued. Forex trading is not permitted for Indian individuals is also coming under the same FEMA act So guys finally notice or imprisonment i personally decided to stop trading until RBI gives some good pvf on Forex Trading. Torrent is a just a software which helps in downloading things. If you download legal things then you lewd use torrent openly in any country of the world.

But if you download illegal things then problem pops up. Now in India the things that are downloaded are mostly created by foreigners. One hardly downloads a Indian made software form torrent. So who will sue them. So it is not possible for them to come here to sue them. Anindita says April 3, at pm As I understand, in India, if you are a big shot with big money, you can lead tours and forex pvt ltd away with murder, not just violation of FEMA. So, I stay away from FOREX. Till it ajd legalised in India.

It is still in the grey zone. Boobalan says April 17, at ajd Dear Anna. My Name is Boobalan…. I want to work in forex trading please help me I want money for my operation this month last. Arijit Majumdar says April 18, at am Hi I made a payment in stockpair. But I am not finding any options which can close my forwx. Prasanna Kumar Acharya says Tourz 5, at am Here is the perfect scenario. When it is time to refund money to public, all of a sudden govt, comes into action and bans these companies.

THOMAS says May 24, at am Some companies in India are accepting deposits and paying some fixed percentage for 50 days and above. Basically these ltdd are doing forex business. Rajandran R says May 24, at am. Rajandran Lear says June 17, at pm Yes but still it is better to consult a CA before taking such decision to know the ltf involves in such activities. Sneh Mahajan says June 2, at pm I just have one question -- 3 years back i was in US on L1 visa and has got SSN as well as bank account that is still active.

My question iscan i open forex account in US with the help of my US bank account and SSN? My US fours will be funded by my relatives and not by me. Rajandran R says June 2, at pm. Sneh Mahajan says June 2, at pm. Gr8 work bro, keep going! Rajandran R says June 11, at am. If someone wants to play it safe. You can trade that account and if you manage to make forsx money,they can transfer the money to your account.

Before thinking too much,see if you can make any money on demo. If yes,go lad a micro leqd. Still you can earn a good profit from them. Take Instaforex for example. Pgt get money for forum posting in your instaforex account and you can trade through it. Not even a single paisa is taken. If I make profit then this will bring money to India and the Indians will be benefited. They why RBI is stopping us? Rajandran R says June 17, at pm Because International forex trading is not regularized so far for Retail clients.

And anything that is not regularized and retail participants are playing in such segments are termed as illegal in india. If RBI wishes then the solution is very easy. Just make it mandatory that every Indian Forex trader should open a particular type of account in a bank. And a percentage of the earnings will be cut off as tax. Withdrawal in other bank accounts is illegal. If RBI implements this then government also can earn a good amount as tax from Forex trading and Indians also can earn money.

Anindita says June 24, at am boral, I completely agree with you. Just tax forex investors and make it legal. It is all Indian legal system stupidity and hypocrisy. Alcohol is prohibited in Gujarat. Have ppl stopped drinking? It is all underground. For a premium you can get whatever brand and as much as you want. And the stupid govt. Sensible countries have legalised both and tax forx. As I see it keeping forex trade illegal is just the bully mentality of the ruling class of India.

While the ruling political class exists only foerx start and support scams latest Sharada scamit is us ordinary folks who are always victimised. Such a bull shit nation!! Rajandran R says June 24, at am James. If you want to trade in forex markets its better to stick to Trading in indian bourses like NSE and MCX-SX exchanges who offer Indian Currencies Pair to trade.

Rajandran R says June 24, at am Yes if you would had traded in International forex market it is FEMA violation. But still if you are trading in such segments better avoid as it is unregulated segment so far by RBI similar to cricket betting. Rajandran R says June 24, at am Harry. Iam able to see lot of efforts from RBI to curb such illegal activities.

Its better to avoid rather than getting sued by them. Anindita Choudhury says June 23, at pm I gave up trading in forex as it was illegal. I lost all my deposit with iForex [now I know they are rascals] and whotrades where I did very well in Demo but lost all my deposit in live trading. So, I want to know how elad you manage? The legal aspect and the lead tours and forex pvt ltd. Can you give me. What is the minimum deposit? I stay in Kolkata, India.

Because this is the only place where RBI can catch us. Aninditayou forxe try Instaforex. But remember that you have to cashout through that payment processors through which you have invested most. But you can trade on Instaforex even without any initial deposit. Bonus accumulated this month will be leead in touurs Instaforex account the next month. You cannot withdraw the bonus but if you can make profit then you can withdraw the profit tousr any limitation.

Remember never spam the forum and never copy paste post. Aand will ban you if these rules are violated. Instaforex is a good broker and there ppvt no doubt in that. But the main problem is how to withdraw the profit without being caught by RBI. There is an option called Instaforex mastercard. Harryplease tell how to withdraw the profit legally. Also please say how much you withdraw per use trailing stop forex Rajandran R says June 25, at am.

Ram says June 25, at pm First of all, RBI or the Indian Government is not in the business of stopping Indians from making genuine money. But note that, all genuine International Forex brokers do have a clear disclaimer policy which talks about the risk involved in trading Forex. The risk lfd Trading Forex is very similar to the risk of Trading Stocks in lead tours and forex pvt ltd Futures market they work on the same margin and leverage concept.

Every country including India has it. In India Futures trading on Stocks is Both traded rorex NSE and BSE. Now note that RBI warning is in the interest of common people to protect them selves from unreasonable claims. Forex trading is like stock trading and if you are not managing tlurs risk properly you are bound to lose money.

If you do a bit of research on Forex Brokers site, no genuine FX Broker will claim guaranteed profits or returns whether small or big. Simply, because it is nad not possible to claim any guarantee in online trading, whether you are trading forex, stocks or commodities. Every participants from small individuals to big institutions are all equally entitled to the same risk. If RBI or the Indian Government ttours Forex trading illegal, you will not be seeing those Forex trading platforms and sites in India and you will ane be seeing a host of Forex trading advertisements and links in search engines like Google in India.

If RBI or the Indian Government think forex trading is lhd they would have stopped it ,td and accessible from India by blocking those sites in just one second. You should be in fools paradise, thinking that RBI and the Indian Government are blinded to all this. If they want to stop they will not issue it on circulars, they will stop your access to it from India. Forex trading is the largest financial market in the world and it has a volume of over 4 trillion dollars per day, the world economy will collapse if Forex trading is deemed to be illegal.

Foreign Exchange is a critical life blood to Any countries Financial Economy and India is no different. And you can be rest assured that no country will curb on Leae trading. The only issue is the route you will be taking to access them. As long are you take the legal payment processing systems in Forex trading, you will be safe for ever. So, if you think Forex trading works for you than go for it.

Its perfectly legal as long as you have the access to do it legally with legitimate payment processes both in and out of your bank account. Toure Choudhury says June 26, at am Ram Thanks a lot for your post. Seems to clarify many aspects of Forex trading. Btw, who are you? Your knowledge seems tremendous. I have some questions. If yes please share which forex broker you are using any which payment processor are you using.

Have you filled up Forex trading as a source of income? I partly agree with what you have said. I think all of us discussing here are ready to give ansldt not want to be sued by RBI. So I think the problem that is holding us behind is not taxbut the fear that RBI can sue us and firex is clearly declared in RBI website that under FEMA Act ofForex trading is illegal. However if you have found out that forex can be traded legally here if we pay the proper taxes then please guide us.

We lead tours and forex pvt ltd will be grateful to you. Rajandran R says June 26, at am Ram : You are good with your argument. But the fact is anything which is fofex is considered as illegal. Recent Example is Sports betting in Lewd is considered as illegal. I guess you would agree. Running casino in most of the states in india is considered as illegal. Likely International Anx trading and CFD trading, Spread Betting, Binary Trading is considered as illegal as these segments are considered as unregulated marekts as per RBI and SEBI.

Fordx if the broker is genuine trading with such brokers are considered as illegal. Alpari one of the top FX broker had profiforex paypal their tous few years back. But they do offer to trade only in MCX-SX currencies not in international pairs. Ram says June 26, at pm RBI has never said Forex Trading is illegal in its circulars.

It only warns about Guaranteed high returns scams in online trading who try to make money differently in the name of online trading. Misleading interpretations and false gossips should be strictly avoided in a good discussion blogs like this. You invest your money, you open your trade positions and you close your trade positions for a profit or loss, and you are free to take your money out to your local bank account whenever you want.

Its not a Hawala racket of currency exchange which happens in the back channels to be deemed as illegal. And if you want to trade USD or other currencies against each other apart from INR you can trade them legally through genuine international brokers. Forex trading is not a walk in the park to make quick money. They need to have a solid backing to the claim and the ruling and the fodex political parties have to back it up.

And in spite of all this, znd Supreme court can intervene and question the RBI intention if it finds to be unjustifiable. It is only a joke if any one happens fxcm forex trading signals even dorex that RBI pvtt not know this, on what even an average common man in India knows. RBI is not an enemy to Indians, in fact it is a body to help Indians to keep things in order and to facilitate the growth and safety of every Indian.

Note that it is not RBI who dictates Indian citizens -- It is Indians who dictate what RBI has to do ultimately. If not the few officials who involve in stopping it for personal gains will be thrown off eventually either by the government or by the supreme court or by the people of India. Forex andd is Just about buying and selling currency, which is xnd as any normally traded item. Even RBI does foreign exchange, so why not individuals should not do it in the fair open market route.

If lead tours and forex pvt ltd one trades, there will be no liquidity in the market. And where will even RBI do its own Foreign Exchange. The argument of specific regulation will not hold here. Since the Online trading is a new kid on the block with just few years old Open to General Public World Wide And regulations in India dates back to decades and decades backwards.

And every Indian knows how the policy decision, updates and amendment processes work in India. And long it will forez to do it in India. It May be days, months, years, decades, or centuries or even never! For example take the case of citifxpro. Fotex few people who are laed Forex trading mean to say that Citi is facilitating illegal activities right under the nose of US government? Even in the case of etoro there is a separate site for US clients which is regulated specially for US foorex.

You can leax the etoro US website for more details. Genuine Forex brokers make there money by commissions, if you make lot of trades they lrad up getting more money by way of more commissions. In any case you are free to withdraw your initial amounts any time. And those who have limited capital can make use of it. Tiurs says June 26, at pm SEBI protects the interests of investors in securities and promotes the development of the securities market through appropriate regulation.

Not Tourw Alpari, if there is a option for registering, a whole list of International and Local Indian online trading brokers will register for trading international pairs. Since Leqd is bothered more about Indian Rupee they limit themselves to opening up for trading on it as of now. If there is a need, and if India rise up to deal with International forex trading facilities they will make necessary amendments.

Right now, since there is no option available here locally, interested people take access to forex trading on international pairs through International Brokers. Indian says June 28, at pm RamI am mailed RBI has received a clear statement from them that forex trading is illegal in India. They are not a lhd enforcement so they will not chase people.

However if a complaint is made against a specific person they can take action. Rajandran R says June 28, at pm. Ram says June 28, at pm Can you please share your real Name in Comment Please be open and share the full details if you have anything really concrete. Is it still illegal to trade with them? Rajandran R says June 28, at pm Yes Binary Option in India is undoubtfully illegal.

Sanj says June 27, at pm Let me aand this very clear, any brokerage that offers you a bonus is a scam. Forex is a highly leveraged trading product and not many people know what they are doing and most brokers offering these promotions know this. For example you have to trade at least times to withdraw any balance. My advise would be to use companies registered and authorised to trade by the BEST regulators FCA or NFA.

I would say brokers like FXCM, City Credit Capital, Gain FX who are listed companies or about to be listed and offer correct pricing that is transparent. Can you please share us more information about this. The first question is which broker do you trade about and how do you withdraw bonus to your bank account? Please give us a detailed guide. We will wait eagerly for that. Anindita Choudhury says June 27, at pm Sanj, Do you take small clients who do not have much money to invest but need expertise from you and want to profit?

How can we withdraw funds to our Indian banks. They may withhold the money or inform to RBI if fordx come to know that fund is from Forex trading. Is there any way to get the fund safely.? Richa says June 29, at pm Hi Rajandran. Reading your article has put me in a dilemma. I am at the moment an NRI residing in Singapore since the last few years. In that time I have been successfully trading in foreign exchange.

My husband has recently been offered a posting in India and we will be taking up advanced warfare trading system update offer. We should be returning by September My situation is that I have been very successful as a Pro Forex trader. And while I will not be remitting money outside India for my foreign flrex trading purposes, I wish to continue with my trading and, at the same time, hopefully remit my profits lttd India.

What would be the legal repercussions for a situation like mine? Can I carry on trading with the capital I already have outside, in my own name, the country and bring money back in legally? I would truly appreciate your feedback. Toours Gajendran says July 12, at pm My case is similar like you, earlier in singapore and tourd in india.

Try opening an international current lezd and park your profits there and spend the money using ahd international bank debit card. Richa says July 12, at pm Thanks for your reply Yogesh. Do let me know so I can mentally prepare myself. The debit card idea is a nice one. However I have already declared my international assets to the IT dept this year as it has become mandatory so will have to declare it every year now.

I have also heard of an RFC account. Apparently NRIs returning home can maintain this account and park the funds they had abroad into this account. They can then transfer money abroad without restrictions from the RBI. Just not sure about the Forex investment bit. Should you know of any CA who is well informed about FEMA rules, please do let me know. Richa says July 12, at pm Hello all.

It would be very helpful. I want to trade in Torex markets, please tell me how to do that. Ram u wrote so many things about rbi ,govt, this and that, but u did not reply the main question asked? If u r trading successfully kindly mention the deposit and withdrawl method u use. If u will guide ppl here in that thing only this disccussion will be over and ppl will come to know a way of depositing and withdrawing the money without being caught by the rbi. I and i m sure others leadd also be very grateful to u if u can do this.

Anindita Leae says July 20, at am I totally tourx with U, Sunil. W need a solution, not endless discussion of the same topic. RBI and forex trading. Amit says July 15, at am I dont think so… forex trading is illegal… I pvg its just normal rule that shows we cant convert big amount of physical INR money into other currency…. Is it legal to trade in these products!

Waiting for your reply. Please give the list…. I want to trade in USA stock and commodities markets, can any one please provide me information on brokers. Rajandran R says July 21, at am It lead tours and forex pvt ltd illegal lead tours and forex pvt ltd trade with them as there is no Tax involved. It is good to trade only with NSE and MCX exchanges. Tokrs can use those tools only lead tours and forex pvt ltd analysis purpose but trading with them is purely considered as illegal actions as per RBI norms.

Lwad all have been having this discussions about the legality of forex trading. Some ppl say vpt legal some its not. So its my big big request to all these traders to pls pls come forward and help ppl by guiding in. If these traders just tell what i did mention above ,the details of deposit withdrawl methods, what to say to. IT ppl,what reasons to give for every transaction etc etc. Pls all the senior members come fwd and help us. Many brokers gives bonus for forum posting… such as Instaforex sponsors a number of forums.

If you want to trade, join one of these forumsdo forum posting for say 2 to 3 months. Gather a good deal of bonus and start your trade. Though this tpurs not a good solution, still you can use it to start trading. The main problem lies in withdrawal of bonus. I was thinking that these strategies may help to withdraw money. Though these will not work for tuors amounts at a time….

However to be honest I myself has not tested any one of them. No one fkrex know the source of income. Gather money to this fake account. Transfer money to your original one. If asked just ltv that you are doing freelancer jobs to earn money. However this method is not a reliable one as it is fodex safe lead tours and forex pvt ltd use the same paypal account repeatedly. Give lead tours and forex pvt ltd original paypal email as an author.

Now open fake paypal emails and buy your own books by paying through your ltv paypal emails. If you have more than one fake paypal emails or if the site accepts different payment processors then it is an advantage. You can say that you are earning by selling books. Also say him that he should pretend as a freelancer job giver if any problem arises. The main fores in this method is that you have to find out a good and trusted foreigner who will do this job for you.

I request others to discuss various other ways to withdraw money and you are also welcome to criticize the methods discussed above. I will like to hear them. What i know about paypal is that rbi has put some limit on it for transactions. They nowdays ask for documentation and all. I want to know what is ur view about moneybookers. They provide a gud amount for trasaction as a 90 day limit. Can we transact large amount into our bank acccounts?? Can we tell to the IT guys frex is freelance income?

Richa says July anx, at am Hahahaha. Point 3 is pvr. But I will suggest you not to do that. Transacting large amounts may draw attention of IT department. Richa and Anindita Choudhury. Actually in order to withdraw profit in India, we have to keep in mind two things. One is we have to hide our original identity and the second one is we have to find a good source of income, which we may use to hide our forex profit and say that we earn money from that source. I think none of us, who read the article lead tours and forex pvt ltd comments here, want to cheat the government to hide the taxes ; but the government policy actually RBI is forcing us to do so.

I am in many forex forums and qwest employee stock options get surprised when they hear that forex trading is illegal in India. It is actually a toura shameful thing that we have to turn into criminals to do a honest business. Sell kead lead tours and forex pvt ltd on different sites [ The books gorex just few pages leae by you or gathered from the web ]. Now you have to gather foreigners who will buy your books.

In reality no one will buy your useless books with their money. The money will be transferred to your bank account ans the foreigner will buy the book. Yes it is possible. For that use this. Ask the foreigner to give screenshot of that portion of the book which contains the stamped email. Keep that email address. Now sell high valued ebooks. Note that paypal allows to open only one personal and one business email. So a foreigner cannot have forrx than 2 paypal address.

So if you give good commissions, then the foreigner will not cheat unless he is super foolish. In this method you will find a foreigner who will post fake freelancer jobs on freelancing sites. The foreigner will always lead tours and forex pvt ltd you to do the job. The foreigner will pay you to do toyrs job. Actually you have to give the foreigner in advance the job fee.

After you get the payment give some bonus to the foreigner. These processes seem to be very much legal. If andd get more foreigners then the process will be more legal. Because they will pay you through different paypal address. But in case something goes wrong [ though it is least possible ] foreex can delete the website or forum to remove all details. Note:- Many free hosting sites allows to host forums and websites.

In order to get such foreigners, give ads in Paid to click sites, ad networks etc. Also you can use forums to gather foreigners. Criticize the methods freely. Nitin says July 23, at pm Hello! I want to trade with fxcm and Want to deposit fund via debit card, but I came to know that forex trading is illegal in India, So can I transfer foreex from debit card to fxcm.

Is it safe or not? Gurmeet says August 9, at pm. If u r doing the same what do u say? Nitin says July 23, at pm Please! Amd me some names of forex trading sites which give option of depositing and withdrawing fund from skrill,moneybookers etc. Some of them are. Sir what u r mentioning the ways to fund forex account by doing all sort of things. Funding is not difficult,we can do by moneybookers easily and we can do it directly by debit card in small amounts.

Problem arises when u make profit and u have to withdraw. My question was can we withdraw large amounts. Am i wrong in thinking this way? Please read the posts carefully. All the ways that I have described are ways to withdraw forex profit, to your bank, through paypal, in a complicated way. You want to pay tax and earn a good amount of money. But I think that a better anx will be NOT to pay tax and withdraw relatively low amount of money per month.

This will help us to play on the safe side. This is a small amount in relation to your expectations, but I think it will keep us away from trouble. Note that paying tax is not a good idea when your source lead tours and forex pvt ltd income is not legal. This is because IT department will keep an eye on you to see whether you are paying tax according to your income or not.

So it is better to avoid IT dept. However if you want to earn more, just withdraw easy forex on mobile money to say egopay account. If you divide lt lead tours and forex pvt ltd, the IT department will hardly notice you. Also use diverse fields, like selling books, article writing etc. If possible do some article writing in reality. These are just to show that you are working hard to earn money online.

Always remember that IT and tax dept. So just avoid them. For gorex clarifications you can consult a good lawyer or a tax consultant. They can better guide you. DJ says August 5, at pm Guys, can anyone in here, let me know a couple good and genuine ECN FX brokers FSA or FCA regulated ones? P DIR Series Circular No.

Spriha says August 9, at pm Forex trading in India by an individual is illegal, very well. But is there anyone who can tell why it is termed illegal in our country and what harm does it cause to our economy, society, culture or whatever? Should not be risky for anyone. I would also like to understand why this is tld in India when countries like US and UK do allow such things legally. Vikas says August 9, at pm Very Good Article and Fruitful discussion.

But, What options I have …. Index Option Other Doubt is brokers like Interactive Brokers IB offers International Equity Trading. Rajandran R says Lead tours and forex pvt ltd 9, at pm Vikas : Delivery in International Markets is allowed it seems. Even ICICI provides such facilities. However margin trading in any international segment is considered as illegal. Vikas says August 24, lead tours and forex pvt ltd pm Thanks Rajandran. Margin from exchange Like in derivatives etc.

If I am right on this then which kind of margin is banned. Gurmeet says August 9, at pm I was not informed of same by Broker. I will check with frex today as i read this article today and stop this if they are not ready to provide legal docs for same. But do lead tours and forex pvt ltd also need to inform RBI for same, that i was not aware of this. What consequences do i have now? How to trade in Comex Gold and Nymex Crude From India………Which broker is authorised to do trade in these………plz reply in lead tours and forex pvt ltd details………….

Rajandran R says August 12, at pm Satya : For retail traders any margin trading outside indian exchanges are considered illegal. It is legal if your investments are delivery based. Prashant Wadekar says Leas 13, at pm Hi. Your blog is very informative. I am little bit confusing in forex trading and currency pvy. Currency trading in USD, EUR, JPYand GBP is also illegal?? Please reply me toure.

If you have more concerns on legality check with your financial advisor or with CFA people. Bloomberg UTV : Forex Trading is Illegal in India. SHRUTI pvvt August 19, at pm sir my name is shruti. Rajandran R says August 19, at pm It is illegal to trade in International Forex marekts. However it is legal to trade in Indian Currency pairs pvvt in Indian Exchanges. Also please pvtt if there is any Indian broker who offer some lead tours and forex pvt ltd deposit bonus.

Rajandran R says August 26, at am rao : Alpari in India is not providing international currencies. They are providing only MCX-SX Currencies. Netaji says September forx, at pm Hi. I am not an expert but qnd the FX trading is illegal for indviduals? Rajandran R says September 3, at pm Read the article carefully. The article says trading in international currency parirs from FX brokers are purely illegal.

I think if u just follow these steps u can avoid RBI restriction 1. Do not convert USD from INR on your electronic payment processor like money brokers skrill,webmoney,perfect money,paypal via CREDIT CARD …. Then what should u do? Buy USD from a genuine man u can find these people all around the india and Give him the INR as gift and bring USD to payment processor like money brokers skrill,webmoney,perfect money,paypal and deposit to broker ….

Sell face to face if possible best way i think. Banks wiil not get informed if u sell hand to hand. DO NOT USE CREDIT CARD FOR INVESTING. Bharath says September 8, at am I am glad to see so much interest in forex trading by my fellow Indians. I would like you all to explore foeex alternative safe way to earn from forex lwad without violating RBI norms. The alternative way that I am talking about is by becoming forex signal provider using demo accounts to these well-known signal providers: ZuluTrade, Currensee, Tradeo, Simpletrader, FXSTAT,etc.

This involves no real money trading and your trades will be mirrored by thousands of fellow forex traders. You will earn based on your trading performance and popularity with subscribers. If you think lrd cannot make serious money with it, then you will be pleasantly surprised. NSP says September 8, at pm. Rajandran R says September 8, at pm. Torus says September 8, at pm But people still fotex online Forex, how they get caught and ,Are there any individual people fodex Even if I trade with reputed binary option trader like 24options and trade rush, is it illegal.

Rajandran R says September 11, at pm Parbat : Trading in Binary Options is illegal for Indian Retail traders even though you are doing with reputed vendors. If you are new to forex start demo trading on etoro. Rajandran R says September 23, at am Simply to say if you are a retail trader in india you its legal to trade in nse and mcx currencies. Before you think too much try demo trading and see if you can make any demo money. Even if you are caught there is no jail but penalty three times deposit amount.

Rajandran R lead tours and forex pvt ltd September 24, at am James. RBI rules are getting harder. Read the new RBI Tax treatment of stock option trading on forex legality. Sam says September 23, at am RBI give lead tours and forex pvt ltd logic behind that forex market so risky bcoz of that we band forex i asked RBI Indian market is not risky 2 many chances here affect foreign reserve but here RBI put restriction like no buddy transfer above 1 lac in 1 year but complete band on invest in forex this is not good at least internatinal forex brker provide free technical data and software and we analysis market both technical and fundamental basis, but in India condition is different in my point of view SEBI NSE and Qnd biggest fraud organisation they cheat with own citizen bcoz they leas not force to broker pgt open source software for technical analysis like metatrader many software available in indian market but they are take big subscription charges and they are locked.

Jayant Verma anv September 23, at pm Hi Rajendran…. It will be legal or not? Richa says September 27, at pm Allow me to answer that for you. However, you will have to shut shop when you become a resident of India again. Also, 10 pips in forex do not know about markets. Anf trade with AxiTrader. The reason I trade with them is because unlike in Cyprus and most other places, the Australian security markets are very well regulated by the ASIC.

No bucket shops there. Joseph says September 26, at pm Why cant they allow forex trading? To let stock market only to enlarge which lfad be drained out as per fowl players will? How many politicians or their relatives participate in stockmarkets? Whose government policies and what for? Most probably, Fodex traders or Indian institutions can bring back dollars in lead tours and forex pvt ltd profit level after participating in spot forex abroad as the market cannot be manipulated due to immense volume.

Even after all those limitations and regulations what happened to Indian currency and majority retail participants in Indian stock markets? Is it that some fowl players in Indian stock market gets all of retail participants money? How many Indian citizens have made something named profit consistently from Indian stock markets or commodity markets? I think Lte of making FIIs invest and take back profit from India, Indian institutions are supposed to bring profit dollars to India with allowance to participate in spot forex trade abroad.

Indian economy should not be based on FIIs generosity and play provision. Perhaps Indian strategists blind expectation on shrinking market which can be whipsaw to FIIs would have been anc if FIIs or their supporters did not know ltf handle human brains and nervous system through interception. Why asking the same questions again and again?

For a lead tours and forex pvt ltd Indian, trading with HY markets is illegal. Residents can trade currency futures but leverage is only 20 as far as i know,not sure. If you really want to trade in global ltx currrency market,open a demo account on etoro and start lttd. If you manage to make any money on are stock options taxable when granted atleast two months is required start thinking about real trade,RBI blah blah etc.

If you are a NRI, you can trade with HY markets OR any NRI cousin or friend can open an account lead tours and forex pvt ltd their name and you can trade that gorex. RBI says October 4, at am Well, its a stupid RBI policy. Anket says October 7, at pm. Aniket says October 7, at pm. Sam says October 7, at pm Mr. Speculator says October 7, at pm Why lead tours and forex pvt ltd that India has to come up laed such complicated rules about forex tradingpv online trading is done legally in India.

Why RBI is not bothered about NRIs not indians.? Its just like our helmet rule. Only the govt lead tours and forex pvt ltd bothered about the driver and not the passenger on bike. NRIs can trade any forex. Forex is considered more safer than share trading. If it becomes legal,more people would leave share trading and its not good for big share dealers who makes money from lewd share dealers.

Can you recommend any international Forex brokers which I can set up an accout? Also, can you tell me how forex trading is illegal in India? Rajandran R says Technical trading systems for commodities and stocks pdf 11, at am. Just wanted to know. Rajandran R says October 21, at am. Abani says October 21, at am What about for those already active Forex traders? Abani says October 21, at pm.

Rajandran R says October 21, at pm Anything you are trading with NSE, BSE, MCX exchanges are safe. Also Trading in US stock pvf delivery purpose is legal in india. However it is illegal to take marginal trades in foriegn exchanges as per RBI rules. Rajandran R says October 11, at pm. Rajandran says August 25, at am Trading only your account with your money is illegal. Otherwise you ans to consult with your Financial Adviser. My Trading Account is in CDEQUI company, they are providing NEST trading software.

When i was reading your Marketcalls site. I come to know about Metatrader. Can i use metatrader software to trade nifty or mcx. Antony says October 20, at am 1. Could you post FEMA or other links on CFDs, why can it not be treated as a stockmarket like investment? Pvg want to know about stock and indices CFDs 2. Your take on PAMM managed accounts-Scenario where Trader is from India and investor is a foreigner or NRI.

Rajandran R says October 22, at pm Already RBI had came with an announcement recently here to block credit forx and Bank accounts more info here RBI takes strict measure on Illegal Forex and CFD trading. Abani says October 22, at pm Rajandran, what about using bank wire to deposit funds to international brokers? Can they stop that as well?

Do you know how their funding channel works? Rajandran R says October 22, at pm Alpari and Admiral markets local offices in india only promoting trading with Indian Exchanges like NSE and MCX. However for residential indians they are not promoting to trade in international forex pairs. Guess they are in compliance with RBI guidelines. Vsd trading system indicator they consider something illegal they should take action after circular has been lead tours and forex pvt ltd, why do it for something which was done before circular was passed??

Can a person move to court for lvt situation against RBI?? Or it will be a mark on the person? Forx says October 23, at pm. Naveen Yadav says October 24, at pm Hi All, Need not to worry. All my transactions are going well tile date. RBI has other toours issues to handle then chasing forex traders. Anindita Choudhury says October 27, at pm Hi Rajendran, is Binary Options Trading legal in India?

If yes, then who are the safe and genuine brokers? Rajandran R says October 27, toure pm. Its not margin trading. RBI restricts margin trading. May be i am wrong? Thats how margin tourss works! And you are very quickly to loose your money because ltv the leverage involved. Ashin John says January 29, at pm Binary options doesnt give x or x. Rajandran R says February 1, at am You know what even online gambling in India is still considered as illegal by RBI.

DHAN says October 29, at pm Hi Naveen. Trading is going wellhave you withdraw your profit any time. NOW 4XP closed worldwide. There are many frauds. Better to stick to Indian Mkts. Nifty Future Trading says November 1, at pm This issue occurs is it legal or illegal but govt. Sunny says November 12, at am Can you provide the exact punishment for trading through foreign forex portals?

There are so many doing it without any trouble. Dj says November 22, at am HiI have invested in topoptions. I had deposited money through my HDFC International debit card. What problems could I face? Rajandran R says November 22, at am Now HDFC netbanking site itself saying that Overseas trading is illegal. Jeevanand says November 22, at am I have fully seen all the discussions…First thing, you must learn How to make ahd in Forex. We are well aware that it is option trading kya hai volatile market, you total investment could become zero in 2,3 transactions…so whenever you have time, try learning how to trade successfully.

Try to learn from Demo accounts who offer 1, USD not 10, USD…. I have never seen idiotic view of Govt…that Indians cannot keep not even a single USD in Paypalit is auto transfered into elad rupees…the biggest joke is 1. Will I get any punishment for it? Susen says December 1, at pm I am doing forex trading with iFOREX fron Oct I have deposited money many times and withdraw also.

I ask to my Account Officer about forex trading illegal in India, she replyed me we leav working lsad per Indian Govt. Tour I continue or stop? Rajandran R says December 2, at am If you are trading in overseas market and if you are a retail investor in india then possibly it is not legal as touurs RBI rules.

RBI monitors all transcations in paypal. Its quite ulikely, they will track and trace a individual forex trader. Fforex illegal but everybody is doing it. I am a small scale trader and once annd get bigger,I would seek the anr of a NRI cousin or friend. Forex trading is legal for NRIs. Oliver K says December 6, at pm ram. Ashvini says December 3, at pm So what would be the countries which you would suggest for aspirant forex traders in India to consider for continuing their forex trading business.

I am literally scared but still trading with XFOREX as my Pct Broker. But this FX Trading is banned from many times i think. Still no action has been taken against me. Pls help whether i should continue with this or not? Rakesh Sharma says December 11, at pm Dear Rajandran. I use to collect foreign currency notes and coins as a hobby and I have a collection of around countries. OR I AM DOING SOMETHING ILLEGAL?

What is the govt rule for it? Rajandran R says December 12, at fodex. Rakesh Sharma says February 10, at pm Thanks for your reply. I further have a question that can I carry the above mentioned currency and stamps collection from Karnataka nad New Delhiwhere I am going to shift soon. VIM says December 14, at pm I have a friend who is in Dubai NRI. VIM says December 15, at pm Hi.

DONT COMPARE WITH ALL OTHER THINGS…. COMPARE WITH ONLY FX WHICH IS 0. THERE ARE MANY PAYMENTS AND WITHDRAWL OPTIONS FOR SMALL TRADERS ……. Ashvini says December 17, at pm But i think that once we are earning such huge amount of money, why not shift to the country ltx allows it with full freedom. And then you may always return anr.

Milind says November 7, at pm. Nitin says December 13, at pm. Rakesh says January 3, at am Dear Rajandran. Thanks for your valuable informations, surely they will be eye-opener to many. I came fours know this company through my friend. Do you have any idea about that company and its credibility? Any body can share their knowledge regarding that company. Thank you in advance for your help. Shashank lezd January 4, at pm. Ashvini says January 6, at pm Not direct bank wire transfer but its through one of the online payment processor called skrill.

My withdrawal amount if way too small so no problem yet. Prasanna says July 7, at lrd YES! Kedar says February 26, at leae. SS says March 1, at pm Very interesting discussions on this forum. Mr Rajandra, How does the below sound for a solution:. Richa, Anindita Mani awaiting your comments on this:. He has agreed to open FX account in his name. He transfers equivalent USD from his bank account in Dubai to the FX broker.

Float offshore LLC in Dubai. Open Trading account on the name of LLC. The LLC has a nominee director so the management of the LLC remains abroad. Hence LLC is not taxed in India. Jurisdiction to be considered is Dubai. Richa says March leaf, at am Hi Rajendran, I read your reply on some blog that there are mutual fund strategy trading possibilities for NRIs to trade in Forex.

NRIs can trade in forex freely once they reside outside India. It is only lead tours and forex pvt ltd they return that the lead tours and forex pvt ltd starts. Does anyone have a solution? There is much discussion what and what not RBI is saying, and why they are saying it. The fact is that trading in Forex in Firex in pairs other than USDINR, GBPINR, EURINR, JPYINR is ILLEGAL.

Their words are very general and anf be used as they deem fit. I currently have an international bank account in Singapore. Ane I am still not using it for trading as the IT rules are getting very strict and internationally info is being shared more and more freely now. SS says March 5, at pm. Richa says March 6, at pm PART I. I ltv already considered the possibility of using the relative angle. But that is the last resort because getting back the money into the country will be complicated.

If you make a frex lets says lakhs and it is transferred pgt your bank account as gift ovt your relative, no problem. You pay the gift tax and go on your way. Tohrs you make bigger money in a year remitting it to yourself gets a little more complicated. How will you transfer it back to yourself? Part remittance and part cash carried by hand maybe is the solution. I hope you trust your relative a lot. And hope they live up to that trust lesd the sums become very large Vorex you are a good enough trader to make large sums of money.

Please do not think RBI and Pvy Tax people are fools. Ask anyone who has gotten lwad their wrong side and they will vouch for what I am saying. So while we may try our luck, in the long run it is not worth testing it. About you starting a company abroad. I hired a CA to find loopholes in the RBI rules. This is one possible hole. But is it easy? Opening an LLC in Dubai or a Pte Ltd co in Singapore is easy. But there are many things to keep in mind.

Especially the toours of a Resident Director. In Singapore the minimum charge for you ltc hire one is SGD annually. Plus you have to hire a Company Secretary annually paying about sgd. Plus an accounting firm annually costing SGD Plus incorporation charges of about sgd. Plus you will need a bank account. For a company the minimum bank balance is about sgd above.

Much of the charges you will pay will be a recurring charges like the director and Com Sec and local registered address etc. I am sure there are many known and hidden costs like these in Dubai as well. But you may require licensing in Dubai for a company to trade in Forex. So not only will you have to pay a lawyer to figure out if you need a license, you will also need to pay this lawyer to arrange the license if needed.

There will also be requirements that you may need to fulfill for this license. Plus fees, plus renewal. Keep that in mind. You can invest in an Overseas company as it states here. But funds have to come from particular sources like RFC account etc. If imagine you do manage to open a pvr then read below. Forex is mostly CFDs that are non-deliverable in nature. Read Q9 of RBI circular using link posted annd. It says: An overseas entity, having direct or indirect equity participation by an Indian party, shall not offer financial products linked to Indian Rupee e.

Any incidence lea such product facilitation would be treated as a contravention of the extant FEMA regulations and would consequently attract action under the relevant provisions of FEMA, Do remember that most Indian Government bodies like to keep the wording loose so that dorex covers a lot of ground and is open to interpretation, ld case they wish torus use it. If you trade in commodities like Gold, Silver and WTI, you might have to take permission from the FMC. This information is there in the same link.

There is also an email account link so you could mail them as well. Forgot to add one more point. If you open a company with only business being forex and sharetrading and become its director, that too could have repercussions as you will be a resident Indian. In case of an enquiry ever, questions will be raised and they will need to be answered.

One way to circumvent this is to have an NRI relative as the director and shareholder God bless our hardworking NRI relatives. But then how do you bring money home? Like I have mentioned before, the RBI and IT are not to be messed with. I hope this post was helpful to all. I could do with a second opinion on the company angle. Ldad please ovt consult and let me know. Since I am not in India yet, I could open a company as an NRI and keep the shares when I return.

But I am worried about investing in Foreign Currency as worded in RBI circulars. Use my existing savings account in Singapore to continue trading when I become an Indian resident. No one is wiser in India. This route has no problem. HSBC recently sent India leqd list. Information will flow freely now. Sooner or later this information will reach RBI. That said, please consult a CA and let me know soon. Everybody, there is no point abusing the RBI and arguing forwx they have this rule.

The fact is that they have it. Amd live with it and try to find a solution. Jenny says December 9, at am Hi Richa, a friend of mine received a letter from the RBI questioning a transaction of USD towards eToro. What do you think will be the extent of the investigation and what do you think will be the punishment for such an offence if they deem it has occurred? AC says February 2, at pm However, am thinking of this. Open a legal offshore company, there are many viable location as said…Singapore, Dubai etc.

Turs get capital legally to invest. After you make profit, pay yourself salary or consulting fee as director or employee of the company…pay taxes as needed per the rules. I will be checking on the same with a CA on this. Rajandran R says February 3, at am I dont think much legal issues via an offshore company. But you have to check out the legality of the countries regulation if any.

Rajandran R says March 5, at pm. SS says March 5, at pm Exactly my leac. U can always trade through NRI account. RBI ONLY doesnt allow moving money from India to outside for speculative trading or margin deposit purpose…. Richa says March 6, at pm I had written…. It is only when they return that the problem starts……. If NRI return to India and become Resident Indian, NRI account needs to shut down. RFC account can be opened. SS says May 11, at am Foreex.

Does the Income Tax authorities in India have the legal right to question the source of income earned abroad for an NRI assuming the NRI stays in country which has a DTAA arrangement in India. More specifically Singapore or Dubai or Australia. Kamlesh says March 14, at pm I want to trade in binary market, individually it is illegal can trade with a firm or with other business name.

PC ANAND says March 15, at pm Thanks for your effort. Vishu says March 16, at pm Is binary trading also illegal in india i m trading in binary trading from last year and have a good amount to be withdrawl how i could i do can u tell me rajendr. Rajandran R says March 17, at am. SINCE ACCORDING TO HDFC, IT IS AN ILLEGAL MERCHANT SITE.

Rajandran R says March 17, at am Its illegal as per RBI norms to if you are leadd retail trader then better to stay away from binary options. RAM CHETRY says March 20, at am SIR, I WANT TO START TRADING THROUGH IFOREX www. IS IT GENUINE OR SCAM…. PLEASE HELP ME IN THIS REGARDS…. Rajandran R says March 25, at pm. Mansh Vyas says March 29, at pm Mr. Then how come no one is stopped till now. According to my study, the amount of traders arrested due to this trading is 0 [In ].

Some traders were arrested but for money launderingetc. Sam says December 20, at pm HI Mansh……Have u ever noted…. Rajandran R says December 20, at pm I can say only one thing after leax the above explaination if you still wanna do it do it at your own risk. As far as I know there would be no jail but heavy fine probably torex times your investment money. I strongly suggest you try a demo account and see if you can make money in forex. If successful invest a small through a NRI friend or cousin.

Success in demo account does not gurantee success in real account. Forex is not easy and could take lot of time to master. Take the NRI route as its forex conversion rates pakistan safe. If you can master it your corex would act like a money printing machine. Keep in mind,forex is not easy. Shashank says April 17, at am Hello traders. Yours know that many Indians are trading forex International ,but some of them have problems. Well I have a trick to safely get the money to Indian bank accounts.

But still I need your suggestions. First of all open an offshore bank account and withdraw any profits to that account. Later open an project in crowdfunding sites where you can get donations for your project. Fund your own project and release the donations to your Indian bank account. In you bank statement, it will pvvt as donations received for the project. Is it okay to do so? Any help will be appreciated. Rajandran R says April 23, at pm If you are an NRI then check with South African standars whether overseas margin trading is legal or not.

Then you can decide to go with binary options. Well, read a lot about about the illegality of Forex trading leas India. Or is there something I am unaware of? What according to RBI makes Forex trading lead tours and forex pvt ltd I believe trading is then possible for Indian clients and INR is very much an acceptable currency for trade. Rajandran R says May 2, at tourss Yep as per RBI rules it is illegal if you are trading in any sort of overseas marin trading products. Leadd says May 2, at pm If what you say is illegal as per RBI.

Expert says May 7, at pm So, I request author of the post Fforex R to bring up a new post. Leonard says May 8, at am. Binary options robot testimonials says May otd, at pm Dear Rajvardhan. He told that forex is ptv in India but binary is different. Lot of Indian traders have account with them and trading without any problem. Ashin John says January 29, at pm This is something I was looking for.

Rajendran have no idea on many things and he is just frightening others on the basis of RBI circular which says about aand trading. Rajandran R says February 1, at leda. Suraj says June 26, at pm. Rajandran R says July 7, at am Alpari india is legal to trade as they are taking money in INR and they are allowing to trade only in indian exchanges. Its more of a legal one. Rajandran R says July 7, at am. Could you please suggest me some other genuine broker for this in India which offer Forex trading.

I will be thankful to lrd. Rajandran R says July 8, at pm. Pavan Kulkarni says July 12, at oturs Can any of you tell me good lwad brokers…. I have come across a few like Onada and Alpari…. I would also like to know about WhoTrades. Seems legit since its a subsidiary of Forxe. Shreyas Naira says August 3, at pm Is it possible that I give my friend some toufs to set up a Forex account from UK? And then I trade on it, sitting in India.

That way I am not doing any online transfer of leadd from here. Any way to do that? Rajandran R says August 3, at pm Yes. But as long as there is a right understanding between you and your friends are good you can do it. Vasu Patel says August 3, at pm my friend was lured for lgd trading in Dec and directly submitted money through moneybookers using his banks credit card.

If reply is not satisfactory or involved in forex trading then international credit limit will be zeroised on card and such transactions will be reported and action will be taken as deemed fit. Since Jan he has not done any currency trading as he found out its illegal in india. Please let me know what actions they can take against turs and what are his options against those actions? What to answer the bank? Jenny says December 9, at am So what happened to your friend?

Please can you provide an update? Similar thing is happening to my friend. The best part is, in mauritius you dont have to pay taxes ,all you have to do is show your a anv and india you dont lead tours and forex pvt ltd to worry about taxes because u never earned the income in this country. Sachin Changediya says August 25, at pm I am interested to do forex trading please suggest me one of best abd am beginner ….

So it is clear RBI is banning forex just to save Indians from being scammed by forex brokers and to prevent outflow of INR to foreign countries. But there are ways to trade forex without investing a single paisa. There are many foreign brokers who give no deposit bonus. Searching on Google with lead tours and forex pvt ltd no deposit bonus gives a huge list.

And in order to withdraw money from these brokers one need not require to deposit a single paisa. Now in this case, there is no outflow of INR but inflow of other currencies. Also see that trading in this way does corso trading forex gratis contradict with RBI rules. This is due to the fact that you are not investing any money here.

You are trading with free dollars. Alpari India has closed in India. So please forx me some Indian brokers. Rajandran R says August 31, at pgt You can be allowed to trade with free dollars but you cannot withdraw the same. There annd no free money. Bonus are just a brokers feature to allow you to try and trade more not a users facility. And that no-deposit-bonus cannot be withdrawn. Is it legal to get the account funded from a friend residing in US to trade futures?

Nandha kumar says October 14, at am. Mohamed says October 21, at pm. Dinesh says November 25, at pm There is one prop trading firm based outside india, which is recruiting traders all over the world. Once enrolled, they have us to trade on demo MT4 accounts and trades are copied to their server through their EA Expert Adviser. Can you please confirm if I can trade forex online in the above website legally.

Rajandran R says January 7, at am There are lot many indian brokers providing for currency segment in NSE, MCX-SX. It is perfectly legal to trade with SEBI registered Indian Stock Brokers. Rajandran R says January 15, at am. I GOT A WARNING LETTER FROM BANK AND RBI THAT, IT IS ILLIGAL AS PER Leax AND IF I REPEAT IT, LEGAL ACTION WILL BE INTIATED. All of you Pl make a note of it to avoid legal action. Mritunjay B says February 4, at pm Hello, Will you please tell me which bank is allowing to transfer money for forex trading?

I have tried it with HDFC but did not succeed. Please tell me which banks card I should use? Rajandran R says February 5, at am When Forex Trading in forex dealers in ghatkopar market is illegal what is the point of doing it? Akash says February 10, at pm i am doing trading with markets.

Rajandran R says February 10, at pm They are a legal venue to trade but for Indian Retail traders it is illegal to trade in overseas markets even if it involves USDINR and Nifty because they CFD instrument i. Chintan says March 3, at am I have gone through your posts. I have one question as you are doing great on this lad answer me if you have it. My Profile: I am Indian Citizen; I ppvt in London during for my study. I know How to Trade in FX Market as I did finish my study in Finance only.

Trading FX in India and sending money as margin from India for such purpose is illegal. I am convinced on this. IS THIS GOING TO BE PERMITTED TO ME? Gours you know the answer then pls let me know……any else also forec let me know if you have any inputs in this…. Rajandran R says March 3, at pm I feel quite complicated to explain at my level. I advice you do consult with auditors would throw some good info on such kind of setup.

I turs like to speak to Ram about forex trading and opening a forex trading account in Dubai? I would like to contact him about forex trading and opening an account in Dubai. Akash says March 10, at am I want to know about FOREX. FXCM markets and MARKETS. Are they Come under Liberalised Remittance Scheme of USDfor Resident Individuals? I will highly obliged to you give me the brief information on the FOREX legality.

Sir looking forward for your reply. Rajandran R says March 10, at pm Under Libralized Remittance Scheme one is allowed to Invest in Capital Markets. But once cannot trade in margin segments like Intraday trading, Forex, CFD, Binary Options…etc. Trading in Overseas Margin Trading Segments is illegal as per RBI regulations. COM are legal according to their country rules. But when RBI says you cannot trade then trading in such segments are legal as per Indian Regulations.

If you would like to invest in US Equity Markets here is a way to do it. But definitely not with overseas margin trading. Akash says March 10, at pm. Rajandran R says March 10, at pm. Akash says March 10, at pm getting little bit messy. That will be a legal? Rajandran R says Foeex 10, at pm Then try out your luck.

The other side of the scrutiny is going to be so pvr

Dangote Petrochemical Plant Justifies Private Sector Led Industrialisation in Nigeria

From millions of real job salary data. 0 salary data. Average salary is Detailed starting salary, median salary, pay scale, bonus data report. ssi ABC Pvt Ltd websoft zarabotokvinternet.ru & Co. zarabotokvinternet.ru Solutions Sccisios At Work Goldscape Solutions herohonda g.s. singla & co. fincon pvt. ltd. In India, Foreign Exchange or Forex trading (Overseas Trading) is not allowed. If someone is found trading Forex on the stock market by the Reserve Bank of India’s.

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