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Hurst was looking for a way to model the levels of the river Nile so that architects could construct an appropriately sized reservoir system. Put simply, the Hurst exponent is used as a measure of the long-term memory of a time series. In addition to the Hurst exponent, Mandelbrot also coined two more terms useful in describing the long-term memory of a time series. He called the first one the Joseph Effect and the second one the Noah Effect.

The Joseph Effect hurst exponent trading strategy us whether movements in a time series are part of a long-term trend and refers to the Old Testament where Egypt would experience seven years of rich harvest followed by seven years of famine. The Noah Effect is the tendency of a time series to have abrupt changes and the name is derived from hust biblical story of the Great Flood. Both of these effects in a time series can be inferred from the Hurst exponent.

The Hurst exponent is not so much calculated as it is estimated. A variety of techniques exist for estimating the Hurst exponent H and the process detailed here is both simple and highly data intensive. To estimate the Hurst exponent one must regress the rescaled range on the time span of observations. To do this, a time series of full length is divided into a number of shorter time series and the rescaled range is calculated for each of the smaller time series.

A minimum length of eight is usually chosen for the length of the smallest time series. So, for example, if a time series has observations exponentt is divided into: The expoennt range and chunk size follows a power law, and the Hurst exponent is given by the exponent of this power law. When the frequency of an event varies as the power of some quantity associated with the event, it is said to follow a power law. A wide variety of natural and manmade phenomena follow a power law.

Using the Hurst exponent we can classify time series into types and gain some insight into their dynamics. Here are some types of time series and the Hurst exponents associated with each of them. Series expojent this kind hurst exponent trading strategy hard to predict. Figure 1 provides an example of a Brownian time series and its estimated Hurst exponent. The Hurst exponenh for the hurst exponent trading strategy plotted above was estimated to be 0.

An anti-persistent time series: In an anti-persistent time series also known as a mean-reverting series an increase will most likely be followed by a decrease or vice-versa i. This means that future values have a tendency to return to a long-term mean. Figure 2 provides an example of an anti-persistent time series and its estimated Hurst exponent.

A Hurst exponent value between exponnt and 0. A persistent time series: In a persistent time series an increase in values will most likely be followed by an increase in the short term and a decrease in values will most likely be followed hurst exponent trading strategy another decrease in the short term. Figure 3 provides an example of a persistent time series and its estimated Hurst exponent.

The plot shows the intra-day tick level data for an NYSE traded fund. The Hurst exponent was estimated to be 0. A Hurst exponent value between 0. The Hurst exponent is a useful statistical method for inferring the properties of a time series without making assumptions about stationarity. It is most useful when used in conjunction with other techniques, and has been applied in a wide range of industries.

For example the Hurst exponent is paired with technical indicators to make decisions about trading securities in financial markets; and it is used extensively in the healthcare industry, where it is paired with machine-learning techniques to monitor EEG signals. The Hurst exponent can even be applied in ecology, where it is used to model populations. CIOs who can harness the possibilities of these technologies strrategy be better positioned to shape the future of their business.

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The Hurst Exponent: Predictability of Time Series. A statistical measure used to classify time series and infer the level of difficulty in predicting and choosing an appropriate model for the series at hand. In the celebrated British hydrologist H. Estimating the Hurst exponent. So, for example, if a time series has observations it is divided into:.

Steps for estimating the Hurst exponent after breaking the time series into chunks:. For each chunk of observations, compute:. Finally, average the rescaled range over all the chunks. The rescaled range and chunk size follows a power law, and the Hurst exponent is given by the exponent of this power law. Interpreting the Hurst Exponent. Subir Mansukhani is an innovation hurzt analyst with Mu Sigma.

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About Hurst Cycles. JM Hurst was an American engineer who, The FLD Trading Strategy (trading plan) uses the interaction of Multiple Hurst Cycles and an FLD. Yes. I'm doing some calculations with it and trying to connect it with trading strategy. What I'm writing below is preliminary. At the broad level Hurst exponents. Why is the Hurst Exponent Interesting? The Hurst exponent occurs in several areas of applied mathematics, including fractals and chaos theory, long memory processes.

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