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Please put your name and e-mail address in the text boxes below. Every match is different and there isnt one simple method that will work with all of them. Skip to main content. One of the key elements of our service that has grown since our humble beginnings in is the community which now boasts over members. To find out more about Caan's background check out the about me tab above. This isn't just one system on its own, this is a whole portfolio of different strategies and systems. Xs Os Staff - Jan 27, 0.

Football strategies with spreadsheets for Betfair trading. Football odds are very. All these football strategies rely on goals being scored. The football strategies shown. You could use Betfair best football trading strategies just Bet or Lay in the football. These trading methods employ different staking techniques. All betting strategies carry. These trading strategies have been developed to reduce risk.

Dutch and Hedge in 2 Betfair. One or two losers. Lay the Winning Team. Football Matches on Betfair Dutch and Hedge in 2 Betfair markets. Lay first or bet first spreadsheets for trading football. If we bet and lay in 2. Our betting exchange will only show our market position in the 2. Betfair cannot show losses or gains in 2 markets combined. The 2 football "Dutch. The Dutch and Hedge spreadsheets below. Trading related markets in Betfair.

Losses may not be. When we trade across 2 or more markets in Betfair, we may think that. That may not be obvious whilst we are trading. Don't trade the same. If you trade across 2 or. The Scores, are. It would be a mistake to lay those scores and also lay Under 1. If you make a mistake and Lay the same thing but in different. If you bet on the same thing and don't hit a winner, you will have. It is very important that you are sure of the relationships between. Betfair provides a wide range of markets for the same event.

Many of these markets may be related in that you could bet in best football trading strategies. As a shortcut, these related markets can save us time whilst trading. Unfortunately, these "Betfair shortcut markets" are of most benefit. If we trade in a single market, losses are deducted from winnings. If we trade 2 related markets, losses in one market are not deducted. Also, if we have a big loss in one market but smaller winnings in a. If the whole trade was all in the same market, there would be zero.

You are probably already. The extra commission payments and losses not being deducted before. Betfair when they collect their commission. We all trade across 2 related markets at some point, but it can be. Keeping track of our whole trade across 2 markets and getting the. Dutching your trade with balanced staking, may be far easier. Down to video demonstrations. These spreadsheets are split into 2 sections.

These individual sections can be used to Dutch and Hedge a single. Dutching stakes are balanced and across both markets for an equal. Hedge an individual selection and the spreadsheet shows the stake. Note that due to Excel calculations working to several. Depending on stake sizes, there should normally only be a few pence.

PayPal should then route you to a download web page where you can obtain. Use this spreadsheet to. Then, if you choose, as yrc stock options odds change, lay to equalize individual. After betting, enter lay odds into the sheet for any of those. Our position is shown in the 2 single markets, and also across the 2.

Commission deductions are built into the spreadsheet. Then, if you choose, as the odds change, bet to equalize individual. After laying, enter bet odds into the sheet for any of those. The videos below demonstrate the. Dutching part of these 2 spreadsheets. Follow this link to view these videos individually on YouTube. This is a Bet First. As you know, whilst the score remainsthe odds of Under 1. A bet on Under 1. After one trio dancer forex ea is scored, either or in the Correct Score market.

The odds of Under 1. Quite often, after one goal in the First Half. In such a game, it best football trading strategies be impossible to lay Under 1. To exit to profit from such a trade usually involves sweating it out whilst we. Whilst we are waiting, we run the risk of a second goal making our whole trade a. When we trade this strategy, we bet and. We look to exit to profit. If a goal is scored, the profit from our insurance lay will often enable.

An early goal can cause problems. Also, as with any trade involving Under 1. We place our insurance lay to help us to trade to profit after one goal. If we are able to select low scoring games. For a description of how the odds perform in the Correct Score market. You will need Excel or a later. Correct Score market to balance stakes before the Kick Off. Videos describing this strategy are provided after purchase.

There is also a. PayPal, select the "Return to merchant" option on the PayPal screen. PayPal should then route you to a download web page where you can obtain the. Payment is by PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account to use the payment. In a horse race. Bookies may Lay only a few runners, and have very small liabilities or no.

If an outsider wins the race, they clean up with very little. When you use this strategy, you are not Laying the whole. This is not the same as Laying a single selection in the. Using this strategy you can Lay several scores in the. If you were Laying the Correct Score Market. Lay as many score lines. The more you Lay, the bigger your profit. In this case your only.

As you make more Lays. If the match ends with a. Remember, your only losing Lay will be on the FIRST. You will win on all the others. Lays will reduce your liabilities on your targeted. You could also use this spreadsheet to Lay a number of horses in a. In best football trading strategies Correct score market, or any other market of. You will be reducing your liabilities on that selection by.

Lay that score line. There are normally 17 score lines including "Any Other Score" that. We Lay our First score line. Then we Lay a 2nd score line, a 3rd, and a 4th. We could carry on laying more score lines if we wish. These 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Lays reduce our liabilities on our First Best football trading strategies. If the winner comes. If our First score.

This strategy can be used to lay 2 or more score lines to lose or. First Goal Scorers, horses etc. Once again, we do not Lay the whole field, but a few score lines. The procedure is exactly the same, but this time, 2 score lines are targeted to lose. Liabilities on score lines 1. This strategy of targeting 2 score lines, has 2 advantages, but one. A large slice of.

This strategy is particularly effective if score lines 1 and 2 are at short. The downside is that. You will need Excel or a later version to view these. These 1 or best football trading strategies Losers. You could of course use this spreadsheet for any event other than. This Excel file contains 2 separate spreadsheets for your. Once you lay more than 2. Once you lay more than 3.

If none of the Layed. The more profit you show. The bigger the payout on. PayPal should then route you to a download web page. If events go against you, a. Dutching strategy is suggested to enable you to continue. Whilst there are no. After a goal is. Lay odds are lower than your original Bet odds. A goal may be scored. For example, the first goal may be scored very early in the.

This type of problem of course applies to other strategies. If you were trading the Draw in the Match Odds market, a quick goal by both sides taking the. Hedge Correct Score. This spreadsheet can be. Dutch the markets if. Lay the Wiining Team. This strategy involves both Dutching. Insurance against a draw result or best football trading strategies win by the "Losing Team", is.

The aim of this strategy, is to have a winning bet on the final score in. To do that at any time in the game, we could Bet the current. If we continually Bet the current winning score as goals were scored, we. We can cut down on the number of Bets required, if we only have to Bet. To keep the number of bets on different scores to a minimum, we can wait until late in the. To insure against a. Draw result or the Losing Team scoring goals and going on to win the. If we Lay the Winning Team, that Lay would be successful if the result.

By laying the winning team at very short odds, we can avoid having to. Bet draw score lines such as, and all possible scores for the. The cost of that Lay can be very small. If we enter the market at a. Best football trading strategies hit the winning score for the Winning Team, we only need to Bet the current score of. So, the idea isto enter the market late in the game, especially at a 2. If the match ends in a. Match Odds marketLay the Winning Team.

In the Correct Score market. Bet the current score line, plus the next 2 possible. Russia were leading at 50 minutes. Lay odds at 60 minutes for Russia were 1. In the Correct Score market, Bet the current score,plus the. Above is a snapshot of the. Enter the Lay Odds of the Winning Team. Enter the odds of the current score and the next 2 possible. In this case, with the score ofthe current score isand the. Enter the odds, and the. If you enter the market late in the game, there is less time for goals to be.

A problem with this strategy is. Score odds continue to shorten. The effect of that is your potential profit may be reduced, especially if. If you have Layed the. Team should lengthen to some degree. This offers an excellent opportunity to Hedge out of the Match Odds. A Hedge spreadsheet is provided to show the stakes required for a. These can be used to exit the market at any time, or can be used. Football, Horses, Cricket, Tennis, Snooker. Bet First or Lay First, makes no difference.

These spreadsheets show the stakes required to equalize your. I suspect that Steven used Betfair's "Cash out" facility to. I waited until 60mins or so. Birmingham were looking dangerous on the attack and I didn't want to. With minutes to go, in fact it was in injury time. Birmingham scored and I was relieved I acted conservatively. I don't know what the precise stats are, but I do know a lot of. My profits best football trading strategies be. I hope I explained it a little better - you can see the odds I used on.

The Betfair Screen column best football trading strategies what he would have. The Hedge column shows the result of his 3 hedge. Add those together and he would have had Correct. The profit from his lay in Match Odds would be. The "All 3 mkts Net" column shows the result of his. With the game endingthe profit will have been. Feedback 20th Sept I just had to let you know how this one is going I decided to give this a try today, instead of my usual laying of.

I have just finished my fourth bet this morning using this and have. All I can say is "wow"; this is as close to shooting fish in a. I think Laying The Winning Team just became my "backbone" strategy. Feedback 24th March I am really having a lot of success with the "Trade Winning team". The strategy I have found effective. I find this increases the profit by a. It carries an element of risk, particularly if the winning team only. For example, if the score isI. I have just simply found that by the time the leading team's price.

Of course, by waiting you run the. This is Alan's strategy for bigger. PayPal should then route you to a download web page where you can. Trade the Winning Team Excel. E-mail addresses or any other information that is forwarded will not be passed. Betdaq or a similar betting exchange. Football Matches on Betfair. Dutch and Hedge in 2 Betfair markets.

Use this spreadsheet to bet several selections in 2. Also, after placing bets, lay any individual bet to equalize that part of. The spreadsheet shows our whole market position after. Lay first, best football trading strategies 2nd -. Use this spreadsheet to lay several selections in 2. Also, after placing lays, bet any individual lay to equalize that part of.

Dutch bet scores in the. You can target any player on the list not to score first. Before the kick. The less your liabilities. Hedging strategy relies on a decrease in the odds of the score line in the. Correct Score market, after a goal is scored or two goals are scored to get the. Providing you stake correctly, you could make good percentage profits on. An advantage of this. Whenever you use a Lay First hedge odds increasingyour. Hedge a score.

An advantage of this strategy. This site is a member of WebRing.

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Welcome to Here at we do not offer a tipping service. Rather, we provide our members training and advice on how to trade. Trade football matches on Betfair. Strategies and Excel spreadsheets for Betfair trading. Betfair Football Trading: How To Guarantee A Profit. Football Trading is a very popular subject and many people struggle with long term profits. This tutorial is aims.

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