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There are numerous direct domestic services to Stockholm from most major cities. Cycling is an attractive option during warm seasons, and there are many bikepaths. There is also a growing scene for forex skarholmen comedy in Swedish and English. Some car rental companies charge their customers separately for the cost of toll passages, while others don't. Can be difficult to get in to the clubs here if you are considered not fit in. Stockholm is a very friendly to sexual minorities. Authorized taxis have yellow license plates.

Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Swedenwith nearly forex skarholmen million inhabitants within its vicinities. Stockholm is a cosmopolitan place with both classical and modern architecture, and a captivating Old Town, Gamla Stan. Air quality is fourth best of the European capitals forec behind Zurich, Copenhagen and Vienna. Most venues are found flrex the inner city, " innerstaden ", historically the zone within the city tolls.

The Municipality of Stockholm extends beyond the inner city, including the western and southern suburbs. Stockholm is not the oldest town in Sweden. The first records of Stockholm were written in by Birger. Since King Gustavus Vasa liberated Stockholm inStockholm has remained Sweden's most important centre of commerce, though Gothenburg later became the largest international port. During the 17th century, Stockholm was the base of the Swedish Empire, with a land area twice the country's current size, nearly encircling the Baltic Sea.

The city contains buildings from all ages since the 13th century. Like the rest of Sweden it forex skarholmen untouched by the World Wars, but particularly between andhundreds of old buildings in Norrmalm were demolished in a large-scale modernization process, encouraged by similar projects in other European cities. Since then, only infills and a few areas have been developed with new architecture in central Stockholm.

Despite its northern location, Stockholm has fairly mild temperatures throughout the year. As a result of its northerly latitude, the city sees a dramatic seasonal variation in sunlight, from more than 18 hours of daylight around midsummer, to around 6 hours of daylight in late December. Stockholm enjoys an average of nearly 2, hours of sunshine a year. Average yearly precipitation is mm Snowfall can occur from late November to early April, but the amount of snowfall varies greatly from year to year and through the winter season.

Forex skarholmen snow cover throughout the winter is rather uncommon. The main station, Stockholms Centralserves both commuter and long-distance akarholmen. It is located in skaeholmen Norrmalm, connected to T-Centralenthe central hub for the subway system, forex skarholmen Cityterminalenthe long-distance bus station. The national rail company, SJ, has a store located inside the station, and a travel planner with ticket booking service on its web page skarrholmen.

Internationally, there are services from Copenhagen Denmark 5 h and Oslo Norway 6 h with several direct connections daily. A daily overnight train is available from the northern Norwegian city of Narvik 14 h. There are numerous direct domestic services to Stockholm from most major cities. Conventional trains mostly follow the same routes, and run slightly slower, but can slash prices considerably.

Most other mid-sized cities in Sweden have a train connection with Stockholm. WiFi is included in the forex skarholmen. The City Terminal Cityterminalen [24] is the main bus terminal, directly connected to Stockholm Central and the T Centralen subway station. There are multiple daily departures to most other cities in Sweden, as well as a few international routes. Swebus Express [25] operates routes to Copenhagen and Oslo with several daily departures, and a twice-weekly service to Berlin.

Eurolines [26] has some departures to Copenhagen. Smaller operators offer connections with PragueBudapestZagrebBanja Luka [27] among other cities. The port of Stockholm consists of several port areas. Stockholm is the main Swedish terminal for the Baltic Sea cruises. They are by far the cheapest way to get to and from these cities from Stockholm.

Note carefully that cities and places are written and pronounced differently in Finnish and Swedish. This is a lesser case with other Baltic Sea countries. If you intend to use the boats to travel to- or from- Stockholm, it is almost always cheaper to book a cruise kryssningor even two head-to-head cruises and discard the returns, rather than buy one-way skarholmeh. Storstockholms Lokaltrafik, SL Stockholm Public Transport [32] runs an extensive subway, commuter train and bus system as forec as some light rail and ferry services, all using an integrated ticket system called "SL Access".

The paper strip coupon ticket system was discontinued as of Suburban ferries, airport buses, the Arlanda Express and regional trains are not part of the SL network, and thus not included in any of these tickets. Tickets cannot be bought from bus drivers. Instead, there are cash and credit card machines at most bus stops and metro entrances.

The SL website has detailed ticket and price information, and a journey planner. A better trip planner for Stockholm and Sweden is ResRobot [33] and best is its App for smartphones iOS and Android. Kindly note that SL doesn't have visible information before journey that there is no travel card reader aboard to pay journey. For more general info, see. Public Public Transportation in Stockholm. Forex skarholmen has a metro system forec the Tunnelbanacommonly abbreviated T-banaand symbolised with a blue T on a round white sign.

With exactly stations, it is extensive for forex skarholmen city of this size, forex skarholmen will get you around almost all the downtown places as well as many inner suburbs. Trains run from to on weekdays forex skarholmen around the clock on weekends. Night buses replace the trains forex skarholmen weekdays. The metro is probably the fastest way to travel to many inner suburbs not served by suburban rail, as well as offering a scenic view from the bridge between Gamla Stan and Slussen.

The SL website offers a guide forex skarholmen the artwork skagholmen is featured in many subway stations, with nearly all stations offering some form of permanent artwork on display. The artwork on the blue line in particular is of note. Directions in Stockholm are often accompanied by the name of the closest subway stop, using T as forex skarholmen abbreviation for "Tunnelbana", e. This practice is followed below when appropriate.

Off-peak sees 4 tph tph in the bracketed section on lines 27 and 28, 2 tph on line Suburban trains are included in Stockholm's transport ticket system, with the exception of Knivsta and Uppsala on line 38, which employ Uppsala's local transport fares. Apart from the fact that it's free with a valid SL cardthe boats also have free wifi and electrical socketsand even forex skarholmen tea and coffee.

Some boats sell alcohol. At Blockhusudden and Nacka Strand, there are nice restaurants just by the water. Cycling is an attractive option during warm seasons, and there are many bikepaths. On a bike, a journey across the inner city takes no longer than 30 minutes, and can be faster than travelling by subway or car. There are cycle paths along most major streets and drivers are generally considerate towards cyclists.

In winter, when paths can be covered by ice, extra care should be taken. Make sure you bike on the right hand side of the street, just forex skarholmen the forex skarholmen. Taxis are on the expensive side. Even worse is the fact that some small dodgy operators charge outrageous prices: unsuspecting visitors have been charged thousands of SEK for a trip from the airport. The antidote is to always check the black and yellow price sticker on the rear passenger window. The price shown in large digits is the maximum for instance during night hours fare for a 10km, 15 minute journey and reputable companies charge around SEK for this.

If forez sticker shows a much higher price, stay away or be ripped off. The taxi market was deregulated several years ago which made it considerably easier to find a taxi but the downside is that the rip-offs aren't even illegal, just "supply and skarholemn Note that many minor companies use "Stockholm" in their skarhilmen to mimic their competitor, so look for the phone number 15 00 00 which appears below the logo on all Taxi Stockholm cars.

Among the companies to avoid is Taxi 08 that operates at the limit of the legal rate. Most taxi forex skarholmen operate a fixed price regime between central Stockholm and Arlanda airport, mirroring the rates for the journey into town of around SEK It's a good idea to check with the driver that you will get the fixed price before you set off - the meter price for the same ride may cost twice as much.

Note that the taxis often have big stickers advertising their airport price: do not confuse them with the black and yellow price sticker pictured in this article. Authorized taxis have yellow license plates. Late at night in the city centre, you may be offered a ride with an unauthorized taxi, svarttaxi literally "black taxi"usually by discrete whispering of "taxi". Most of the time this will get you home for roughly the same cost forex skarholmen ordinary taxis, just don't ask for a receipt.

Rumours say that these cabs are usually controlled by organized crime, and some unpleasant episodes have been known to happen to passengers, so try this at your own risk, and preferably not alone. Some car rental companies charge their customers separately for the cost of toll passages, while others don't. Foreign-registered cars are NOT exempt from the tax; skzrholmen [41]. Driving in Stockholm is forex skarholmen compared to many larger forex skarholmen in the world.

Just make sure to use your indicators when changing lanes. Fees are not charged at all in July, on holidays such as Sundays or on the day before a holiday such as Saturdays. Parking is restricted and expensive in the centre of the city, and free foeex is scarce even in the suburbs, except at external shopping centres. It is recommended for peace of mind to make use of SL services to avoid parking and congestion charges. The Stockholm archipelago is served by two major shipping companies.

Waxholmsbolaget runs inexpensive public transit ferries, slowed down by stops at several different docks. Waxholmsbolaget also runs two steamboats, that offer even slower, but genuine, round-trips with classical Swedish cuisine. In the several Royal Palaces Stockholm PalaceDrottningholmHaga and several others visitors can get in close contact with traditions of the Swedish monarchy.

Among the wide forx of museums, the Vasa museum with its 17th century warship and the Skansen open skarholmne museum are unique experiences. Stockholm has a large number of interesting churchessome of them skahrolmen back to medieval times. Most of them are in active use by forex skarholmen Lutheran Church of Sweden. There is also a synagogue and a mosque in the city center.

The list below is a selection of widely acclaimed forex skarholmen. Beyond the art museums mentioned above, Stockholm has a vivid art scene and offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy contemporary art in galleries, exhibition halls and public places. The Stockholm official visitors guide has a list of galleries [58]. Two of the most skxrholmen stops are at the Palace, and at the Gamla Stan, right across the canal from T Slussen. The recordings on this loop service are reasonably informative.

The competing Aphrodite boat service offers a similar hop on-hop off service for a modest fee for 24 hours. Free Tour Stockholm offers zero-charge guided tours in English year round, find out when through the webpage. It runs completely on tips and you don't have to book in advance, just show up. Highlights include finding out which Nobel Prize is a kind of fake, why Queen Christina had to sleep under her dead dad's heart and how not to rob a bank. This forec is currently the highest ranked tour on TripAdvisor, and since it's free, check it out!

It forex skarholmen from the big staircase at Sergels torg and takes 1 hour 30 min. Gallivant Productions offers year round walking forex skarholmen including the Viking Tour: Sweden: From the Ice Age to IKEAwhich is a performance fprex, and runs on weekends throughout the year and daily between May and September. There are several other agencies that forex skarholmen occasional guided walking tours in English during the summer months. Check with the Stockholm Tourist Fforex for information.

There are several beaches in inner Stockholm, as well as the suburbs. They might be crowded when Swedish people have time. The water in central Stockholm is so clean you can drink it, even though it looks dark. Would there be a problem with the water, signs would be posted at the beach. Stockholm also has several indoor swimming pools and spas in very special settings, for instance CentralbadetSturebadet and Yasuragi spa.

Stockholm is home to several elite sports teams, and if you're a sports forex skarholmen you might want to watch a game. The most popular spectator sports are football soccer and ice hockey. Also, bandy has something of a cult following. Handball and basketball is also available. The Swedish National football team plays international games on Friends Arena in Solna. The Swedish top football league, Allsvenskanis considerably weaker than most of its Western European sister leagues, and Swedish teams generally struggle in the European cups.

Instead the clubs are famous for their passionate supporters. Therefore, going to a game is an exciting experience — especially the Forex skarholmen derbys where the rivalry is intense. Unlike in continental Europe, the football season starts forex skarholmen the end of March and ends in the beginning of November. The Swedish top ice hockey league, SHLis one forrx the top leagues in the world, after North-American NHL and the Russian KHL.

The season starts skarhopmen the end of September and ends with finals in April. Bandy Bandy is a sport popular mainly in Sweden, Finland and Russia, and slowly gaining popularity in North America, played outdoors on ice with sticks and a small ball. The field is roughly as large as a football soccer field, and the rules show some similarities. If you visit Stockholm sometime between November and March, and want an exotic experience, this is for you.

Remember to dress warm, the game is played in two minute halves. Stockholm currently has one team in the top men's bandy league: Hammarby. T Zinkensdamm There are many opportunities to do sports in the Stockholm area. The Stockholm area contains several semi-artificial ski slopes. The height is modest, but the view is usually great, well worth a hike anytime during the year.

Tracks for cross-country skiing are available throughout Stockholm. There are few stables close to the city where you can ride ponies and horses. Both available for adults and children with various riding-experience. There are many open fields in Stockholm. Just bring a ball of your choice. Stockholm has several national stages, such as the Royal Swedish Opera Kungliga Operanand several playhouses staging international musicals.

There is also a growing scene for stand-up comedy in Swedish and English. The Big Ben BarFolkungagatan 97, has a free-entrance comedy club in English each Thursday at The live music stage in Stockholm is something else. There are never any signs of anyone playing but a few posters in specific areas. There are many cinemas in Forex skarholmen. With the exception of children's movies, films aren't dubbed but subtitled, so if your English is good enough this is a good leisure activity.

Many cinemas are THX certified. Many of Stockholm's most charming classic cinemas have been closed in recent years, victims of the competition from modern multiplex screens. In November, Stockholm hosts an annual international film festival [70] that draws large crowds. The Stockholm International Film Festival also hosts an open air forex skarholmen in the Tantolunden park during one week in August. Stockholm has a range of architectural backdrops and natural settings that appeal to travelling photographers.

Attitudes towards homosexuality are generally tolerant. The national LGBT organization, RFSL [74]forex skarholmen provide information on other events and venues. With about 80, university students at more than twenty universities and university colleges, Stockholm is the largest university city in the Nordic countries. Two more specialized universities are Karolinska institutetfoex world-class medical university, and Stockholm School of Economicsone of the most prominent business schools in Europe.

There are also several fine arts university colleges. Study in Stockholm [75] has information about university studies in Stockholm. Studying in Sweden is free for EU-citizens. As in the rest of Sweden, VISA and Mastercard are accepted by nearly all stores, and ATMs are readily available. There are even ATMs inside some bars and nightclubs which might accept payment in cash only. Only a few places accept foreign currencies, such as Euros or US Dollars. Sweden is internationally known for its design, and Stockholm has many stores where you can find Swedish-designed clothes, textiles and interior decoration items.

Hand-made and hand-painted glassware is also a famous Swedish speciality. Popular Swedish clothing brands that you can find in several major stores include Acne Jeans, WESC, Cheap Monday, J Lindeberg, Whyred, Tiger and Filippa K. Recent years have seen an explosion of young designers starting their own small labels. Many of these can be found in the small shops in the SoFo area see below.

Drottninggatan in Norrmalm is dominated by major brands down at the Sergels Torg end before giving way to smaller and more specialised shops further north. Mood Stockholm [76] on Norrlandsgatan opened in This mall contains a lot of interesting boutiques not represented elsewhere in the city. Mon-FriSatSun Mon-ThursFriSat Nordiska KompanietNK [77]is a classical department store on Hamngatan near Skraholmen. There are a number of shopping centers and malls in the major suburban centers.

While different in size, they all have skarrholmen similar profile, with cheap restaurants, supermarkets and major fashion, electronics and interior design chain stores, as well as some smaller shops. There is no obvious reason to venture outside the city centre, except perhaps for the possibility of Sunday evening shopping at Kista Galleria when inner-city shops all have closed. On Sunday evenings from September to May at Skeppsholmen near the city center there is live Swedish folk music at Folkmusikhuset [82].

Just skaruolmen there and listen or why not dance some Swedish folk dances. It is free entrance. If second hand is an option many Stadsmissionen and Myrorna the Salvation Army shop have fun and unique products that also contributes to a good skarhlomen. Especially Stadsmissionen Stortorget T Gamla stan has handpicked design and classical furiture.

Stockholm features a large variety of restaurants. However, dining in Stockholm can be expensive, if you aim for something else than the fast food bars, the run-of-the-mill British-style fogex or the ethnic restaurants that dominate the budget bracket. If you are on a tight budget, self-catering is forex skarholmen the best option.

Generally more expensive downtown and cheaper in the suburbs. Many Asian, Indian, Mexican and fast food restaurants offer rather cheap "all you can eat" lunch buffets. Office workers usually go for lunch at noon, so try to show up just before, or past Most restaurants' kitchens close at even on weekends, so don't get out too late. Alcohol in restaurants is expensive. Sweden has enforced non-smoking in forex skarholmen bars, pubs, restaurants and enclosed areas.

In this cosmopolitan city, traditional Swedish cuisine, known as husmanskost or husman can be hard to get by. Taking a break for coffee and a biscuit is a Swedish tradition, commonly called fika in Swedish, and there are many coffee-bars around the city. Traditional Swedish filter coffee is relatively strong when compared to American, but a far cry from the Italian espresso. Espresso, caffe latte, cappuccino and other varieties of Italian coffee are generally available.

There are not many Starbucks located in Stockholm but there are however several Swedish counterparts - Wayne's FogexRobert's Coffee and Espresso House are the most common names here - that are strikingly similar in design. Drinking alcohol is generally allowed in public areas, with some obvious exceptions, such as schools, playgrounds, indoor malls and public transport areas. In some parks, drinking is prohibited from midnight.

Map of dry areas The cost for drinking out in Stockholm can vary a lot. Long, and very slow moving lines tend skafholmen form outside most popular clubs - expect having to wait as much as 1 hour or more fordx going to a trendy place after midnight, even if raining or snowing. Don't forget to bring an IDas bouncers could at anytime ask for identification at the door in both pubs and clubs. As in many other Swedish cities, clubs are quite often arranged illegally and underground outside of the city center.

During the smarholmen months, many open air parties are arranged. During fall and winter, there are underground xkarholmen in abandoned factories and other industrial buildings, like in many other cities. Some parties are only held once, while others are recurring. These are, naturally, not listed and are often informed of on a word of mouth or online community basis. Generally, such clubs play techno, house and other electronic music, and so, ask locals for advice in legal forrex that play the same genre.

The Swedish word for clubs arranged illegally is svartklubb literally black club. Due to the nature of such events, undercover police presence may be forex skarholmen and individuals could be searched for illegal substances at any moment. The mushroom-shaped rain shelter is a forex skarholmen meeting point. Can be difficult to get in to the clubs here if you are considered not fit in. There are also many local pubs outside of the city centre, where many locals go and the beer is cheaper.

Ask any swedes for directions and they will be happy to help you. Most restaurants and fprex close atlarger clubs usually at There are an bollinger bands excel .xls few open till More trendy clubs might have a long queue from forex skarholmen till closing time. Get out early at least before midnight. Do not behave drunk in queues, as the guards may not be willing to let you in. Arguing aggressively with bouncers and security staff will certainly lead to serious consequences and is foeex recommended.

As ofStockholm has fairly typical hotel prices for Nordic regions. Hotels located far from city center are generally cheaper, as are hostels and private rooms without en suite bathrooms. Try to find one close to public transport. As throughout other major European cities, apartment rental services such as AirBNB provide competitive options as compared to traditional hotels. The cheap bunks are in short supply.

The lowest forex skarholmen per bed can be found on the Baltic Sea cruiseferries. Phone booths are very rare as are public phones in general as most people have switched to cell phones. Prepaid cards are available and usually also include Internet access at a reasonable price. Coverage is excellent in Stockholm, even in the subway and road tunnels. McDonalds and the local version Max also offers good free Wifi in their restaurants.

The site Wifikartan show most of the free wi-fi access points in Stockholm and most of Sweden as well. Stockholm is a safe city by international standards. As in other cities, however, you should avoid late-night walks through deserted areas of the city or through unlit parks. Stockholm has an exciting night-life. As in most countries, being overly intoxicated is not accepted in most bars and clubs, and could lead to the security staff forcibly ejecting the trouble-maker.

Swedish people tend to binge-drink, and as usual, alcohol might fuel violence. Most crimes against tourists are crimes of opportunity, such as pick-pocketing, bicycle theft, skaruolmen theft, and auto vandalism. As always, do not leave valuable items in your car, and watch your bag in crowded places. Most shops and all major taxi companies accept credit and debit cards, so there is no need to carry a lot of cash.

Be more aware of your belongings in crowded areas such as festivals, skahrolmen, markets, airports, and public transport areas. Especially at night, avoid the suburbs on the far south end of the red metro line's Forex skarholmen branch, as well as forex skarholmen far north skarholmeb of the blue line, as skarhol,en crime is rife in these areas by Scandinavian standards.

Prefer the major cab companies Taxi Stockholm, Taxi KurirTaxi and Topcab to avoid overcharging, and have forex skarholmen better chance of having belongings lost in the car returned to you. During summer, groups of street gamblers try to scam their audience on Drottninggatan and in other touristed areas. They use a variety of tricks one of them being planting a few of their own in the crowd. Don't forxe, you will lose. Though Sweden has an extensive welfare system, and Stockholm has fewer homeless and impoverished people than other cities of similar size, impoverished people can occasionally be seen begging downtown.

You may also come upon beggars feigning disabilities, or handing out laminated begging cards on the subway. Buying food or water for someone begging is also a good way of helping, without risking that your money goes in the wrong hands. Stockholm is a very friendly to sexual minorities. Homophobic and transphobic attitudes will be met with outright hostility from forex skarholmen swedes.

All parties in the Swedish parliament take a radical standpoint against harassment and violence towards sexual minorities. Same-sex couples will have no trouble living openly in Stockholm, which includes holding hands or kissing in public around the city. Despite this fact, common sense should be used late at night in some areas as in any other city. Most places accept identification and a signature, but PIN-transactions are preferred. Finding a good toilet in Stockholm can be forex skarholmen.

That is also the cost of public toilet forex skarholmen found in most city squares though these might sarholmen messy so be sure to carry some 5 and 10 SEK coins. Restaurants' toilets are often reserved for customers, and might forex skarholmen messy depending on the establishment. Some good, clean toilets are found in Max at Norrmalmstorg, and forex skarholmen the bar Sturehof at Stureplan - the establishment is too fprex for crew to keep track of people borrowing the toilet.

Urinating in town is illegal, but urinals are often free even if you have to pay for a WC. The libraries, museums, and government buildings often have free, clean toilets. Most major hotels have clean lobby toilets. Some of them might be reserved for house guests and require an access code, but travellers can often get access to them on request. Since all Swedish apartments either have a washing machine or access to a communal laundry room, there are virtually no self-service laundries to be found in Stockholm, with one exception: Most youth forex skarholmen have washing machines.

Some dry cleaners offer to wash shirts skarholmdn bed linen as well, but this tends to be quite expensive. Swedish healthcare is generally of high quality, although you may have to face a long wait in emergency rooms. How fast you get to see the doctor is dependent on how ill you are and if others are forex skarholmen. If you have a small wound that needs stitches you will wait if there are victims of a car-accident.

But if you are in a bad car-accident you know you will get help first. Money, name or title won't help pass the queue. More information on hospital fees can be found on the Stockholm County information site []. In an emergencyalways call for SOS Alarm, for ambulance, police, fire forex skarholmen, air and sea rescue, mountain patrol, or priest on call. English-speaking operators are available. While information is officially given in Swedish only, the doctors can often speak some English.

The pharmacy market has recently been de-regulated, giving some competition to the state-operated monopoly chain Apoteket. Certified pharmacies have a green cross sign. You can buy over-the-counter medicine such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, throat and cough relief tablets or nose-sprays in almost any supermarket or convenience store. The tap water in Stockholm is of very high quality. There is no reason for buying bottled water.

It is also completely accepted to ask for skarholnen water in restaurants. Many places have a tap and glasses skkarholmen self-service. In Uppsala you can see the biggest cathedral in Scandinavia, Linnaeus' botanical gardens as well as Viking royal burial mounds and temple remains from the time when Uppsala was Sweden's capital. YOU CAN EDIT THIS PAGE! Just click any blue "Edit" link and start writing! From Wikitravel Earth : Europe : Scandinavia : Sweden : Svealand : Stockholm.

Jump to: navigationsearch. Norrmalm Norrmalm contains the central business district known as Citywith several department stores and shopping malls, museums, hotels and restaurants too many to mention, most of Stockholm's major theatres, and the central railway station. The pedestrian shopping street Drottninggatan runs in a north-south direction through the area, by the square Sergels Torg.

The forex skarholmen Skeppsholmen and Kastellholmen can be reached on foot. Vasastan is a mainly residential area, where the Odenplan square offers shopping and nightlife. The Stureplan square is a hub for upmarket shopping and nightlife. The Frihamnen cruise port is on the eastern edge. Gamla Stan An island with great waterfront views, the northern part of the Old Skarholmem is dominated by the Royal Palace and the Swedish Parliament. The rest of the island is a picturesque collection of old buildings and narrow cobblestone streets.

The adjacent island Riddarholmen holds a church and several old government buildings. The "bohemian" area south of Folkungagatan is occasionally nicknamed "SoFo", with obvious inspiration from SoHo. Shopping and exposing their offspring at the idyllic square Nytorget or just basking in the lovely park Vita Bergen. The cells have since been converted into small hotel rooms, and the sometimes macabre history of this historical complex is displayed in cabinets.

Kungsholmen Kungsholmen is an island at the western inner city, with Stadshuset Stockholm City Hall at its eastern tip. Further west, a collection of relaxed neighbourhood bars and restaurants can be found. Lilla Essingen and Stora Essingen are two smaller, mainly residential, islands that belong to the borough of Kungsholmen. Stockholm-Bromma Airport dominates the area. Solvalla is a prominent horse-race stadium. Kista is an international centre of information technology, fforex known for the busy shopping mall Kista Galleria and the landmark skyscrapers Kista Science Tower and Victoria Tower.

Northern Suburbs the Northern suburbs contain. Solna and Sundbybergjust north of central Stockholm, are two separate cities within the Storstockholm Greater Stockholm area. Solna is the home of Friends Arenathe region's largest stadium, the vast royal forex skarholmen and recreational area Hagaparkenand skqrholmen Karolinska Institutea leading institution of medical research. Haga slott palace in Hagaparken is currently the home of crown princess Victoria and her family.

Sundbyberg skagholmen the smallest municipality in Sweden and sometimes referred to as "Sumpan". Danderyd has the lowest income tax In Sweden and the Djursholm area displays some of the most expensive private homes in the whole country. The museum trail is always open and stretches many miles along public roads and pathways into the municipality Vallentuna. Vaxholm is the gateway to the northern Stockholm archipelagoand a ferry hub. The town has a great waterfront view and a quaint small-scale shopping area.

Sandhamna resort-island in the outer archipelago. Situated on a large island just east of central Stockholm it boasts affluent suburbs, small town centers and quaint rural areas. The islands also contain manors, farms, forests and beaches. To the south-west of the inner city, the borough Liljeholmen has a pleasant recreational area around lake Trekanten. Except Stockholm's southern suburbsit contains:. Create account Log in. Foorex Page Project Home Travellers' Pub Recent forfx Random page Help Report a problem Upload a picture Wikitravel Shared Contact Wikitravel.

What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link Page information. Skarhol,en Shared Wikipedia Open Directory World This page was last modified on 17 Marchat vorex Text is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. For other places with the same name, see Stockholm disambiguation. Stockholm is a huge city with several district articles containing sightseeing, restaurant, nightlife and accommodation listings — have a look at each of them.

See Stockholm with children for a family-oriented guide. Air quality is fourth best of the European capitals - behind Zurich, Copenhagen and Vienna. Districts [ edit ]. The Municipality of Stockholm extends beyond the inner city, including the forex skarholmen and southern suburbs. The inner city [ edit ]. Vasastan is a mainly residential area, where the Odenplan square offers shopping and nightlife. The Frihamnen cruise port is on the eastern edge.

The adjacent island Riddarholmen holds a church and several old government buildings. Kista is an international centre of information technology, also known for the busy shopping mall Kista Galleria and the landmark skyscrapers Kista Science Tower and Victoria Tower. The islands also contain manors, farms, forests and beaches. To the south-west of the inner city, the borough Liljeholmen has a pleasant recreational area around lake Trekanten.

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