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Game Variables Editor dont work on ETS 2 ver. Save and export economy. Truck and Trailers editor working fine but game variables dont work!!! Old and new profile dont work game variable change in this version ets2 studio v0. Please fix this bag for 1. Can you please send your mod file ets 2.1 trading system marin ets2studio.

I'll take a look, fix it, and mail it back. And, I'll see what the problem is, so I can ets 2.1 trading system it in the application itself. Thank you for reporting this! You may want to consider exactly what you are downloading. Which link are ets 2.1 trading system downloading from? Is it a fake advertisement "Download" button? HiI am here because I wanted to generate more cargo stuff for trucks in the game and someone told me about your tool. How about making some nice tutorials about what exactly your tools does?

This way people who is looking for something specific will be encouraged to use it and your mod would be more popular. Think about it; You're right - we need tutorials. Hopefully, we'll find someone who could write them. I would volunteer as a tutorial-writer English and German and I would also volunteer as a programmer. Our language, EN, change the.

Byand an error occurs on the requisition of the trailer in ETS2, and another bug is duplicate the folder name of the trailer, eg. Think of available videos of how to use and improve the bug commas. Sorry for not speaking their language, because we are a Latin country. Its know that I'm quite happy in using your software.

We'll release a hotfix later on today or tomorrow at the latest. It is to pass a version of the mod and fix it to version 1. I am newbie in the business Marin I've been trying to download your products, but was unable, coz the links are not working. I'm using Google Chrome. I also tried IE8. Can you give me some other links Sorry to hear that. Today or tomorrow at the latest we'll release a new version wit bug fixes. It will be hosted on more different hosts and we'll eliminate the adfly links.

So, hopefully you'll have more luck with downloading. Thanks for reporting the issue! I'm not able to use the option to lock the scs file. You could add more bases for creating standalone trailers. For now, that's all. This comment has been removed by the author. I am using Vista 64bit with Service 2 and can't get it to finis.

Instead I get an Access Error. My file system is NTFS. Tried to change permission without success. So far I could not finish any project or even save the project file. Got it to work, apparently something went wrong during install! I'm using the latest version on Windows 8. It didn't allowed me at first to open the trailer base of the tandem trailer. A couple of hours later it let me open it, but then I couldn't export the mod. It gives me the default C script error pop-up.

When adding a new truck out this error. Problem is, truck skins are not working. If you haven't set the 'Set skin as stock' option, your paintjob won't be visible at the dealer. It will only be visible at the workshop. Please check option trading perth help file for more hints about this. If nothing else works, feel free to send me the mod file, and I'll take a look.

I think it's because i was using capital letters in the skin name and nowhere else Thanks for the help though So i get the mod exported but it doesnt show up ingame, the log is error free and i have followed the tutorial. The mod loads but no skin visible : There seems to be a bug in the ETS2 Studio Software. The Cabin is not properly selected.

It will not show in the XXL or XLX cab configuration. If it is a Scania, obviously you can't use a MAN cabin. I made a little tutorial that points out this bug, if it is one. Also, I have a table with all standard cabin's at the end of the tutorial. Hi Marin, surprised to replay that quickly. I am on a different machine right now, so I didn't trace the fix all the way.

If this will fix it with the templates, then I will do that. It would be easier than editing the def file. Sometime the internet is just too vast to find the needle. I mean i can see the my unique trailer name there,but after few seconds the game will crash and i do not now why because everytime when i try to ets 2.1 trading system a trailer skin i use the help guide as a guide so that i now exactly what i must do.

So can you please help me with that,because i wrilly would like to make my own trailer skins. Thank you for your help in advance. Problem is, truck skins. Thanks Game log entry is There's a problem with the 'suitable for' option for cabs. Try leaving those as is when making a skin, and than see if it works. I can't save the base colour for a blue skin. I've made a yellow based skin before, and there it does save the base colour so my mirrors turned yellow.

But with a blue base colour selected my mirrors stay white. How do I solve this? It would be great if in the program had an option to block the mod's but for all the mod's and not only those created from the program This comment has been removed by the author. Where is the problem in this program because my hand-made skins aren't applied into in-game paintjobs list? Hi there i made a skin by hand and i done as said with the problems but the skin still does not show up for the trucks having issues getting my custom skins to show up in game.

I've done skins in the past with ets2 studio, and they work just fine. Any plans on a "How To" video? A new version is in the works, and the workflow will be completely different. We'll create a how to video for the new one. I followed that video step by step and my problem is the "Browse" boxes wont open for me to even go look for files so I say this needs to be tested on Windows 8 with your new version cause I cant get the "Browse" boxes to pop in and work.

At the time of development, I was using windows 8, so I'm sure it works. I also used windows 8. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm well ok, but your program I have has tons of bugs, one half of the truck side wont open for me, then I go to the trailer side of this program and the stuff that wont open on the truck side works but the other stuff won't so hey I'm hoping this new update is coming soon hello come report that when creating skins for trailers with standalones settings pieces that are part of the set of flares is in pink how to solve it, the other trailers not had this problem I still say this program needs a step by step tutorial on how this all works on ALL PC's, this program is NOT opening the proper tabs in the editor for me, I'm not understanding how it works on other PC's but not mines, I keep coming here looking for a updated version Are you having problems with Dropbox?

I tried to download the prog, but I get this message from DropBox: "Error This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! Guess we're kinda popular :D Right. I'll upload it somewhere else as soon as I get home from work. You really are, yes:. But I tried it again a few minutes ago and could download the file now. I was able to reset the Dropbox bandwidth, but I think that's a one-time only option. So, to be sure, I have set up the uploaded.

How bout a time frame on when a updated tool version will be available???????? You got ah million people TELLING you this tool has major problems Ets2 studio on mac? Marin, your program can be used to create new chassis? Or just for new skin creations? Awesome job, I have to pay more attention to handle well the program, this best congratulations. A new version is coming soon, and I can put it up for download as a zip as well. It should work without installation. When will you add the new Mercedes into ETS2Studio??

Regards: NordicTrucker If all goes to plan, it's going to be added this weekend. What do I have to do with that downloaded. Just unzip it and start using it. No need to install it. I made a skin for a trailer put the file was twice before and not press the game what to do? When I try to export mod for the new Actros, it shows that it couldn't find a part of a path. What ets 2.1 trading system I do? Try p roviding me with some more detail. Does it say what path? How did you import the new Actros?

Do you have any screenshots? Do you have administrator rights on your computer? When trying to reply to a comment here, I accidentally deleted it. Here's what the comment said: gongalov July 15, at AM Hi, it will be nice if you embed in E2S the ability to add info for the new manifest. We should have a public beta ready this weekend. Hi, how can I import a non-SCS trailer in ETS2Studio to skin it. I've figured out how to do that for trucks imported the new actros and some othersbut can't see a way to do that with trailers.

I can't open the file. Every time I try, Windows says: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. Does anyone know how to use a modded truck, such as a Kenworth T, as the base truck? I cannot figure it out. It works fine, its just I have to extract it every time. I want suggest share this software in more one file server like Mega or 4shared.

UL and Dropbox are slow for me in most of the time. Sorry my bad English, I translated with Google : This comment has been removed by the author. Hi ets 2.1 trading system better to aplikasi forex di android this file to Mediafire or mega upload except Uploaded. Hello friends can you help me how to add other mods trailer template in studio editor to make new trailer skin. Please send me any screen shot or videos related to this I have the problem that when i have skinned the trailer that the trailer has no wheels from a distance.

How can i avoid that? I use the 0. When is the new ETS2Studio out guys? I can't change the ets 2.1 trading system of the truck ingame. Hi, can you tell us more about how it's going with the new version? I made my own skin but my skin is messed up, its like all the logos where in random places!!! NET because it has viruses in the advertisements. I keep getting a notice from my ISP telling me some of the popup tabs that open up are Mal-Ware This would be from COX Communications.

Also if you have children that ets 2.1 trading system Uploaded. I have contacted UPLOADED about these things and they refuse to remove that shit, most likely because they would much rather make money off the ads than worry about other people's computers getting viruses, which can lead to Identity Theft. Yeah, I saw that shit, too. I'm adault though but I still live with my family. If they see that thing it would be so embarrassing.

I saw a naked woman on the upload download. I have a problem. When i use the MD Modding Fridge trailer to make a skin, my skin is flawless when i insert it into the studio, when i then get the modfile and enabled it in my game. The back end of the trailer is blurry, and the paintjob is like pixelated. Same like when you save a. And when i take the mod file.

So what i do to fix it, is replace it again, after mod file is made, rename it to scs again. And then everything is flawless again. Dont be in a rush to get some money out of these downloads. Some of them dont even work. Whenever I export a skin mod it crashes, is there a in-depth tutorial somewhere? I have found some on youtube and after following step by step it still crashes.

I am using inkscape for the designs then I transfer them over to GIMP to save a dds then upload them into ETS2 Studio. I am also having crashing issues when playing ATS and i have gotten it to work once but it was a test graphic. Why the link can not be downloaded Though I wanted to download it. Please immediately repaired as soon as possible. And please immediately respond This comment has been removed by the author. When, and how long must we wait for an ETS2 Studio update for ETS2 v1.

Or will we get old and grey? I'm on win7 ets 2.1 trading system Someone can help me? Sobald man im Spiel den Mod Aufruft wird das Spiel beendet. Wird eure neue Version des Studios die neue Version 1. You can not set any compatibility since the version window gray baleibt. Once the man in the game calls the mod, the game is finished. If your new version of the studio the new version 1. Would be a pity otherwise the studio is not to be used glaube das studio ist down ab der version This is the official download page for ETS2 Studio, where you'll find the latest available version.

If you don't mind ignoring a couple of advertisements, please use the Uploaded. That way we get a bit of money for each download, and it keeps our Dropbox alive, since it can't handle the amount of download traffic we're getting. Thank you very much for going for Uploaded. More people use it than other links. Despite that, you were busy little bees, and still managed to overload Dropbox.

Who knew our little app was so popular?! It should be ad-free like dropbox was. Do not redistribute this application without our permission! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Villadsen May 26, at AM Replies Marin Malnar May 26, at AM Bastian B. Villadsen May 29, at AM Kristoffer Norman June 3, at AM Replies Kristoffer Norman June 3, at AM Unknown June 8, at AM rotzgoof87 June 27, at AM ReignGAMING99 July 2, at PM Tuddley3 July 9, at PM Replies Kent Jackson July 18, at AM Kent Jackson July 18, at AM Dr Donkeypunch September 14, at AM marlon palmiste October 3, at AM marlon palmiste October 3, at AM jason warren October 4, at PM jason warren October 4, at PM jason warren October 4, at PM Joseph Godwin Kimani November 29, at PM Scruffy Guy December 31, at AM Hendra Ariful January 12, at PM Unknown January 13, at PM Ralph Sunshine February 8, at PM Menno Mulder February 26, at AM Menno Mulder February 26, at AM Unknown March 29, at AM Unknown March 29, at PM Lp Covermusic March 29, at PM ets 2.1 trading system April 7, at AM Lp Covermusic April 14, at PM Lp Covermusic April 14, at PM Add comment Load more Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Or, if you don't want to use ImRaising, here's a regular PayPal button I'm also accepting donations in the form of Steam inventory items - games, cards, gems, etc. Use this link to send your donations:. Mods Studio Public Beta is out!

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