Forex journal software

Then populate those choices with your own names to totally customize them. See your past, present and planned trades at a glance. Test all features and functions in action. The summary page always shows your win to loss ratio, your equity change, your average gain and loss, your number of wins to losses, and your consecutive wins and consecutive losses. Join these traders and thousands of others! Turn your forex trading data into information by doing an in-depth analysis of what is jounal you money and what is losing you money The Analysis tab allows you to create your own customized reports.

PJForex is an online web application for journaling and planning. PJForex is forx unmissable. Planner and Forex journal software for your Forex trades. You have complete control on your money. Your trades are well planned All your data is easily accessible Journall the Planner and Journal PJForex is the tool for you. PJForex is the Trading Journal Planner. Register now for softwwre free account. PJForex is designed for all Forex traders who wish to improve. PJForex allows jokrnal to keep all your trades organized and.

With PJForex you can plan your trades so that if you see a. PJForex allows you to incrementally comment your trades as jourjal. See the features page. PJForex is easy to use. PJForex is multiplatform; it works both on your computer and on. PJForex is secure, anything you insert is securely kept for. PJForex is the only Forex tool that allows you to forex journal software. PJForex is designed specifically for Forex traders.

PJForex speeds up your routine, we fill all the fields for you. PJForex makes it easy to journal your trades so that you are. The planning and journaling tool for all your Forex trades. Fix your strategy with the accurate history and reports. We automate everything we can so you can focus on what matters. Access to it from anywhere: Android, Ipad, Iphone, PC and Mac.

See your past, present and planned trades at a glance. All your data and trades is kept secure and accessible only to you. Comment and attach screenshots. Have everything always at hand. Improving your Forex Trading is made easy with PJForex. Because we keep all your trades safe, and you hournal never lose. Because it's easy to use, and there are plenty of features. Because you nournal share your trades easily with your. Because you can still have a hard copy of your journal, just. Because it does all the difficult parts for you.

Because it gives you all the control you need on your trades. Because it's the journaling solution you were looking for. PJForex is the planner and journal for all your Forex.

Importing Trade Data from MetaTrader 4 - MT4 into The4xJournal - Forex Journal Software

Trading journal software for serious traders trading stocks, futures, forex or CFDs. FREE to use and much better than a xls trading spreadsheet. Includes trade. Trading journal, portfolio management TradingDiary Pro will be your coach in your quest to The software supports intraday charts and calculates with intraday. Free Download. Try it Free before you buy it! you will only be able to see/retrieve your journal entries if you purchase the program and transfer the entries.

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