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Urethane is essentially a high. Custom balustrading can be sustems with a choice of different tints: clear, green, grey bronze, blue. Backed by a great team with many years of on-site experience. Yet the strength incorporated in the handrail has not impaired the creation of beautifully shaped rails with a choice of attractive and hard-wearing finishes that have better resistance to staining, weathering and tarnishing than stainless steel. Super strong and tested system.

We offer a variety of services from supply-only to a full supply and installation package. Use our easy and dynamic online pricing to get a real-time price on your balcony sizes, models and available options. Also feel free to call one of our friendly experts if you have any questions. Choose below from the different systems, each system gives its own advantages and options, ranging from the classic Balcony System through to the fully frameless.

This system allows for up to 3. When posts are required, they can curved balustrade systems up to 1. It allows for 4. The SG10 Semi Frameless balustrade has only a handrail on top and uses 15mm clear toughened glass. This system allows for uninterrupted views without limitation of lengths or sizes and requires no posts at all. The SG10 Fully Frameless design does not have a handrail on top and uses Available in 4 standard colour finishes: White powder coating, Silver Anodised, Bronze Anodised and Balcony Systems' Proprietary Royal Chrome Anodised finish.

All finishes come with Balcony Systems' 10 year Guarantee. Custom balustrading can be supplied with a choice of different tints: clear, green, grey bronze, blue. All glass types can be supplied with the unigue double sided self cleaning glass coating. There is no doubt that a glass balustrade adds elegance to any home or commercial property.

A glass banister, glass balustrading or a glass balcony, are stylish features that work handsomely in almost any decorative or architectural context. They combine their own beauty with less obstructed views and the practicalities of wind-breaking, durability and easy curved balustrade systems and maintenance. But technology has moved forward in the direction of better glass balustrade design and greater flexibility of choice. By making technical improvements in the design of the glass balustrade structure we have been able to integrate the strength of precision-engineered handrail profiles, lighter glass and strong supporting base.

The result is light, strong state-of-the-art glass balustrading that requires very few, and in some cases no, vertical supports. These improvements mean we can offer you a more versatile range of glass curved balustrade systems design options. Combining our technical advances with traditional concepts, we can offer curved balustrade systems basic glass balustrade designs. They range from the all-glass system through less expensive alternatives. Yet we retain the desirable visual appeal of all-glass balustrading and provide a wider range of aesthetic and financial opportunities for you to achieve the effect you want to create.

Our glass balustrading is tough, resilient and virtually maintenance-free. Even keeping it clean is easy, particularly if you choose the option of our self-cleaning coatings. The secret of how we have combined lightness and strength in our innovative glass balustrading lies in large measure in the design of the aluminium handrail. Yet the strength incorporated in the handrail has not impaired the creation of beautifully shaped rails with a choice of attractive and hard-wearing finishes that have better resistance to staining, weathering and tarnishing than stainless steel.

The glass for our balustrades has a choice of four different tints. It can also be supplied with a unique double-sided, self-cleaning coating. Our glass balustrade systems can be used on balconies, banisters and decking. They provide strong, beautiful and cost-effective alternatives to traditional railings or other glass balustrading systems with considerable practical and financial advantages. We are always pleased to provide assistance and technical support and to answer your questions promptly.

To find out more about our glass balustrade systems, please contact us. Glass Balustrades applications The Balcony System Glass Balustrade is a unique glass balustrade system, mainly relying on the strength of the handrail and thus allowing wider spans of glass than any other balustrade system. The Balcony 1 System Balustrade has a 70mm diameter handrail and with the new 72X72mm square Newel post can be used on stairs. The principle of the system remains the same using the combined strength of the precision engineered handrail profiles and the strength of the glass.

When a railing profile is used in the manufacture process of balustrades and handrails it requires to be notched, cut, tapped and drilled. These processes will of course penetrate the protective anodised layer. The beauty of using aluminium profiles for railings lies in curved balustrade systems natural traits of the material. It also sometimes referred to as a frameless glass balustrade or a cantilevered glass balustrade.

The basic idea is simple and the same throughout all types of structural glass balustrades and is based on two engineering principles; a strong base that can clamp the glass panel with thick and strong glass panels that can resist the bending moments and loads imposed on it. Our balustrade combines the strength of the handrail, glass and when needed posts, it is unique in nature and no other system on the market works in this fashion, and as such it allows different options than the other systems.

There are a number of principles that the Balcony Systems Balustrade is built upon, the main ones are listed here below, these are sometimes used in combination withone another. Balconette in Blindley Heath are recruiting enthusiastic and hardworking people for various vacancies. Please read the post to see the vacan How much does glass balustrade weight?

Light and easy to install, Balcony Systems glass balustrades impose a much smaller load on your balco Balcony Systems Solutions Ltd supplied a clear glass Juliet balcony for a South London family whose major home extension project was featured on Channel 4's Double Your House for Half the Money with Sarah Beeny. Castleoak, a leading care sector development and construction company, specified clear glass Juliette balconies from Balcony Systems for its latest care project to make the most of magnificent lakeside views in South Lanarkshire.

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Glass Balustrades Balcony 1 System. Circular Handrail Balcony 2 System. Loft Juliet Balcony in London. SELF CLEANING GLASS COATING. Registered in England under company registration no. Registered Office: Unit 6, Systems House, Eastbourne Road, Blindley Heath, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6JP, United Kingdom. Tel:Fax: In order to provide you with the best online experience this website uses cookies.

By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. This system has a unique and stylish aerofoil-shaped handrail. Super strong and tested system. The most proven track record. Curved option are readily available. Balustrades Corners and Mitre Protection Plates. Glass balustrades water drainage. Spacing between glass panels. Glass that keeps itself cleaner.

Building regulation, British standards and loadings. Types of glass railings or balustrades.

Revit Custom Glass Railing - A How To Guide

Choose a Glass Balustrade for your balcony or terrace. Get a quote and order glass balustrade online. Low price and high quality Glass Balustrades in UK. The /2" Polyurethane Balustrade System is a great balustrade system to add style and elegance to any home or commercial project. Curved Railing Bella Railings is one of the ONLY local installers able to do Curved railings. Click images below to view gallery. As Seen On: Ask About.

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