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Nobody out there cares more about your financial well-being than you and the people on the Rule 1 Team. Potions leaping isn't optiona, but leaping in is required to attain the skill. She has a great attitude toward learning her craft and perfecting her strategies, something I think all of us can learn from. Because some of my accounts by law are limited to certain restrictions, I have to enter positions differently. You will learn: P.

What would you like to do? Does Traders Edge Live by Joey Miller work? Would you like to merge this question into it? Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Merge this question into. Split and merge into it. I'm doing better than Joey promised in his seminar. I was doing OK before going. I went primarily because my wife agreed to go with me. It's hard to teach joye mate something technical and I wanted her to have a cash-flow skill to help her better survive should anything happen to me.

Turned out I learned stuff also. I'm an engineer and tweaking stuff is in my DNA. Back-testing think computer simulation for engineers gives a good indication if the changes have possibilities. Paper trading think prototyping gives you a chance to see if it works with other than EOD End of Day data. Paper trading also has some limitations that users must become familiar with.

Only live, real money trading proves your ideas. Joey's seminar is geared joey miller options trading the new trader so he must necessarily limit some of the nuances joey miller options trading managing a trade that has the potential of greatly improving the results. Although I now do training using my enhanced methods, Milller would still recommend Joey's seminar. Live long and prosper. Was this answer useful? Investing and Financial Markets. Jon Provost, the familiar Timmy of the Provost-Lockhart Lassie period, as a flag of convenience the Provost-Lockhart Lassie is still al … ive, as is Miss Lockhart.

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Mar 23,  · This Site Might Help You. RE: Is Joey Miller and Traders Edge Live a scam? I went to a recent seminar and saw some of the stock trading and forex. traders edge live, joey miller, credit spread, cash flow seminar, advanced summit, training classes, DVD of the month club, Proven Trades. There was some blog discussion yesterday on a recent Trade that Joey Miller teaches in one of our advanced courses on cash flow trading that may have.

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