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Switch to Threaded Mode. Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts. How long is a piece of string. Registered in England and Wales. As I said it is only an idea and I have no clue whether this is the case since I don't have access to institutional data. CS to VB feed by DeskLancer. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

Welcome to the Traders Laboratory. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Spoke to rep from ICAP EBS - data is price changes only. You can get the actual volume, but you need to be trading through them. Not really a viable option. I spoke to my "trainer" from Reuters on setting up a few things - they really do have sweet features. Do you still use Reuters? For trading FX, my setup now is:. Last edited by jf; at AM. This of course needs to be checked mathematically. But if this is the case there might not be any additional information advantage.

Could you post a comparison chart of a lower timeframe? When observing the chart I want to ebs forex feed what it looks like when EBS has a bar with ticks and the ECN bar has ticks Forsx first question that comes to my mind when seeing such a large tick difference is:. If EBS can be used as a leading indicator Using CQG, I am able to receive EBS datafeed for currencies. When comparing charts I see that EBS charts are alot more smoother with less noise. In combination with tick volume, I am able to read volume for EBS data.

Do most traders here have accesss to EBS data? I understand EBS is not available to everyone? If so, why not? Why would anyone trade Foreign Exchange without EBS datafeed when there is ebs forex feed an advantage for those have access to it? Chart below shows side by side comparison. I have attached a picture of what I mean. The main idea is that there ebss be arbitrage opportunities between platforms that are available to institutional investors and the ones available for retail investors.

Ebs forex feed I said it is only an idea and I have no clue whether this is the case since I don't have access to institutional data. Ebs forex feed regards and happy fed. Most of the 'retail platforms' are MT4 connected to a bookie. Retail 'traders' are just taking bets with a bookie. Geed bookie that can manipulate the prices in a variety of ways. You will find it hard to get bets on in a timely fashion. As the bookie is the counter party, should you find a way of exploiting these short term fluctuations they will simply not take your bets forexx more close your account.

Or they may just flag you refer to dealer in which case you will be filled 20 seconds later if price has moved against you at your original price or re quoted a worse price outside the market if things are moving in your favour. There eebs a couple only a couple of notable exceptions, broker that provide retail traders access to real interbank liquidity.

Of course as the banks are connected to these networks you would be arbitraging against their the banks price discrepancies not retail traders. Imvho you are driving up a cul de sac FJM. They gave me this solution and is cleaner in terms of operations as you will only need to deal with one counterparty where your funds are. The time now is AM.

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opteck forex peace army Hence by protecting our clientsâ interests, we protected the interests of the company as a whole Advanced Markets: able to mitigate the. Feb 09,  · How much does marketmaker broker prices differ from EBS bid/ask they want so yes they can influence the feed to Capital Forex give you a. EBS Live Ultra to provide data at 5ms intervals announced that it has further enhanced its EBS Live Ultra data feed, Forex Factory. Home Forums Trades News.

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