Ontario biodiversity strategy 2011

It connected people from across the province and around the world to talk about, celebrate and take action to protect biodiversity. Our World, Ontario is a 7-minute video that shares the wonder of biodiversity in Ontario and what you can do to help conserve it. You may copy and re-distribute any of the Environmental Bill of Rights information on this web site provided that the contents remain unchanged and the source of the contents is clearly referenced. What Can You Do? We encourage everyone to appreciate and protect biodiversity. They work together to support stewardship agencies to contribute to biodiversity conservation and environmental health. Ontario Biodiversity Ontario biodiversity strategy 2011 What Can You Do?

To fully experience the site, click here to learn how to activate Javascript in your browser. Please upgrade your browser. To fully enjoy the site, click here to get upgrade your browser. Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth. It includes all living things and biodigersity ways they interact with each other and their environment. Simply put, biodiversity is life.

There are three levels of biodiversity: genetic diversity — the variety of genetic information contained in individual plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms; species diversity — the variety of species; and ecosystem diversity — the variety of habitats, ecological communities and ecological processes. Biodiversity is about being connected. All species, including humans, depend on each other to ontario biodiversity strategy 2011. Humans depend, directly and indirectly, on biodiversity for clean air and water, food and fibre, tourism, and amazing outdoor experiences like hiking, fishing and canoeing.

In order to protect biodiversity we have to understand it. This reporting site includes indicators that summarize data from monitoring programs to evaluate progress in achieving each ontario biodiversity strategy 2011 the 15 Targets and status and trends in three biodiversity theme areas: pressures on biodiversity; state of ecosystem, species and genetic diversity; and, bildiversity and sustainable use.

To learn more about the site and its features click here. Carden Alvar Spotted Salamander Hudson Bay Lowlands tundra Lake St. Clair marsh Sugar Maple forest Tri-coloured Bumblebee on False Sunflower. Why is Biodiversity Important? Why Report on biodiiversity State of Biodiversity? We encourage everyone to appreciate and protect biodiversity. Recommended citation: Ontario Biodiversity Council. State of Ontario's Biodiversity [web application]. Ontario Biodiversity Council, Peterborough, Ontario.

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Why Biodiversity Matters

The purpose of this notice is to inform the public that a draft Biodiversity: It’s in Our Nature, Ontario Government Plan to Conserve Biodiversity is available for. Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy was first released in and renewed in It sets out the direction for biodiversity. The Ontario Biodiversity Council has released a renewed biodiversity strategy for the province, calling on government, conservation groups, industry and all Ontarians.

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