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For example, Barracuda provides security networks and products that protect email and web surfing against viruses and frex, among other threats. For A Limited Time GET ACCESS to trading indicators, robots, live training, signals, and webinars. The Bottom Line Predicting the length of U. Tired of loosing money? Callum Henderson Technical Analysis Currency Strategy.

For the first time in history, more people live in urban areas than rural areas. With the population shift, metropolitan areas will be reaching tipping points in regards to infrastructurehousing, and the environment. They face increasing cybersecurity and terrorism risks. So-called "smart cities" are tackling these challenges by leveraging technologies like broadband internet, the internet of things IoT and the cloud.

A broad range of U. Cities like Singapore, London, New York, Paris and Tokyo can achieve 30 percent reductions in crime and energy use and 20 percent reduction in water loss and traffic delays by deepening investments in technology, according to a recent Bank of America report. Companies involved in cybersecurity, electric profting, IoT, sensors, surveillance and telecom infrastructure should see demand rapidly increase with urbanization.

Multinational companies, especially those with aggressive technology strategies, have high exposure to these smart cities. Choosing the right investments from this group should give investors a great opportunity to capitalize on the challenges of increasing populations. Bank of America has identified stocks that have exposure to smart cities, and has ranked them according to low, medium and high exposure.

Below we look at the top U. International Business Machines Corp. Constantly innovating new products and discarding outdated strategies, IBM has high exposure to smart cities, according to Bank of America. Profiting in forex also: IBM Launches Enterprise-Ready Blockchain Service. AMTowner and operator of infrastructure for wireless broadcast communications, is also well positioned to leverage urban population foerx in areas that are rapidly adopting technologies.

And technology giants Intel Corp. GE and Honeywell International Inc. HONwhich provide building automation systems, have medium exposure to smart cities, according to Bank of America. See also: Manufacturing Giants Back U. See also: Google Releases Amazon Profitig Competitor Google Home. VMW and Symantec Corp. These firms have significant business worldwide in cybersecurity efforts proviting to be in higher demand with the profiting in forex of urbanization.

For example, Barracuda provides security networks and products profiting in forex protect email and web surfing against viruses and spyware, among other threats. See also : Barracuda Networks Rises on Robust Q3. First Solar has a massive presence in utility-scale energy, and SunPower is a dominant player in residential and commercial solar energy products. See also: A Look at Solar Energy Earnings. In the renewable energy and utilities sector, NextEra Energy Inc. PCG are among U.

GM and Ford Motor Co. Fthe first and second largest automakers in the U. Their high-tech car models help give them medium exposure to increased demands in efficient transportation, according to Bank of America. See also: General Motors Vs. Ford: Which is the Better Buy? In healthcare, Intuitive Surgical Inc. Intuitive Surgical stock is up In the water and waste sector, Ecolab Inc.

Proditinga public utility company in the U. Term Of The Day A market structure in which a small number of firms has the profiting in forex majority of market TradeStation's Evolution into Online Broker Dealer. Financial Advisors Sophisticated content for financial advisors around investment strategies, industry trends, and advisor education.

Smart Cities: Companies Profiting from Urban Challenges. By Rebecca McClay Updated March 23, — AM EDT. Information and Communications Technology ICT Infrastructure. Safety and Security Platforms. Healthcare, Waste and Water. Related Articles According to virtually every profitin, there's no escaping the burgeoning Internet of Things IoT market. Estimates about the speed of adoption vary, but most pundits expect IoT to impact most The old-guard tech company continues its push into IoT with a new cloud-based solution to provide cities with real-time data and improve decision making.

Here's a look at American cities that have seen drastic population decline in the last few years and the financial reasons why people are moving out. Genpact will combine its analytics expertise with the US firm's Smart City Technology Platform. As a business, Citi has everything going for it. Learn the top five cities worldwide that are attracting the most high-net-worth individuals, and discover factors that make a city appealing to the ultra-rich. New York City tops the list of most expensive cities in the US, and five of them are located in California.

Discover the connection between industrialization and urbanization and profitung how economic growth increases the demand for IBMAMTINTCCSCO. No thanks, I prefer not making money.

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