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Engineering Change: A revision to a drawing or design released by engineering to modify or correct a part. Members affirm their resolve to strengthen and improve. Expeditious arbitration within the WTO as an alternative. The preventive controls for human food rule specifies that a PCQI is a qualified individual who has successfully completed training in the development and application of risk-based preventive controls at least equivalent to that received under a standardized curriculum recognized as adequate by FDA or be otherwise qualified through job experience to develop and apply a food safety system. This is the port reported to the U. Break-Even Point: The level of production or the volume of sales at which operations are neither profitable nor unprofitable. Developing countries were sidelined and one delegate even physically barred from a meeting, according to the previous link.

The Central America Free Trade Agreement CAFTA is an expansion of NAFTA to five Central American nations Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaraguaand the Dominican Republic. It was signed May 28,and passed through the U. House of Representatives by one vote in the middle of the night by the U. Congress on July 27, Visit sm hypermarket forex rates CAFTA Damage Report to see Public Citizen's analysis of some of the most unfortunate "Yes" votes that helped pass CAFTA.

CAFTA is based on the same failed neoliberal NAFTA model, which has displaced family farmers in trade partner countries, exacerbated the "race to the bottom" in labor and environmental standards and promoted privatization and deregulation of key public services. CAFTA proponents promised that the deal would bring prosperity to Central America, causing violence and immigration to the United States to decline.

The opposite has happened. Central America is facing unprecedented levels of gang and drug-related violence, and immigration from Central America to the United States has surged. Evidence suggests that CAFTA itself has contributed to the economic instabilityfeeding the region's increase in violence and forced migration. Non-commercial use of text and images in which Public Citizen holds the copyright is permitted, with attribution, under the terms and conditions of a Creative Commons License.

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Email Sign Up Donate Now. Central America Free Trade Agreement CAFTA. CAFTA's Decade of Empty Promises Haunts the TPP July 28, Find out more on the blog: Read the latest updates on CAFTA on Eyes on Trade. Chart: See all corporate investor-state cases launched under U. Railroad Development Corporation RDC vs Guatemala. Pacific Rim Cayman LLC vs Republic of El Salvador. Commerce Group Corporation vs Republic of El Salvador. Updated Factsheet:Job-Killing Trade Deficits Surge under FTAs: U.

Prosperity Undermined: The Status Quo Trade Model's Year Record of Massive U. Trade Deficits, Job Loss and Wage Suppression August 20, Updated Chart: Table of Foreign Investor-State Cases and Claims under NAFTA and Other U. Experience Shows Structural Incentives Favoring Corporations in Investor-State System Not Fixable via Changes to Trade Pact Terms December 15, Failed Trade Policy and Immigration: Cause and Effect February 21, Rebutting Misleading Industry Claims on Investor-State Case that Ignored CAFTA Annex November 17, CAFTA Investor Rights Undermining Democracy and the Environment: Commerce Group Case November 15, CAFTA Investor-State Ruling: Tribunal Ignores CAFTA Annex, Cites Another Tribunal to Rule against Guatemala July 19, CAFTA Investor Rights Undermining Democracy and the Environment: Pacific Rim Mining Case May 26, Key Activities to Defeat CAFTA May 24, CAFTA Liaisons: Skip the Roses and Chocolates: Members of Congress Providing Decisive Votes on Trade Deal Receive Jump in Corporate Campaign Cash - Public Rule based trading system wto Divorce February Contributions to Public Citizen are not tax-deductible.

Time to Restore a Balanced, Rules-Based Multilateral Trading System

Lawyers for the European Union and other trading partners have begun laying the groundwork for a legal challenge to a United States border tax proposal that could. World Trade Organization (English) Organisation mondiale du commerce (French) OrganizaciĆ³n Mundial del Comercio (Spanish). Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) The Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) is an expansion of NAFTA to five Central American nations.

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