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Mon - Fri - UK. Use your device network services. Enjoy online metals trading with ThinkMarkets - your home of great pricing, fast execution and leading trading technology. They have realised that traders want the convenience of trading from our mobile phones… In this article I will show you all the best options for trading Forex mobile trading. You may lose trae than you invest.

Technology Personalized Tech Blog with a focus on personal and consumer technology. The best place for meaningful tech news, views and reviews. M any people have made and lost trade forex windows phone 8 by trading on the well known Forex marketand thanks to its success, many developers have created apps for those who want to try their luck at currency exchange. Therefore, those that either want to start learning the Forex trade, or who want to be on top of all the financial news and make quick trades, have at their disposal lots of Forex apps for practically all mobile devices.

These Forex apps for mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes, each bringing new advantages to those that rely on them. If you have used similar services in the past, some of these names will be very familiar, as they are the mobile apps of the respected companies that users have made trades on. As mentioned before, there are lots of Forex apps out there. Many of them are available on different platforms, such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows Phone, which means that practically everyone interested in Forex trading will have the possibility to install them.

Also, keep in mind that some of these apps are specialized in providing one kind of information, and truth be told, it would pretty hard to make one app that would be able to provide everything a Forex trader would need, so if one app does not satisfy your needs, then you might want to look at some others that have other features. Bloomberg is one of the best known and relied upon sources for financial information of all.

Most of the Forex traders that are interested in viewing the latest business news and charts rely on this easy to use app. Its simple user interface and top notch quality have made it a favorite in its field. Its intuitive user interface gives it the advantage, as it is very simple to navigate the app and access all the information that it provides. Another great app for Forex traders is Trade Trade forex windows phone 8. It offers a host of features crafted especially for those who want to do serious trading on Forex what is the best binary options signals CFD.

Its interface is simple to read and it provides live information, graphs and many other tools for analysis. Also, it allows users to view live charts and all of this in a compact, but well designed user interface that works blazing fast and is very reliable. If you want to trade stocks with the help of a very reliable app that is easy to use and has a awesome looking user interface, then you must try out OANDA fxTrade. The app features live charts, easy buy trade forex windows phone 8 sell options and lots of other features that might come in handy to a good Forex trader.

This simple app can come in handy if you ever need a reliable currency converter. Supporting over different currencies, this app can convert from anything to anything else in the blink of an eye. Also, as part of the latest updates, it now supports real-time charts and historical data. Being developed by Apple, the app has a premium build and it works flawlessly. If you plan on having at all times the latest information in the financial world, like live quotes or real-time charts, then you can try out FOREXYARD.

This is a very simple to use app that can keep you informed of all the changes between different currencies. Forex trading is all about anticipating when a currency will be best to buy, so that, in comparison to another currency, you will be able to sell it off for a profit. But knowing when the time is right to make your move is more of an art, and if you know every event and news article about finances and other related areas, you will be able to make great decisions.

This app is a great news app for forex Traders. MBT Mobile is a well known name for Forex traders, as this awesome app allows them to view their account balances easily and also provides top notch information in real time for those who want to be on the lookout for the deal of a lifetime. Also, it allows users to customize what currencies they see, so they can focus on the ones that count. Even though this app is still in its infancy, it still deserves the attention of interested Forex traders.

It features all the ususal features that one might find in any of the other apps, and all of these goodies are wrapped in a very well designed user interface that looks good and moves fast. Although each of these apps are very well designed and they provide top notch services to all their users, keep in mind that the world of Trade forex windows phone 8 trading is constantly on the move and it pretty hard to get started.

Do lots of research before you try to give it a shot. Also, for those that have been in this business for some time now, they will find these Forex apps very useful, as they provide everything from news to daily currency rates and all kinds of other useful information. Tech Blog with a focus on personal and consumer technology. By Ionut Nedelcu 4 years ago. SHARE TWEET SHARE EMAIL LinkedIn Print Reddit Pocket 28 shares.

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Jul 11,  · then these 13 Forex apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and others will give you the those that either want to start learning the Forex trade. Windows Phone. BlackBerry and Windows 8, access fxTrade and we want to ensure they have the requisite mobile apps they need to trade forex with OANDA. mt4 Windows 8 downloads - Free Download Windows 8 mt4 forex trade alert forex trading alert forex alert metatrader4 alert mt4 alert metatrader5 alert mt5 alert.

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