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In contrary to lot of stuff that is offered over the internet, your system, to me, sounds the most trustable and reliable one. Keep up the good work. Discover how automated trading enables you to: April 15, Sometimes, you head out on a trail with a specific route mapped out. PLS CONTACT ME ON mmetilesedi gmail. Can i have a copy of your strategy? We believe it is time to open a new Topic dedicated to Money Management.

OptionWin makes no investment recommendations and does not provide. All the content and tools are provided on the. Any security symbol Stock. Options trading has inherent risks and is not suitable for all investors. An investor should tradiny their own due diligence before trading. Track all the Stocks where there is unusual options activity compared to previous 5 days.

Unusual activity includes all options where there is increase in Volume, Implied Volatility or Open Interest. Check the TREND of all the stocks. See when to BUY or SELL your favourite Stock. Get precise Entry and Exit points. Stock Trade Ideas Now you can identify a trend change in a Stock on an Intraday basis. Stock Trend Changes Are the ebpok on your stock Expensive or Cheap? Get the latest Implied Volatility Reports. Get the latest Option Trade Ideas with over a dozen strategies.

Trade Ideas Stock Trend Changes Stocks Scan. Trade Ideas Option Chain Max Pain Strategy Builder Standard Deviation Option Reports. Volume Implied Volatility Open Interest Volatility Ranking. Implied Volatility Tdading Volatility Open Interest Trends Markets Strategies. Naked Put Covered Call Put Credit Spread Call Calendar Spread Put Ratio Spread Bearish.

Call Credit Spread Put Calendar Spread Call Ebkok Spread Neutral. Iron Butterfly Long Call Butterfly Long Put Tradin Short Call Butterfly Short Put Butterfly Trading strategies ebook Trdaing Double Diagonal Long Straddle Short Straddle Long Trading strategies ebook Short Strangle Tradding Talk Support. Feedback ContactUs FAQs Site Tour. Proven Trading Strategies for Indian Markets. Supercharge your trading results by subscribing: Stock Trading System with Entry, Exits and Stop Loss.

Back testing of the Stock Trade System. Intraday Stock Trend Change Report. Complete Options Analysis with updates on new trade ideas. Supercharge your trading results using:. Stock Trading System with Entry, Exits and Stop Loss. For free trial Signup Now. Unusual volume activity Data as on: Apr Unusual IV activity Data as on: Apr Unusual OI activity Data as on: Apr Stock Trade Ideas '.

Stock Trend Changes '.

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Best day trading strategies demonstrates momentum breakouts that occur on follow through days. Learning breakouts can be important for savy day traders. Website holds collection of Forex trading strategies and systems free for everyone to explore. Forex forum is open for strategies discussions. Welcome!. Day Trading. Profit From Intra-Day Volatility. MaketGauge was founded by floor traders and industry leaders in day trading strategies based on the market's Opening Range.

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