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I will discuss selling RAI Reynolds American, Gilead GILDNSA National Storage and CTO Consolidated Tomoka, along with reinstating WPG. My goodness this has been a busy eventful month for the Unp stock options with the presidential election, 10 year T bond yield hugely escalating, and the stock market gyrating, rotating its sectors. I hope you have been enjoying the ups and the downs of the sector rotation. Those holdings actually performed quite well with revenues in the green along with dividend raises, but the stock prices saw downside moves.

The seeing GREEN part of dividend raises and revenue up beats has been over shadowed by those price declines. Seeing Green is much prettier too! I love it a lot more. Great businesses getting whacked by being over priced was bound to happen, but I did mostly nothing other than trim some holdings. The Equity REITs were just such a sector, now called real estate, of being over priced and over bought for the nice dividend yields they offered, but the question that many never asked was: Did they really historically offer the CORRECT yields for the risk?

As that is another topic I will not discuss here but could. It might not be over yet for some sectors that were actually considered defensive: like consumer staples, Healthcare, Utilities and Tele-Com. The Fed most likely will raise rates in December and probably many times inif what we read is to be believed. I repeat: This down side in pricing might not be over yet, it could be, but no one really knows. Some stocks got hit more than others, with previous interest rate raises speculation.

That is if, and only if, I do not change anything. Could we have unp stock options spared some of this downside price hurt? Many wrote about trimming the holdings and some even talked about hedging. In an excellent article here in July of this year, The Fortune Teller cautioned us all to beware of this mispricing, at least with the equity REITs. Gosh, Halloween in July, a bit early to think about it, as all was going so well and the prices of many of these was actually rising, O and DLR were I few I owned, and still do own.

Many authors were actually still saying to buy cautiously, unp stock options finally many started to put on the brakes. Brad Thomas did say to trim O, so now I knew things must be getting serious. This mention by Brad and The Fortune Teller caused me to trim. I at least listened to that part, but had unp stock options idea about how to hedge, much less short a stock or even use options, but I did some trimming of O, DLR, and VTR.

I also trimmed some utilities, WEC, SO and D. Not much, but a token trim. It is like cutting an arm off a well loved teddy bear. Here is a Fast Graph for O for the past 12 years. I ask myself: was I paying close attention? It has my attention now, and I see it is just continuing on its downward path. What do you think? The red line in the above chart is the dividend yield which you can see unp stock options going down too. That should have been a strong message to most everyone, especially me, that O was over bought and getting more so.

With interest rates rising possibly this December what are you thinking of that chart right now? Is the price going down some more or will it go up? None of us truly know. I sold my first call options on O this week as I think it will go down even more, as the signs I see all point to just that. I will reveal those options later. I made a nice chart that will appear at the end of the article. The unp stock options Halloween of October may be over, but the red of the equity REIT prices maybe not.

Does this quality company deserve it? Yes, but others are possibly over sold, such as the healthcare REITs with amazing higher yields, such as CCP and OHI. But then again, they might be more risky. But the over bought ones, with the lower yields such as VTR might still have some down side. However, they all can have downside as the market sometimes takes a whole sector along for the ride.

In the end, when ever that ride might end, these will be profitable holdings in the LONG term. If you like the green of the dividend and portfolio value, then this is no issue, just ignore seeing red and just "Love" those Green Dividends. Of course, I must make no changes. I saw profit taking with this land company in Florida, Daytona Beach to be specific. It offers the possibility of potentially becoming a REIT in It has a terrible dividend yield of 0.

It also was a very small token position which I decided I didn't really care to build it up. I wanted a storage REIT. I like and still do like NSA. At the time of sale, I had a small holding. Another one to say good-bye to. I broke even on it. It remains on my want unp stock options if the price goes lower. I have cash tied up in other option puts, so can not sell a put on it. Did you understand that, I hope so.

I unp stock options just plain given up on this healthcare drug company, and decided I didn't need a growth stock like it. It ran up in price right after the election and offered an excellent price for me to off load my shares without out too much of a loss, barely much of one. Unp stock options will be used for the small cap losses in our taxable account. I added to my BDX holding with the cash. Smiling in fact about the switch.

Now, many thought RAI to be over priced and it probably was, I got lucky with this take over. I never look GOOD LUCK in the face and wave it off. I finally sold all my shares. I sold first in the Roth accounts and finally decided to take the gains in the taxable where I also sold GILD for a little loss. Could the RAI price eventually go higher?

Well, maybe, but it's too late for me. I am seeing green and I have some cash for bargains or maybe even some for option puts. This is a Maryland equity REIT that had its CEO Glimcher step down earlier this year. However, I did make a killing on the share price at the time and got some really great dividends, all in my Roth. In the mean time the price has been holding steady. Even so, I think it stands at or near a buy for almost anyone that cares to speculate a bit. Remember, I am no expert, but Brad Thomas did think there were no troubles with new management.

The historical yield has been It currently is 9. I like the lack of volatility. That offers a bit of a margin of safety in my eyes. Other authors including BDC Buzz have mentioned its quality-safety, and I liked that as well. This is a very small starter position and only 0. I now have 8 BDCs in my Financial BDC portfolio. Here is a summation chart of the 86 holdings by sectors alone without any companies being revealed. In a September article I mentioned I was starting to learn how to sell covered calls and cash covered puts.

It expired "worthless", so I got to keep the shares. Now, in hind sight, I should have picked a lower strike price, as I did want to sell those shares. I ended up adding to my holding this week. Still great company and now trading at a much better lower price. Nov 18 thFriday saw this option expire worthless. DEO did get a bit higher, but never really made it close. This is one of my best option results for now. I lost just a bit on it.

So, I guess, it's a win-win in that manner, as I paid less than the going rate at the time. So, I have a question for you all. How do you do it? FYI: this transaction was in unp stock options Roth, so no issues with taxes to consider for the future. Most all are just 1 option or shares. I indicate those in the type column if more than 1 option. My list is getting longer. I am either a real idiot and hope you will tell me so, or a true genius, which I doubt. I am sharing and showing what trouble I can get into.

As my parents always told me in a loving way, I knew how to find interesting pursuits. I hope we can learn together and I get much valuable insightful help with this new endeavor. That was the idea for me. CVX not so much. I think they mostly will be going lower and the time aspect to these options helps keep them with me for a bit. All I can lose here are shares of stock or my dignity if the prices go wrong, but I so love learning.

Happy Thanksgiving, as there is much in life to give thanks for, family, friends, religion and all of you on SA. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. I present a nice chart of all my new options and discuss results of the 3 that expired recently.

I can't get enough of it all: SEEING RED that is. Disagree with this article? Follow RoseNose and get email alerts.

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