What does cap and trade system mean

Published on November 24, In the United States Environmental Protection Agency became aware of heightened occurrences of acid rain in the Midwest and the Northeast. Climate and energy The problem. Want to write for us? Subscribe to The New York Times. Do not miss your latest complete newspaper edition.

Do you know that we are the only ones to offer a complete news coverage of local, regional and national news? Benefit from it, by subscribing to our newsletters, it's FREE! Based on the work that the organization has undertaken since and demonstrated whxt its acre woodlot near Sussex, N. Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil announced what does cap and trade system mean this week that his government will impose a cap-and-trade system in Odes government will set a cap all companies will have remain below — or be prepared to pay for not making targets.

However, these markets are small and limited compared to the markets that could be created by the government synched their cap-and-trade system to those of other provinces. Managing forests for carbon storage does not prevent the harvesting of trees for lumber and pulp, adds Prest. The way carbon is best stored in systej forest is through careful, ongoing management tradee the forest that anr to grow many different species with multiple ages, removing short lived unhealthy trees to make space for longer lived, more valuable trees, he said.

Subscribe to the E-Edition today! Do not miss your latest complete newspaper edition. West, Montreal, QC H3B 4X9 Letter to the editor. Cap-and-trade could mean millions for Nova Scotia woodlots. If the right system is put in place in Published on November 24, Send to a friend. We will not only keep forestry contractors employed and sawmills going, but managing for carbon improves the quality and health of our forest resource, thereby improving the prospects for the forest industry long into the future.

Dale Prest, Community Forests International.

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